Should We Wake Up The Hamster When It Hibernates?

When the temperature in the environment of hamsters is very cold, they hibernate or, more precisely, go into a condition of torpor. Although hamsters that we keep at home rarely hibernate, it can still happen.

Should we wake up the hamster when it hibernates?

Yes, we should wake up the hamsters when they are in hibernation, because they may start to starve and dehydrate, or they may never wake up.

When hamsters are in this condition, it will be a little more difficult for them to wake up on their own, so hamster owners have to wake them up by heating up the temperature in the room.

If hamsters remain in a state of torpor it can have fatal consequences for their life, because when they are in torpor hamsters breathe more slowly and their hearts work slowly to save energy.

In today’s article, you will find out if you should wake up the hamster from hibernation, how to do it, and other similar questions.

Should we wake up the hamster when it hibernates?

Yes, you need to wake up the hamster from hibernation because otherwise it can starve and become dehydrated.

You will surely think if it is okay to wake up the hamster from hibernation because it can wake up on its own, but when it is in torpor, it is very risky.

When hamsters hibernate, their body works with a slower metabolism, which is fine, but there is a risk that the hamster will not wake up at all, so it is recommended to wake up your pet.

When you try to wake up the hamster from hibernation, you should know that it is not very easy, so it is best not to come to such a moment at all.

To prevent the hamster from going into torpor, you should watch out for the following signs that indicate that it will go into hibernation:

  • when he eats and drinks water less often
  • when there is slower breathing and a weaker pulse
  • when there are shivers and shudders
  • when it burrows deeper into the bedding

When the weather is colder, you should promptly increase the temperature in the cage to prevent the hamster from going into hibernation.

Will my hamster wake up from hibernation?

The hamster will wake up from hibernation by heating the space around it, but care must be taken not to do the heating too quickly.

Heating the hamster too quickly can have a bad effect on its body and your pet can overheat.

When hamsters are in hibernation, they reduce their breathing drastically, or about one breath per 1-2 minutes, while their heart rate is 3 beats per minute.

This way of hibernation or torpor allows them to survive extreme temperatures especially when they are in the wild.

In general, hibernation is an important process for animals because it saves their lives when outside conditions are extreme, such as low temperatures.

How do I wake my hamster from hibernation?

As we said when hamsters are in hibernation there is a danger that they will never wake up.

That’s why you need to take the right steps to wake up your pet in the right way, without having consequences for his health or life.

You need to know if the hamster hibernates

When a hamster hibernates it looks very similar to when it is dead, so you should first check if your pet is alive.

So do the following steps:

  • check that the hamster is breathing at least once every 1-2 minutes.
  • check for a heart rate of about 3 beats per minute.
  • make sure his pouch is warm.
  • put him in front of a mirror to see if there will be a mist from his breathing.
  • and check for any whisker movement or twitching.

If the hamster has these signs then it is in hibernation and not dead, if it is not then your pet has unfortunately died.should we wake up the hamster when it hibernates

Gradually increase the temperature

To wake your hamster from hibernation, you need to gradually increase the temperature in the room.

The ideal temperature for a hamster is between 65-75F, so gradually increase the temperature over several hours, never too quickly.

You will then need to wait a few hours to a few days for the hamster to wake up from hibernation naturally.

During that period, be careful not to leave doors and windows open and keep the cage in a safe place where it cannot be overheated by the sun’s rays.

Use your body heat to wake him up

Take your hamster, which is still hibernating, and place it on your body, or rather on your chest, warming it with your heat.

Keep it like that for about 20-30 minutes or if necessary more until the hamster wakes up.

To wake up the hamster from hibernation, you can also use a blanket in which you will wrap the hamster and put it on a radiator to warm it up, but you should be careful not to warm it up too much because it can get shocked in its body.

You can also use a heating pad that you heat to 85 F, and leave the hamster on it for about 40-50 minutes to wake up.

Use a solution of sugar and water

If your hamster does not want to wake up when you increase the temperature in the room, then you can try another method using a solution of sugar and water.

To make the solution you need:

  • 1 cup of warm water
  • 1 tablespoon of salt
  • 1/2 cup of sugar

Mix all the ingredients together until they are dissolved, then take your hamster.

Pull the skin on the back of the hamster’s neck to open its mouth and put a few drops of the sugar solution into the mouth, but be careful how you do it.

It is necessary to put a few drops of the solution on one side of the mouth, while the solution passes over the tongue and comes out on the other side of the mouth. You can repeat this several times every 5 minutes.

The solution will help in such a way that the heat will be absorbed in the tongue of the hamster, and will not go to the throat and lungs.

The heat from the solution should warm their body and the hamster will wake up in no time.

When the hamster wakes up it may look a little strange, but this is completely normal behavior when your pet wakes up from hibernation.

What will happen to my hamster if I wake it up from hibernation?

When you wake up your hamster from hibernation it will look a little strange which is completely normal.

At first, when he wakes up he will seem disorientated while he gets used to his surroundings and may continue to sleep for a while.

If he continues to sleep, keep an eye on him so he doesn’t go into torpor again.

At first, after hibernation, the hamsters will be a little cooler to the touch and the feet and nose may have a blue color, but this will regulate as time goes by.

When the hamster begins to breathe properly again and when its heart rate normalizes then it will look completely normal again as it did before hibernation.

Always after hibernation, it is necessary to provide the hamster with sufficient amounts of food and water because it will need it to recover and have enough energy.

How long can hamsters live in hibernation?

Hamsters usually hibernate for 2-3 days, but if the temperature in their space is very low, then hibernation can last up to a week.

If the hamster does not wake up in a week, it is best to wake it up yourself by heating the room.

You must not leave the hamster in hibernation for longer than a week, as it may dehydrate and starve.

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Yes, you need to wake up the hamster from hibernation because if you don’t, it may not wake up on its own and may die.

You need to wake up the hamster from hibernation to prevent dehydration and starvation of your pet.

When the hamster is in hibernation you should gradually warm the room to warm it and it will wake up, or use your warmth by holding it on your chest.

You can also use a solution of sugar and warm water to wake your pet from torpor.

In any case, hamsters in domestic conditions rarely go into hibernation, but such an occurrence can still happen.

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