How To Get Rid of A Dead Guinea Pig? Let’s Find Out

Last updated on October 13th, 2023 at 10:49 am

Guinea pigs live for about 5-6 years, but time passes quickly and the moment will come when they will die, which is really a very sad situation.

But you have to think about what to do with your guinea pig when it dies.

How to get rid of a dead guinea pig?

When a guinea pig dies in order to get rid of its body you will need to bury or cremate it. You can also throw it in the trash, although that’s not exactly the best way to say goodbye to your pet.

In today’s article, you will learn how to get rid of a dead guinea pig, as well as where to bury it, whether you can cremate it, and other similar questions related to the topic.

How to get rid of a dead guinea pig?

To dispose of a dead guinea pig you will need to place it in a makeshift casket and bury it in your yard or in a pet cemetery.

Some owners decide to throw the dead guinea pig in the trash, but if you can, give it a decent burial.

You can also choose to cremate the dead guinea pig, although this procedure is more expensive.

Can you тhrow away a dead guinea pig?

You can throw the guinea pig in the trash, although I personally don’t think that’s the best way to say goodbye to your pet.

However, if an owner wishes to dispose of their pet in a litter box, they will first need to check local laws to see if this is allowed or not.

In my opinion, the best way is to bury the dead pig or cremate it, however, it is a better way than just throwing it in the trash.

Guinea pig burials are important for everyone in the family to say goodbye to their pet in a proper and dignified way.

Where can I bury a dead guinea pig?

You can bury the dead guinea pig in your yard if you live in a house, or bury it in a specialized pet cemetery.

However, if you decide to bury the guinea pig in your yard, you should pay attention to some things.

For example, in San Francisco, California, it is not allowed to bury a pet if it is closer than 100 feet away from a water source, public road, etc.

You may not bury a guinea pig if the neighbor’s property is less than 500 feet from where you plan to bury it.

Also, if you live in a building, and you want to bury your pet in someone else’s yard, then you will have to first ask the owner if he will allow you.

If you have your own yard, then bury the guinea pig at a depth of 3 meters, so that predators cannot find it by smell.

You should bury the guinea pig away from the place where you grow vegetables or fruits so that it does not affect their to get rid of a dead guinea pig

What to bury the guinea pig in?

Guinea pigs can be buried in a casket if you are burying them in a pet cemetery.

Whereas if you want to bury it in your yard then you should use a makeshift casket, preferably made of cardboard so that it can decompose over time.

Bury the guinea pig at a depth of 2-3 meters, so that predators cannot find it. You can cover the area with extra stones to prevent someone from digging up your pet.

Gradually their body will begin to break down and in a few years, it will completely decompose.

Is the guinea pig dead or not?

Before you decide to bury the guinea pig you should check if it is really dead or not. It has happened many times when some owners thought that their pet was dead, but it was actually alive.

This happens because sometimes guinea pigs know how to sleep in a deep sleep, and we think they are dead. They don’t wake up normally then, and you’ll need to touch them a little first to see if they wake up.

Guinea pigs can become stiff and appear dead when stressed or in contact with another animal such as a cat. So you will need to leave them in a quiet environment to see if they relax and start moving.

Can guinea pigs be cremated?

You can cremate the guinea pig, although that option is more expensive than a regular burial. However, if you are able, you can cremate your pet and part with him in this way.

The cremation of guinea pigs is done in the same way as the cremation of other animals or humans. The guinea pig’s body will be exposed to heat until only bones and dust remain from its body.

When all is done and the bone fragments are decomposed, the ashes that remain will be placed in a separate bag and then in another container or box. The process of cremating guinea pigs usually takes about 30-45 minutes.

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Is it expensive to cremate a guinea pig?

Guinea pig cremation is expensive and costs around $170-200 for individual cremation.

If you decide to have your guinea pig cremated together with other animals then the cremation will be cheaper or rather it will cost you about 70-80 dollars.

The difference with collective cremation is that you will not be given your pet’s to get rid of a dead guinea pig

Can I compost a dead guinea pig?

Another way to get rid of a guinea pig is to compost it in your yard.

You should first place the guinea pig’s body in paper bags and then place it near the center of the compost heap.

You can add some grass clippings to hide the dead guinea pig’s body. When the guinea pig is covered it will be harder for other animals to find it.

Then the heat itself and the bacteria in the compost will do their job and the dead guinea pig will decompose faster.

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How long does it take for a dead guinea pig to go stiff?

When guinea pigs die they start stiffening after the first 10 minutes. They will begin to stiffen and this process can take up to 3 hours or even up to 72 hours from the time of their death. The stifle process depends mostly on the temperature in the environment of the guinea pigs.

Why did my guinea pig die so suddenly?

There are a number of reasons why guinea pigs can die suddenly without any warning or signs that something is wrong with them.

One of those reasons can be when they have calcium deposits in their tissues, which causes the tissues in the body to harden.

This phenomenon usually occurs in male guinea pigs who are older than one year.

Do guinea pigs recognize death?

Guinea pigs can recognize the death of other guinea pigs by smell. After all, guinea pigs, just like other animals, for example, dogs and cats, can always smell a dead friend by smell because their sense allows them to do so.

What happens before a guinea pig dies?

Before the guinea pigs die, they lose their body weight, because they eat less and drink less water. In such situations, you should help them, such as giving them to eat from your hand or drink water from a spoon. Guinea pigs before they die become more lethargic and run less, sleep more, and do not groom themselves as before.


There are several ways to dispose of a dead guinea pig, such as burying it in your yard.

You can also decide to cremate your pet, but that is a more expensive option that will cost you about 200 dollars.

Most often, owners of guinea pigs decide to bury the guinea pig in the yard, because it is the cheapest option, and a decent burial can still be done.

Finally, after getting rid of a dead guinea pig, wait a while before buying a new guinea pig, so that you have enough time to grieve for your pet.

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