In What Positions Do Guinea Pigs Sleep? Let’s Discover

Guinea pigs just like other animals sleep and rest for the next day.

They sleep in different positions depending on how they feel at the moment and how they are most comfortable.

In what positions do guinea pigs sleep?

Guinea pigs can sleep in a variety of positions, such as on their sides, in a standing position, with their eyes open, with their heads down, or huddled together with other guinea pigs.

The sleeping position of guinea pigs often indicates their current mood, whether they are happy or sad, sick or scared.

In today’s article, you will learn a little more about the different sleeping positions of guinea pigs, as well as the meaning of a certain sleeping position.

In what positions do guinea pigs sleep?

Guinea pigs change their sleeping position, and this is completely normal behavior.

There are several positions that they use to sleep, so we will look at all of them in more detail, and you will also learn what their meaning is and how they reflect their current mood.

Guinea pigs sleep standing up

Guinea pigs usually like to sleep standing up, especially when they are not yet used to their new environment.

They sleep in a standing position because that way they feel the safest, they can jump, turn and hide from potential danger or attack from predators more easily.

Sometimes they sleep standing but in the corner of the cage, because that way they feel comfortable, and they can warm up more when it’s cold, so they use the corner or stand next to an object and sleep.

When guinea pigs sleep standing up, you should not worry, except when you notice that they do not sleep enough, that is, they wake up at short intervals and sleep for only a few minutes.

There may be a concern if you notice that it sleeps standing up after just a few minutes and at the same time has breathing problems, which indicates fear or health problems.

Guinea pigs like to sleep on their side

When guinea pigs sleep on their side then they are content, happy, and feel completely safe in their cage.

When my guinea pig sleeps on his side, his legs are spread and slightly hanging up, which shows that he is not afraid of his surroundings.

In the beginning, when I took him, he slept standing up, but now he almost always sleeps on his side, which is really interesting to watch.

Except my guinea pig sleeps on his side or closes his eyes completely or partially which is another sign that he trusts me and feels safe.

When guinea pigs sleep on their side, it can sometimes mean a health problem, but only if they have breathing problems and an injury.

But if they have problems, it will be noticeable and you will be able to notice his behavior, because he will make squeaking or twitching sounds, as well as by the fact that he will be lethargic and have no appetite.In what positions do guinea pigs sleep

Sleeping with open eyes

Guinea pigs sleep with their eyes open no matter what position their body is in.

Sleeping with eyes open in guinea pigs usually occurs when they do not have enough silence in their environment.

That’s why you need to provide them with a calmer environment so that they can relax and close their eyes when they sleep.

Sleeping with your eyes open is not something you should worry about unless your guinea pig has other problems such as illness, discharge from the eyes, lethargy, loss of appetite, etc.

If you notice that they sleep with their eyes open and have health problems, you should immediately take them to the vet.

Guinea pigs are sleeping and cuddled in a group

If you keep two or more guinea pigs you may sometimes notice that they sleep close together. This way of sleeping indicates two things: that they are cold or that they are very connected to each other.

If the guinea pigs get cold in their cage they will sleep touching each other to keep warm.

Therefore, whenever you notice this way of their sleeping, first check the temperature in the cage, it should always be from 65-75 F.

Cold temperature is not good for their health at all and can make them sick. Guinea pigs that love each other, or are friendly towards each other, often lead to sleeping close to each other.

They sleep together because they feel comfortable, safe, and secure together in their environment.

Except when the temperature is cold, this way of sleeping guinea pigs should not worry you, rather it can make you happy because they get along with each other.

Guinea pigs sleep with their heads down

When guinea pigs sleep with their heads down, it means they want to take a nap.

They will tilt their head and may even touch the bottom of the cage, and this sleep is usually short at just a few minutes.

This way of sleeping can also mean that the light in the space bothers them and they want it to be a little darker.

When you notice this way of sleeping, you should pay attention to the light in the room and reduce it, or provide them with more places to sleep, such as tunnels and hiding places where the light is less.

Do guinea pigs sleep during the day or at night?

Guinea pigs sleep both day and night, they are crepuscular animals and are most active when the sun rises or sets.

I often see my guinea pig sleeping during the day, and of course, he also sleeps at night.

I even think that at night when I go to bed and he goes to sleep, of course, he gets up occasionally to eat and drink water and sleeps again.

My guinea pig, no matter if it’s day or night, every time I give him new food to eat, he immediately eats and then I see that he falls asleep, that’s his routine.

And since they eat all the time, you can imagine that they sleep in intervals of 15-20 minutes.

How does my guinea pig like to sleep?

Guinea pigs like to sleep in sheltered and dark places where they feel more comfortable.

My guinea pig used to sleep in the open part of the cage, but when I bought him a house, he always sleeps inside the house.

They prefer to sleep away from the noise, away from light, and overall in a calmer environment.

If the guinea pig is exposed to direct sunlight, don’t expect it to sleep much during the day, but it will make up and sleep more at night.In what positions do guinea pigs sleep

How do you know a guinea pig is sleeping?

First, you should know that when a guinea pig sleeps, it normally sits still and does not move for several minutes.

Since guinea pigs also sleep with their eyes open, it can be a little more difficult for you to notice and be sure if they are asleep or not.

Here are some additional signs that your pet is sleeping:

  • spread legs
  • head down
  • rapid movement of their eyes
  • whisker twitching
  • lying on its side

These signs indicate that your pet is sleeping, and you should be quiet so as not to wake him up.

If you approach your pet, it will surely notice you and wake up, regardless of whether it’s you or some other person they don’t know.

What are the sleeping habits of guinea pigs?

Guinea pigs are usually prey in the wild and therefore they cannot completely relax when sleeping, as they are constantly in danger from predators.

They sometimes close their eyes, but very often they know how to sleep with their eyes open precisely because of their safety.

No matter how safe it is in the environment of hamsters, they are still very careful and sleep with half-closed eyes, or completely close their eyes when they have too much trust in the environment.

If we look at male and female guinea pigs, they sleep similarly, except when the female is pregnant, she then sleeps less.

Guinea pigs sleep less if they are under stress, fear, loud noise, and similar sounds that make it impossible for them to sleep in a deep sleep.

Often many guinea pigs are always under-slept because they do not have a peaceful environment.

That’s why we need to provide them with a quieter and calmer environment so that they can sleep and be happier and healthier.

How long do guinea pigs sleep?

Guinea pigs sleep about 4-6 hours a day. They do not sleep for several hours at a time, but they sleep at smaller intervals of 10-15 minutes.

This way of sleeping is completely normal for guinea pigs because they are used to sleeping in several short intervals.

Guinea pigs have this sleep system inherited from nature because it makes them more likely to notice when predators are coming to attack them.

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Do guinea pigs need quiet to sleep?

Guinea pigs need quiet to sleep better.

They can sleep in a noisy environment, but they will not get enough sleep, which is certainly not good for their health.

Therefore, provide them with a quiet environment, and do not wake them up to take them in your arms while they are sleeping, do not disturb their sleep.

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Guinea pigs sleep using various positions, such as standing, lying on their side, with their head tilted down and others.

Depending on their sleeping position, guinea pigs can show us their current mood and feelings.

For example, when they sleep standing up, they are scared of their surroundings or when they are not yet used to their home.

When guinea pigs sleep on their side with their legs spread and slightly elevated then they feel safe and comfortable in their cage.

In any case, the sleeping pattern can help you a lot to know how your pet is feeling.

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