How To Tell if Your Hamster Likes His Ball? Let’s Discover

Although we know there are cons to using the hamster ball, some say it should be used, and others say it should be avoided.

But in today’s article, we will answer another question, and that is whether hamsters like the ball, how to know if he likes it or not?

Apart from this question, you will also find out what are the pros and cons of the ball for hamsters, so let’s start right away.

How to tell if your hamster likes his ball?

To know if your hamster likes the ball, you just have to observe him when he is inside it. If the hamster spends more time inside the ball and plays with it, it is a sign that he likes it.

If the hamster does not like the ball then he may start peeing or pooping in it and will not want to use it for a long time.

What does a hamster ball look like?

A hamster ball is usually made of plastic.

The plastic itself is transparent, which makes it easier to see inside and know what the hamster is doing, at the same time, the transparent plastic allows light to enter the ball.

Hamsters use the ball to run in it, just as they use the exercise wheel.

What are the advantages of using a hamster ball?

Each object used by hamsters has its own advantages, the same is the case with the ball, so let’s find out some of them.

The ball is an alternative to the exercise wheel

A ball is a good alternative to your hamster’s exercise wheel.

For example, he uses the exercise wheel when he is in the cage, while he uses the ball when he is outside the cage.

Enables hamster activity

Hamsters need enough daily activity to be healthy.

They have to use the energy which they get through food.

By running in the ball, the hamster will spend energy and at the same time will be able to maintain its fitness.


The ball allows the hamster to run outside the cage while being safe and unable to escape.

That way, the hamster will enjoy being outside the cage, and you won’t have to worry if your pet will escape somewhere.

Most of the time, running in the ball is safe, but you should be careful not to leave objects in front of the ball so that the hamster does not hit them and get injured while using the ball.

The hamster will be excited and happy

The hamster will be happy and excited about the new toy and will want to use it.

At first, it will take him some time to get used to how to use it but then once he gets used to it he will enjoy it.

A happy hamster means a hamster with better health and fewer diseases and stress, which prolongs its already short to tell if your hamster likes his ball

What are the disadvantages of using a hamster ball?

The ball for hamsters has its advantages and disadvantages, so let’s see in more detail what are the negative sides of using the ball.

It can get stressful

As much fun as the ball can be for hamsters, it can also cause stress in your pet.

If you notice that the hamster does not want to run in the ball, then it is best to take it out of it.

He obviously doesn’t like it and feels trapped inside it, so watch his behavior when you put him inside the ball.

Problems with ventilation and airflow

Hamster balls have less air inside and this can be a problem for your hamster.

When the hamster starts using the ball the air inside will decrease and the hamster may have breathing problems.

In some situations, the hamster may even have a heart attack due to the momentary lack of air in the ball.

Occurrence of infections

When the hamsters use the ball they will definitely pee in it.

This can be a place for infections as the hamster’s urine will remain inside the ball and can cause an infection in your pet.

That is why you should not leave the hamster inside the ball for a long time, the more it uses it, the more the chances of an infection increase.

Pay attention to the size of the ball

There are various types of balls you can buy in pet stores, some are larger and some are smaller.

You must be careful what ball you buy for your hamster because if it is too small the hamster will not be able to run well on it and may have back problems.

Therefore, always look to buy them a bigger ball so that injuries and problems do not occur when using the ball with your pet.

What are alternative hamster ball solutions?

The ball obviously has its advantages, but also its disadvantages, so you can consider other alternative solutions for your pet.

Here are some of them that you can use for your pet.


Tunnels are a great alternative to the ball and the hamster will enjoy running through them.

By running through the tunnels, the hamster will have something to do when he is in the cage and he will not be bored, which is good for his health and fitness.

The tunnels are also quite safe for your hamster, just pay attention to the size, they should always be wide enough for the hamster to walk freely through them.

More toys in the cage

Put more toys in the hamster cage such as climbing stairs and of course, the most important is the exercise wheel.

The more toys there are in his cage, the less nervous he will be and he won’t think of running away from the cage.

When hamsters do not have enough toys and activities, they are bored, they start to get nervous and this can lead to stress and disease.

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Related questions

What to watch out for when putting the hamster in the ball?

The hamster ball has its advantages and disadvantages, honestly more disadvantages than advantages.

But you can still occasionally put the hamster inside the ball, but you have to be very careful to know if everything is okay with it.

If the hamster did not like the ball then there is no need to use it because there are other toys that he can use.

How long can hamsters stay in the ball?

For hamsters, it is best to put them in the ball for about 20-30 minutes, that is enough time for them to use it.

If the hamster seems happy in the ball, you can allow it to be in it for a maximum of one hour, but not more than that time.

Because it can start to lose air in the ball and cause infections due to the urine that it will release into the ball.

Can you put 2 hamsters in a ball?

Each hamster should have its own ball, two hamsters cannot use one ball at the same time.

Just like the exercise wheel, you can’t put two hamsters on the same wheel.

If you accidentally try to put two hamsters in one ball it can only cause injuries to your pets, so do not do it under any circumstances.

How do you clean a hamster ball?

First, you need to remove the cover from the ball and then rinse the inside with clean water.

In this way, you will wash off all the remains of urine and poop from your hamster. Then, using a sponge or cloth and an antibacterial agent, wipe the inside of the ball and the outside.

Once you let it dry the hamster ball is ready to use again. You should clean the hamster ball after each use of your pet.

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When hamsters like the ball they will want to be in it for a longer time and run.

Let your hamster inside the ball and watch his behavior to know if he wants to use it or not.

In any case, the ball has many disadvantages and certain advantages, so you don’t have to let the hamster run in it at all costs.

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