Is Wood Glue Safe For Hamsters? Let’s Find Out

Last updated on October 16th, 2023 at 07:14 pm

Keeping hamsters as pets requires a lot of care and attention. It is necessary to give them food and water daily and to pay attention to the hygiene of the cage and its regular cleaning.

To make it interesting and fun for the hamsters, we should provide them with enough toys, props, and other accessories that are made of wood, or we should make them ourselves using wood glue.

We immediately ask ourselves if we are allowed to use glue for toys and similar items in their cage.

Is wood glue safe for hamsters?

Water-soluble glue is safe for hamsters if they eat a small amount, while a larger amount is risky. Water-insoluble glue is toxic and life-threatening to hamsters and must be avoided for use.

In today’s article, you will find out how dangerous glue is for hamsters, and how to know which is safe and which is unsafe for their health and life.

Is wood glue dangerous for hamsters?

If hamsters try a small amount of non-toxic wood glue it is safe for them, while a larger amount is not safe for them.

The digestive system of hamsters is not adapted to wood glue, so eating glue is not safe for them.

Any kind of insoluble glue is toxic and dangerous to the health of hamsters, whether they try a small or large amount.

That’s why it’s very important when you use glue to do something in their cage, whether it’s an extension or you want to make wooden toys or any props, you always have to be careful what kind of glue you use for that purpose.

Hamsters are rodents, which means that they constantly chew on various wooden objects and will certainly come into contact with the glue, so you must be careful about the glue you use.

Safe glues for hamsters are:

  • Elmer’s carpenter’s wood glue
  • PVA glues
  • Elmer’s Children Safe Glue
  • Henkel Ponal Wood Leap
  • Eco Bond Glue
  • hot glue and sticks

Most other wood glues are made with substances that are poisonous to hamsters and can be fatal to your pet.

How do you know which glue is safe and which is not safe for hamsters?

The most important thing is to know which glue is safe for hamsters, and which is unsafe and dangerous for their life.

When you need to buy glue for the cage or glue a toy to the hamsters, the most important thing is to check whether the glue is water soluble or insoluble.

If the glue is water soluble then it is safe for hamsters if they eat a small amount, while a larger amount is not safe. When the glue is water soluble it dissolves more easily in their stomach and is safer for the hamsters.

If the glue is not soluble in water then it is toxic to hamsters and can cause fatal consequences and the death of your pet. When the glue is not water-soluble it can stick in their stomach and the hamsters can die from a severe stomach infection.

If hamsters get stuck in the non-water soluble glue they can become dehydrated and die.

How Safe is Hot Glue for Hamsters?

Hot glue is safe for hamsters, but be careful when buying and read the label. It should say non-toxic so it is safe to use on your hamster.

If a hamster consumes hot glue, it will most likely throw it up through the gastrointestinal tract, however, if you see your pet eating hot glue, it is best to take it to the vet just in case.

Is the glue that children use safe for hamsters?

Yes, the glues that children use at school are completely safe for hamsters as well.

Any PVA glue is safe to use in the hamster cage as it is water soluble.

These glues are not toxic because they are intended for use by children, so you can also use them for wood glue safe for hamsters

Can hamsters eat superglue?

No, hamsters should not try superglue as it can cause a lot of problems. If he swallows super glue, he may cough, and it may stick in his stomach.

Super glue is not toxic, but it can cause irritation and swelling of the eyes of hamsters if they come into contact with this glue, they can even lose their sight.

It is best not to use superglue when you need to do something in the hamster cage.

is gorilla glue safe for hamsters?

No, gorilla glue is not safe for hamsters even though it is classified as a non-toxic glue.

Gorilla Glue contains Diphenylmethane Diisocyanate which can cause gastrointestinal problems and irritation in your pet.

It spreads in their stomach and can cause intestinal blockages in hamsters, so it is best to avoid it.

Is Epoxy Glue safe for hamsters?

Epoxy glue is harmful to hamsters as it can cause problems in hamsters, and should not be used.

Epoxy glue can cause allergies and irritations in hamsters, and can lead to fever and stomach problems.

Therefore, it is best to avoid this type of glue for use in your pet’s cage.

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Is Elmer’s glue safe for hamsters?

Elmer’s glue is safe for hamsters because it is water soluble. Elmer’s glue uses polymers/PVA as the base to make this glue, so it is safe for your little pets. But no matter what glue you use it should not be near your hamster.

Are popsicle sticks safe for hamsters?

Popsicle sticks are safe for hamsters to chew as long as you keep them clean at all times. You should also make sure that they do not have sharp edges that could injure your hamster.

What materials are unsafe for hamsters?

Some materials are not safe for hamsters, such as various types of fabric such as shredded clothing, ribbons, etc. Hamsters will try to chew such materials, but they are dangerous if swallowed, so you should avoid them and do not use them.


Hamsters can eat a small amount of soluble glue in water and have no consequences, while a larger amount is risky for their health.

While insoluble glue is too toxic and hamsters must not under any circumstances eat this kind of glue which can cause fatal consequences and death.

Finally, it is best to avoid using glue for the cage or for sticking toys in the hamster’s cage, but if you must then use only water-soluble glue to make it safer for your pets.

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