How To Measure The Temperature Of Hamsters?

Hamsters often get sick, so it is very important to know how to correctly measure their body temperature.

Temperature measurement in hamsters is done with a thermometer, which is best to be digital for the most accurate results, and is measured orally, rectally and axillary.

Hamsters are known for being very good at hiding when something is wrong with them, hiding health problems, so it is important to notice changes in temperature so that you can help them quickly and promptly.

How to measure the temperature of hamsters?

There are three ways you can measure the temperature of hamsters, namely oral, axillary and rectal measurement.

Therefore, in the following text, you will learn about each of these ways to measure your pet’s temperature.

Oral temperature measurement in hamsters

Oral temperature measurement in hamsters is done in the following way:

  • place the thermometer under the hamsters tongue and near the back teeth.
  • it is best to hold the hamster’s head for a while so that the temperature can be measured correctly.
  • hold the thermometer in the hamster’s mouth until the signal for the completion of temperature measurement is turned on.
  • when you finish measuring, disinfect the thermometer.
  • check for damage or injuries in the hamster’s mouth

This method of measuring temperature in hamsters can accurately show the temperature of the hamster, but you will need to keep the hamster still and hold its mouth open.

This method of measuring the temperature of a hamster requires a lot of patience, otherwise you will not measure its temperature accurately.

Axillary temperature measurement in hamsters

Axillary temperature measurement in hamsters is done with a thermometer that should be placed under its armpits.

To make an axillary temperature measurement you should do the following:

  • lay the hamster on its back and place the thermometer under the forelimb.
  • the most important thing is that the tip of the thermometer touches the skin under the armpit of the hamster.
  • hold the hamster and the thermometer until you hear signals for the completion of the temperature measurement.
  • at the end, when you finish measuring the temperature, disinfect the thermometer.

With axillary temperature measurement in hamsters it is very difficult to measure the exact temperature of his body because the fur under the armpits increases the temperature.

You need to subtract 1-2 degrees from the measured temperature to get the hamsters body temperature.

how to measure the temperature of hamsters

Rectal temperature measurement in hamsters

Rectal temperature measurement in hamsters is the most accurate method, but at the same time the most difficult method, because you have to be very careful not to injure your pet.

Here’s how to take the temperature:

  • lay the hamster on its back and apply a little petroleum jelly to the tip of the thermometer.
  • insert the thermometer into the hamster’s rectum about 1 inch in and wait for the measurement to be completed, i.e. to hear the completed measurement signal.
  • when you are done, disinfect the thermometer and wash it with warm water and soap.

Rectal temperature measurement of hamsters gives the most accurate results, but you must pay attention to your pet.

How to measure temperature in hamsters in the easiest way?

To be able to measure the temperature of hamsters more easily, you should pay attention to certain things.

Here are some helpful tips:

  1. never take a hamster’s temperature if he is anxious and nervous.
  2. when taking the temperature of the hamsters it is best to have another person to help you hold the hamster.
  3. every time you take the temperature of the hamsters you have to be patient and calm.
  4. choose the most appropriate position to measure your pet’s temperature.
  5. you should do temperature measurement in hamsters regularly, so that your pet will get used to it and it will be easier for you to do it in the future.
  6. after each temperature measurement of the hamsters, offer them the food they like the most as a reward.

All these tips will allow your hamster to get used to temperature measurement, which is good for its health.

Why is it important to take your hamster’s temperature regularly?

Measuring the temperature of hamsters is important to be able to detect in time when your pet is sick.

When hamsters have a temperature by measuring you will know faster that something is wrong even though they have no symptoms of diseases.

If their body temperature is above 105 F, or below 95 F, it means that you need to take them to the vet without delay, because it can be very dangerous for their to measure the temperature of hamsters

How do you know when hamsters have a fever?

Normal body temperature for hamsters is 98-101 F, any decrease or increase in temperature over this limit means that something is wrong with your pet.

Therefore, here is a table that will be a guide for you to know more easily when their body temperature is not right:

  • temperature above 97 F – means the hamster has hypothermia and needs rewarming.
  • temperature above 104 F – means that the hamster has a fever from an infection and needs to be taken to the vet immediately.
  • a temperature above 105 F – means that the hamster is in poor condition and hyperthermic and needs cooling of the body.

Sometimes hamsters can have rapid temperature changes which means something is wrong and you need to take them to the vet.

Any delay in taking the hamster to the vet when it has a fever is dangerous to its health and life.

How to choose a thermometer for measuring temperature in hamsters?

There are different thermometers for measuring temperature in hamsters, but not all of them are suitable and do not show accurate results.

Therefore, here is a more detailed analysis of which thermometer is the best, and which shows insufficiently accurate results:

  1. Infrared thermometer – with this thermometer you can measure the temperature of hamsters, but it does not show the most accurate results.
  2. glass thermometer with mercury – are not the best choice for measuring temperature in hamsters because they can break, and they also contain mercury, which is dangerous for both us humans and hamsters.
  3. digital thermometer – is the best choice for measuring temperature in hamsters and is very accurate and easy to use.

Veterinarians themselves often use digital thermometers and recommend that we use them for our pets at home as well.

Should the temperature of hamsters be taken often?

The temperature in hamsters should be measured whenever you notice that your pet has changes in behavior or symptoms such as lethargy, lack of appetite, etc.

Regardless of whether the hamster is sick or not, it is necessary to measure its temperature at least once a month, which will get your pet used to it so that it will not be afraid in the future.

When hamsters are sick, you should take their temperature at least 3 times a day to see if their condition improves.

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What should I do if my hamster won’t let me take his temperature?

If your hamster does not allow you to measure its body temperature then take it to the vet.

But still try a few times to see if you will succeed in your intention, just be patient and persistent.

ASK for help from another person so that you can measure the temperature of the hamster, and if you still do not succeed, then leave the hamster alone and take it to the vet, because if you continue it can only cause stress and deterioration of its health.

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What temperature should hamster home be?

The temperature in your home should be between 65 – 75 F for your hamster to feel comfortable and cozy.

Too high temperatures are dangerous for hamsters, just like low temperatures, so always keep the temperature at the same level.

When the temperature in your home is not adequate it can only make your pet sick faster.

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