Is My Hamster Bored In His Cage? Let’s Find Out

Last updated on April 21st, 2023 at 06:06 am

When hamsters live in a cage and if they have enough activities, toys and entertainment then they are satisfied. They bond with their owners and feel very content at home.

However, they are mostly alone in the cage, without other hamsters, and a situation may arise where they are nervous, and under stress, which is not good for their health.

Is my hamster bored in his cage?

Hamsters can get bored if they don’t have enough activities and entertainment in their cage. The more fun they have in their cages the happier they will be.

In today’s article you will learn why hamsters are bored in the cage and how to help them have more activities and fun.

Is my hamster bored in his cage?

Yes, a hamster can get bored in his cage if there are not enough activities, toys, tunnels, and exercise wheels and if they don’t have a big enough cage.

Hamsters are alone in their cage and you have to provide them with enough activities so that they don’t get nervous and don’t have stress.

Stress causes diseases that can be fatal to their life, so we need to get better acquainted with the reasons that cause boredom in hamsters.

What are the signs that a hamster is bored in its cage?

There are several signs that indicate that a hamster is bored in its cage, so let’s find out what they are:

  • too much grooming
  • he sleeps a lot more
  • bites the bars of the cage
  • climbs to the top of the cage
  • begins to gain weight
  • nervously pacing back and forth in the cage
  • becomes aggressive
  • all the time he tries to escape from the cage

If you notice some of these signs, then you will know that your pet is bored in the cage, and you will need to make changes in its environment.

What should I do to keep my hamster from getting bored?

When the hamster is bored, you should immediately change certain things to enrich his activity. When a hamster is bored it can only negatively affect its mental and physical health.

Here are some things that will allow your pet to have enough fun, be happy and not be bored.

Exercise wheel

The exercise wheel is the most important item in the hamster cage that helps them move all the time.

By using the exercise wheel, the hamsters run a few miles every night, which helps them burn off their energy and keep them in good shape.

The exercise wheel helps your hamster to always have activities and not get bored.

Just make sure when choosing an exercise wheel that it is large enough that it does not cause the hamster’s back to curve when it is used for exercise.

After a few miles, hamsters will tire of running and use other objects to play with.


The tunnels help keep your hamster from getting bored. Hamsters enjoy running through the tunnels because it feels similar to being in nature.

Hamsters use the tunnels to store food and sleep in them, which allows them to feel safer from predators.

You should occasionally change the arrangement of the tunnels and tubes so that the hamster can explore in a way that will keep him interested and not bored in his my hamster bored in his cage

Climbing ladders

Climbing ladders are similar to tunnels and tubes and the hamster will love to use them.

Hamsters will constantly go up and down the stairs, which will make their living in the cage more interesting and certainly not boring.


Bedding is important because hamsters enjoy burrowing into it and feeling safe at the same time.

Hamsters need at least 6 inches of bedding to be happy and explore.

Hamsters know how to use bedding to store food because they are constantly moving food from one place to another.

Chew toys

Hamsters need chew toys that not only help keep them from getting bored but also help reduce their teeth.

Hamsters have teeth that are constantly growing, so they must constantly reduce them with the help of chew toys.

Hamsters will have fun with toys that you can buy at a pet store and this will make their life in the cage more fun.

Hide food for them

Hamsters are constantly looking for food and hiding it all over the cage. They use bedding, tubes, and other objects where they hide food.

Scatter food around the cage in several places so your pet will always have something to do and not get bored.

They will spend the whole evening trying to find food in the cage, which is certainly better than biting the bars of the cage.

Let them out of the cage

In order not to get bored in the cage, you should occasionally let the hamsters out of the cage.

Hamsters love to run around in your room for at least half an hour every day, which will make them happy and satisfied.

Just be careful that they don’t escape somewhere because it will be difficult for you to find them later.

Letting them out of the cage helps them not to be aggressive, not to be stressed and of course not to be bored.

Make sure that there are no other pets in the room, such as cats and dogs, whenever you let the hamsters out of the cage.

How can I tell if my hamster is happy in the cage?

When the hamster is happy in the cage it can be noticed by the following signs:

  • when grooming
  • it stretches
  • digging through the bedding
  • stores food
  • wheel drill and other climbing tunnels and ladders

All these signs show that the hamster is not bored and that he feels happy and content in his home.

Should you keep hamsters a lot?

Yes, you should hold the hamsters in your hands, but first, you should wait a few days until the hamster gets used to you.

Holding it in your hands means that the hamster trusts you, is not afraid, and loves you.

Gradually start holding it in your hands, especially when you notice that it comes to you and your hand, it is a sign that the hamster wants to be held and that makes it happy and satisfied.

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If hamsters do not have enough activities and entertainment they will be bored in the cage.

When hamsters are bored, they become aggressive, they bite the bars of the cage, and more often they want to escape from it and the hamster will not be happy.

Therefore, provide him with enough toys and objects that will enrich his life in the cage and of course, your pet will not be bored.

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