How to Know If Your Hamster is Tamed? Let’s Find Out

When you buy a hamster and start taming it, you will surely wonder how to know when your hamster is tamed.

Hamsters are different, each one of them is individual, and therefore some need more time to be tame, while for others it can happen faster.

How to know if your hamster is tamed?

The hamster is tamed when it no longer runs away from you, when it wants to eat from your hand, and runs towards you when you approach it.

When hamsters are tamed they will no longer bite you and will want you to pet them without running away and hiding in their hiding places.

In today’s article, you will learn in more detail about all the signs by which you will know that your hamster is tamed, as well as the answer to some similar questions related to the taming of hamsters.

Signs that your hamster is tame

When the hamster is tamed, it can be noticed by certain signs, such as when it does not run away when you hold it, when it allows you to pet it, or when it no longer bites you.

We will learn more about these and other signs in the following text, so let’s start right away.

When your hamster likes it when you pet it

When your hamster is comfortable when you pet it, it means it is tamed. He will then show no signs of stress or fear when you touch him.

The hamster will allow you to pet him and be completely calm as a sign that he trusts you enough to let you do it, otherwise, if he doesn’t want to he will show his teeth and run away.

However, you must know that some hamsters simply do not want to be petted or tamed, it is individual for each hamster.

The hamster is comfortable when you hold it in your hands

When the hamster allows you to hold it in your hands, this is one of the most important indications that the hamster is tame.

When the hamster freely allows you to hold it in your hands without running away or biting you, then it can be said that your pet trusts you.

Hamsters may not want you to hold them, but that doesn’t mean they don’t love you or that they are untamable.

Therefore, even if it does not allow you to hold it in your hands, there are other signs that will show whether the hamster is tamed or not.

When the hamster is tamed it is not afraid of the environment

When the moment comes that the hamster is no longer afraid of its surroundings, it is a sign that it has been tamed.

Then the hamsters are already used to their surroundings, the cage, and everything else around them.

Hamsters will then not run away when you watch TV, or when other members of your family are nearby, in fact, they will be happy and enjoy what surrounds them.

When the hamster takes food from your hands

If the hamster wants to eat from your hands, this is another sign that your hamster is tame.

It shows that the hamster trusts you, is not afraid, and that you have successfully completed your work in breeding and proper care, thus establishing trust with your pet.

When you give food to the hamster from your hand, he can eat it, and he can also take it to eat later in his hiding place.

The hamster is tamed when it approaches you

When your hamster starts to approach you when you are near him then it is a sign that he loves you and that he is tamed.

The hamster approaches you because it is not afraid that you will do something bad to it and enjoys being with you.

Sometimes when he’s not in the mood, the hamster won’t want to approach you, but that’s perfectly fine because hamsters aren’t always in the mood for socializing and having fun.

However, most of the time when a hamster is tamed it will want to come to you and interact with to know if your hamster is tamed

When he explores the cage without running away from you

When a hamster is tamed it will play and freely explore its cage without being afraid of you.

Hamsters are very sensitive and timid and they know how to run away very quickly when someone approaches them, it’s in their nature, and life in the wild has taken its role.

But when you see that no matter what you approach him, he freely plays around the cage, exercises on the wheel, and does other activities, then your hamster is tamed.

When the hamster does not bite you

When a hamster is scared, it runs away or may even bite you, as a sign of defense against someone it doesn’t know or thinks its life and safety are threatened.

When you notice that your hamster does not bite you, it means that it trusts you and that it is tamed. Hamsters need more time to get used to their owners to start trusting them and not biting them.

Sometimes it can happen that the hamster bites you even though it is tamed, this happens if your hands smell from some food.

That’s why it’s best to always wash your hands before picking up your pet or when you want to get close to pet it.

After a certain time, the hamster will fan you so much and get used to you, even if your hand smells of food, it will not try to bite you.

The hamster is no longer afraid of you

When the hamster is not afraid of you, it will freely allow you to approach without running away.

A tamed hamster will no longer freeze or run into its hiding place whenever you approach it, which is a sign that it is happy and not afraid of you.

Usually, tame hamsters when you approach them in the cage run to their owners, they are happy and cheerful that you approach them and they will want to play with you.

How long does it take to tame a hamster?

Hamsters are timid and sensitive, so it takes several weeks to tame them.

Do not expect that you will be able to tame your pet overnight, however, it takes time for him to start trusting you.

All hamsters are different, for example, the best time to tame the Syrian hamster is at night when they are most active, then it is best to work on bonding with your pet.

How do you tame a hamster fast?

The easiest way to tame a hamster is through food, it is the fastest way to win over your pet.

First start offering him food through the bars of the cage, then go one step further and give him food through the open door of the cage.

In the end, when you notice that he no longer runs away, put your hand inside with food and give him to eat, if even then he does not run away, then the hamster is tamed and he trusts you, he is not afraid of you and your presence.

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Which hamster is easiest to tame?

All hamsters require attention and time to tame them, but Syrian hamsters are the easiest to tame.

They are the biggest, but that’s why they are the slowest of all other hamsters and they are the least likely to bite you.

Syrian hamsters are also the most popular of all types of hamsters, although you must know that they are territorial and should not share their cage with other hamsters.

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When the hamster is tamed, it doesn’t run away from you anymore, it wants to be friends with you, it wants to eat from your hand and it enjoys your attention and company.

When the hamsters are tamed, they will no longer bite you and freeze when you approach them, they will run to you to pick them up and pet them.

Syrian hamsters are the easiest to tame of all the hamster breeds, but with persistence and desire, all hamsters can be tamed.

Hamsters are timid and sensitive animals, but with enough attention and dedication, of course, you will tame them, which will be great for them and for you as a hamster owner.

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