How Warm do Guinea Pigs Need To Be? Let’s Discover

Last updated on January 29th, 2023 at 07:57 pm

Guinea pigs should be kept at a temperature of 60 – 75 F to keep them comfortable and relaxed. Although guinea pigs have fur, they are still sensitive to temperature differences and we must pay attention to the temperature in their environment, that is, the room where we keep them.

It is best for them to be in a warm environment where there is no draft from open windows. If the temperature in their cage exceeds 75-80 F, then it can cause health problems for them.

Let’s read together why it is important for guinea pigs to have the right temperature, what to pay attention to and how to properly regulate the temperature in the space around the guinea pigs.

Why is it important to maintain the temperature for guinea pigs?

Guinea pigs prefer a temperature of 60-75 F to keep them healthy and comfortable.

Guinea pigs are very sensitive to changes in temperature, and when they are very hot or cold they can develop serious health problems.

The more you maintain the necessary temperature for the guinea pigs, the healthier they will be.

What to look for when choosing a warm environment for your guinea pig’s cage

When you have to decide where to put the guinea pig’s cage, you should pay attention to whether there is a draft around the cage.

The guinea pig’s cage should be away from doors and windows to provide a warm environment for your pets.

The room where the guinea pig’s cage will be should have good external insulation so that the temperature can be constant.

How do you know when a guinea pig is cold or hot?

When guinea pigs are cold, you can see by their movements as they will move more slowly and be lethargic. Other signs that a guinea pig is cold are its ears and nose, which will feel cold to the touch.

Signs that your pet is too hot is difficulty breathing, a red or dry nose, it may even start to become dehydrated.

When you notice some of these signs you should immediately adjust the temperature in the room so that the guinea pig can function normally.

How to properly maintain the temperature in the guinea pig cage?

To properly maintain the temperature in the cage and the room where the guinea pig is located, you can use a thermometer so that you can always measure the temperature and maintain it at the required level.

When guinea pigs need a warmer you can use a heat lamp or heating pad to reach the ideal temperature for your pet.

If it is too hot, the guinea pig can dehydrate, so in the summer period, there should always be enough water to drink.

Mistakes to watch out for when controlling the temperature of guinea pigs

The first and most important thing you must pay attention to is where you will place the cage with the guinea pig, under no circumstances should you place it in direct sunlight or very close to the air conditioning unit.

This can cause problems with the temperature in the guinea pigs’ cage and it fluctuates very often, which is very bad and uncomfortable for your pet.

Another thing you must pay attention to is that there is always enough bedding in the guinea pig’s cage so that your pet can maintain its temperature more easily.

And a third mistake that is also very significant is to never place the cage with a guinea pig in a humid room or a place where there is a lot of moisture because it can cause respiratory problems for your pet.

how warm do guinea pigs need to be

How to maintain the temperature if you keep a guinea pig outdoors?

If you decide to keep the guinea pig outdoors in a hutch then you will need to pay even more attention to the temperature so that they can always be protected from external influences.

When the weather is colder you will have to provide extra bedding to keep the guinea pig warm and cozy.

While in the summer you will need adequate protection from the hot weather, it is necessary that his hutch be placed in the shade and has sufficient amounts of water.

How to prepare your guinea pig for a change in temperature?

When the seasons change and the temperature in his cage changes, the most important thing is to adjust gradually so that there is no temperature shock.

You can do this by gradually adjusting the guinea pig to the temperature around it.

For this purpose, you can use more bedding so that he can feel more comfortable and relaxed and not feel the temperature change around him.

How to adjust the temperature of the guinea pig when traveling?

When you have to travel with the guinea pig, you need to adjust the temperature just like at home.

Make sure that there is no draft in your car and that it is not too cold or too hot, and regulate the temperature with the air conditioner.

And always bring food and water when traveling somewhere with your guinea pig, so it can be adequately fed and hydrated.

How to choose the right bedding to maintain the temperature of guinea pigs?

Choosing the right bedding is a key factor in whether your guinea pig will be comfortable and cozy in its cage.

For example, hay is excellent bedding when it needs good insulation to keep it warmer in cold periods.

When he is hot, you need to put fleece or cotton bedding on him because they will help cool him down. Of course, it is necessary to regularly change the bedding to keep it fresh and clean.

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Guinea pigs function best at a temperature of 60 – 75 F, any change above or below this can only cause problems with their health.

You also need to pay attention to the place where the cage is placed, whether there is a draft, the humidity of the air, and the insulation of the room.

If necessary, the room should be heated with heaters or cooled with air conditioning and ventilation, that is, fresh air should flow into the room, which is the cage.

The most important thing is to keep an eye on the temperature so that you can adjust it in time to make it pleasant and comfortable for your pet.

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