Is It Safe To Burn Candles Around Guinea Pigs? Let’s Discover

Many of us use candles in our homes to create a more comfortable atmosphere, remove unpleasant odors, and more. But you must be wondering if using candles is safe for guinea pigs.

Is it safe to burn candles around guinea pigs?

Burning candles around guinea pigs are safe if they are made from soy, as they do not contain toxic ingredients. While paraffin candles can cause irritation of the respiratory organs and breathing problems, as well as more serious health problems.

However, we must note that just as there are candles that are safe, there are also candles that are not safe for guinea pigs.

In today’s article, you will learn whether it is safe to burn candles around guinea pigs, which candles are safe and which are not, and similar questions.

Is it safe to burn candles around my guinea pig?

If you pay attention to certain things, you can light a candle near a guinea pig. The further away the candle is from the guinea pig, the safer it is for him.

When candles are burning, even a small amount of smoke can cause respiratory problems in guinea pigs. The scent of the candle can disrupt the guinea pigs’ sense of smell and cause breathing problems.

Therefore, the closer the candle is to the guinea pig, the worse it is for its health.

Particular attention should be paid to the distance of candle placement, as guinea pigs can jump up to 12 inches.

So if the candle is very close, the guinea pig can get close to it and get burned.

They can not only get burned when they get close to it, but they can also push it, and if it falls on the floor or somewhere else it can easily cause a fire in your home.

Is it safe for guinea pigs to be around scented candles?

Guinea pigs have very sensitive respiratory organs that can have problems from the smell of scented candles.

Therefore, you should avoid burning scented candles near them or places where the smell can be moved to the area around the guinea pig.

Scented candles contain ingredients that are pollutants such as:

  • Formaldehyde
  • Acetaldehyde
  • Acrolein
  • Benzene
  • Soot
  • Toluene

In general, all perfumes, air fresheners, and of course scented candles are not good for the guinea pig. Very strong odors can cause lung infection in guinea pigs.

Older and sick guinea pigs are especially at risk of health problems when using scented candles near it safe to burn candles around guinea pigs

Are Yankee candles safe for my guinea pig?

Yankee candles are one of the worst for guinea pigs because they have a very strong smell, which can harm them.

Their smell can cause breathing problems in guinea pigs, as well as coughing and other irritations of their respiratory system.

The smell of Yankee candles can also cause anxiety and stress in guinea pigs, making your pet even sicker.

Which candles are safe for guinea pigs?

Candles that do not contain paraffin, do not contain additional chemicals, and have less smoke are safer for guinea pigs.

For this purpose, there are special candles that have less smell or are completely odorless.

These candles are safe to use in the area around guinea pigs, but always check the composition to know what ingredients it contains.

Are soy candles safe for my guinea pig?

Soy candles are perfectly fine and safe to use around guinea pigs, they do not contain toxins or other artificial ingredients.

Paraffin is one of the most harmful ingredients in candles because it contains petroleum and other harmful ingredients for guinea pigs.

On the other hand, soy wax does not have these harmful ingredients and is therefore recommended for guinea pigs.

Apart from soy candles, we should mention that beeswax candles are also safe for guinea pigs, but you should be careful about the wick they use.

For example, a zinc wick is a good wick that emits less smoke and is safer for guinea pigs.

Are paraffin candles harmful to guinea pigs?

Paraffin candles are one of the most harmful candles for guinea pigs because paraffin and petroleum-based ingredients release a lot of smoke and toxic particles into the air.

In paraffin wax, there are many volatile organic compounds – VOCs, which are mostly present in paraffin and scented candles.

The very burning of the paraffin candles affects the very air in the room, and the smoke that appears is very harmful to the guinea pigs.

Paraffin candles are much more harmful than all other candles such as soy, beeswax, and unscented candles.

Do candles irritate guinea pigs?

Guinea pigs have a very good sense of smell, and therefore even the slightest smell of candles can irritate them.

As a result of the smell of the candles, they may have various symptoms, such as the following:

  • coughing
  • watery eyes
  • rashes
  • sneezing

If you notice that your guinea pigs have any of these symptoms then you should immediately remove any products that cause irritation such as candles.

Аny irritation can cause problems with the respiratory system and even worse problems, as well as the danger of reducing their life span.

Therefore, you should immediately remove the candles from the environment around the guinea pig.

After burning any candles in the room with the guinea pigs, you should immediately open the windows and ventilate the it safe to burn candles around guinea pigs

What if the guinea pig bites the candle?

Guinea pigs constantly eat and bite various things, and one of them can be the candle.

If the guinea pig eats a piece of candle, you will need to be careful if it shows any symptoms or health problems.

If it shows symptoms of toxicity or any anxiety and unusual behavior you should consult a veterinarian. It’s best not to get to this point at all, or even better to always keep the guinea pigs away from the candles.

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Can guinea pigs be burned by candles?

It is unlikely that the guinea pigs could be burned by the candles, although the possibility has not been ruled out. If they come near a burning candle, however, the guinea pigs will try to get away from it.

With the help of their senses and natural reflexes, guinea pigs will not allow themselves to touch a burning and hot candle.

However, it is best not to get into this situation at all, as it is always possible to set them on fire if they touch the candle itself when it is burning.

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Burning candles around guinea pigs is not safe as candles contain scents that they emit when they burn and can irritate the guinea pig.

Paraffin candles in particular are harmful because of the petroleum-based ingredients that emit a lot of smoke and chemicals harmful to guinea pigs.

There are also guinea pig-safe candles that are made from guinea pig-safe ingredients such as soy,

In principle, candles should be avoided in rooms with guinea pigs, or when you burn them, ventilate the room afterward.

Guinea pigs have a very good sense of smell and therefore any smoke or smell irritates their respiratory organs.

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