How To Save My Dehydrated Hamster? Let’s Discover

Hamsters often eat and drink water, which allows them to consume nutrients and be healthy and happy. But what if your hamster is dehydrated, what will happen to the hamster, and how to help him?

How to save my dehydrated hamster?

If your hamster is dehydrated you should take it to the vet to start hydrating and fluid hydration, and electrolytes are added to their water and allow hamsters faster to rehydrate.

Hamsters must not be dehydrated for more than a few days because they will die.

Today, you will find out how to help your hamster if it is dehydrated, and how to avoid dehydration.

How to save my hamster if it’s dehydrated?

When your hamster is dehydrated, it is best to take it to the vet as soon as possible to examine and start healing your pet.

The more experienced the veterinarian the better for your pet, although real dehydration is a problem that all veterinarians can treat.

The veterinarian will usually give fluid to the hamster so that the hamster can be hydrated faster.

Of course, the veterinarian will tell you additional tips on how to continue your pet’s hydration at home most often by changing diet and giving more vitamins and foods rich in water such as to save my dehydrated hamster

What is my hamster dehydrated?

When the hamster does not have enough water in his body then it is dehydrated.

When your pet does not have enough water in the body, then body cells will not be able to perform their function.

There may be a complete exclusion of cells in the body, and the hamster dies.

Hamsters can lose water because of:

  • diarrhea
  • sweating
  • vomiting
  • urine

When hamsters lose the water from their body they will also lose their minerals and salts that are dangerous to the life of hamsters.

When the hamster is dehydrated except for water, they need to consume a diet rich in minerals and salts so that its body can occur.

How do hamsters become dehydrated?

Hamsters can become dehydrated for many reasons, such as they are:

  • wet tail
  • diabetes
  • overheating
  • digestive problems

If hamsters have diseases and infections then their body can overheat to prevent further deterioration of their condition and then your pet becomes dehydrated.

How to hydrate your hamster at home?

The veterinarian is the most important when you need to hydrate the hamster, but you can help your pet at home.

Vegetables and fruits

Give the hamster to eat vegetables and fruits such as:

  • cucumber
  • apple
  • green salad

Just give the hamster a little of all these products, but do not give them too much because it can occur diarrhea.


The hamster needs electrolytes to make it easier to hydrate. So put electrolyte Pedialyte in his water bottle so he can bring it through the water.

Pedialyte is an excellent electrolyte that has no taste and can be found in stores and can be used for your pet.

Just do not give this electrolyte to hamsters that have diabetes because it contains sugar.

If you only give the hamster plain water, it will not have the same effect as when adding an electrolyte to the water bottle.

Rehydration with syringe

When giving them water whether it is ordinary or with electrolytes it is best to give them with a syringe, or alternatively use an eye cap.

Give the water to the hamster with a syringe every 30 minutes, this way you will have the best effect of better hydrating your pet.

Can hamsters recover from dehydration?

Yes, hamsters can recover from dehydration, but you need to take your pet to the veterinarian.

If you cannot immediately take the hamster to the vet you should start hydrating and in-home conditions by giving fluids through the syringe.

When the hamster is dehydrated it can recover from dehydration only should be treated immediately with fluids and electrolytes.

Can dehydration cause hamster damage to the brain?

Yes, dehydration is dangerous and can lead to hamster damage to the brain.

If you do not start treatment and hydration, both the heart and kidneys of your pet may cause damage to your pet.

The sooner you take your hamster to a vet, the fewer problems there will be in his organism.

Can hamsters drink cold water?

Hamsters can drink cold water, but it is not recommended to give them cold water, it is best to give them water standing at room temperature.

Cold water can cause too much decrease in their body temperature.

Cold water will cause dangerous conditions for your pet’s body and can endanger their lives, so avoid giving them cold water.

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How long can hamsters be without water?

Hamsters must not be left without drinking water for more than two days.

A hamster will begin to dehydrate after 24 hours without water.

If the hamster is left without water for more than two to three days he may die as a result of dehydration.

So take care especially when you go on holiday for more days, you should always have someone who will put fresh and clean water every day.

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If your hamster is dehydrated, it should start drinking fluids immediately, but first, your hamster needs to be taken to a vet.

For faster hydration of hamsters, electrolytes are added to their drinking water, as only plain water has a weaker effect.

In addition to electrolyte water, you should also give them vegetables and fruits that have plenty of water like cucumbers and apples.

Dehydration in hamsters is dangerous to their lives and therefore you must start hydrating your pet immediately.

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