What Are Alternatives To A Hamster Ball? Let’s Discover

Hamsters are small but quite active animals that like to move and run all the time. They are constantly exploring the space that surrounds them and therefore they need enough toys and objects that will allow them to do so.

One of those toys is a hamster ball, but this toy is not the best for them because they can get hurt, not have enough air and other problems.

That’s why you need to know what are alternatives to hamster balls so that they can run and play at the same time and still be safe.

What are alternatives to a hamster ball?

The best alternatives to hamster balls are exercise wheels, tunnels, climbing ladders and other toys and objects. Free Roaming and DIY obstacle course are also very good alternatives to hamster ball that hamsters will explore and run with pleasure and enjoy using.

In today’s article you will find out what are the alternatives for hamster ball, why they are a better option and similar questions related to the topic.

What are alternatives to a hamster ball?

Although hamster balls are often used to allow your pet to run and play, they are not that safe for them. Injury or lack of air, overheating of their body and other health problems can easily occur.

So here are some hamster ball alternatives for your pet:

  • exercise wheel
  • play pen
  • a larger cage
  • tunnels
  • climbing toys
  • DIY Obstacle Course
  • free Roaming

Now let’s read together about each of these alternatives and why they are better than hamster ball for your pet.

Exercise wheel for hamsters

The exercise wheel is the best alternative for hamster ball, and every hamster should have it in their cage. The exercise wheel has a circular frame with a solid surface that allows hamsters to run on it and be safe.

With the help of the exercise wheel, the hamsters can run several miles every night.

The exercise wheel allows them to be in top shape and expend their energy, strengthen their body muscles and prevent them from gaining weight.

With the help of the exercise wheel, hamsters have no problems with ventilation, are easier to clean and maintain and are safer.

The exercise wheel should be of a suitable size so that the hamster can run normally in it without considering his body, because if it is of a small size, back injuries can occur.

Hamsters actually enjoy running on the exercise wheel, and that’s why we should have it in every hamster cage.

Climbing toys

With the help of climbing toys, hamsters will have a safe alternative to hamster ball and should therefore be used more often for your pet.

With climbing toys, the hamster can climb ladders, ropes, platforms and other toys that will help him feel happy and satisfied.

Climbing toys also help to stimulate the hamster’s mental stimulation, which is good for its health.

Hamsters will enjoy using them, providing a richer environment for exploration and physical activity, and they certainly won’t need a hamster ball.what are alternatives to a hamster ball

DIY Obstacle Course

A DIY obstacle course allows you to make toys and objects yourself so that the hamster can use them as an alternative to hamster balls.

Using materials such as cardboard, paper and other accessories, make tunnels, ramps and other objects that the hamster will use to play and have fun.

By changing and repurposing the objects and toys that you have made yourself, your pet will always have new challenges to explore, run and do everyday activities.

Hamster tunnels

Tunnels are a great alternative to hamster balls, as they are much safer and at the same time entertaining for your pets.

They are made of materials like cardboard or PVC and aim to mimic their behavior and exploration in nature.

They are very simple to connect in the cage of the hamsters, their path, shape and color can be changed and they will be interesting all the time so that the hamsters can be constantly active.

Hamsters will love to move through them and spend their energy, there is no danger to their health and you can use them freely.

The more tunnels you put in their cage depending on the size and capabilities, the happier and more fun the hamsters will have.

When hamsters are having fun they don’t think about escaping from the cage, while a bored hamster bites the cage all the time and tries to escape.

Hamster Playpen

The Hamster Playpen is a great alternative to a hamster ball because it offers a lot of fun for your pet while not compromising its safety.

These playpens are about 6-12 inches tall which means that the hamster cannot escape, so you are free to put your pet inside and enjoy watching them play and have fun.

Inside the playpen, you can add toys that will make the hamster even more happy and allow him to have fun, explore and spend energy.

In the hamster playpen you can put tunnels, climbing ladders, hiding places and other objects and toys that will remind the hamsters of their natural space to explore.

Hamster playpens are easy to use, you can move them to multiple places in your home and are a great alternative to a hamster ball.

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Free roaming

With free roaming, hamsters will get a safe alternative to hamster ball, so they can explore and run outside the cage.

However, when you want to enable free roaming, you should make sure that the hamsters will not escape, because if that happens, it will be very difficult to bring them back.

When you let them out on Free Roaming, you can add toys and objects to make the hamster even more happy and satisfied while exploring the environment.

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A larger cage on several levels

Another alternative to a hamster ball is certainly a cage or hamster habitat that has multiple levels.

These cages have several levels, which allows you to put more toys inside, an exercise wheel, climbing ladders, tunnels and other toys.

The only problem may be that multi-level habitats usually require more time to clean, but your hamster will be satisfied and happy.

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Why are hamster balls dangerous for hamsters?

Hamster balls are dangerous for hamsters because they do not have enough air circulation.

Hamsters when they are inside they will run around all the time and if they don’t have enough air they can just get scared and stressed.

It can also result in injuries or the hamster getting stuck inside the ball which is another problem for your little pet.

The only benefit for hamsters of using a hamster ball is that your pet will then have more space to explore outside of the cage.

With the ball he can move in different directions, he cannot get out of it, which means he has no way to escape.

Hamster owners tend to avoid buying a hamster ball, but if you want to give it a try, then buy a larger hamster ball so that it can hold more air when the hamster uses it.

However, care should also be taken because a ball that is too big,a hamster will not be able to move the ball or it will struggle, which will make it even more difficult for him to run in it.

In any case, you should take care of the hamster when it is inside the ball so that there are no unwanted consequences for their health and life.what are alternatives to a hamster ball

Is an exercise wheel safer than a hamster ball?

An exercise wheel is safer than an exercise ball for hamsters.

Hamsters can use it at any time while they are in the cage, there is no need to specially put them in them, while with the hamster ball you have to personally put the hamster inside and take it out.

The exercise wheel allows hamsters to be active at night, which is a huge advantage, because hamsters are most active at night, they like to run and play.

The only advantage of a hamster ball is the larger area to explore when inside it, but that’s still not enough to conclude that this toy is a great idea.

Our recommendation is that the exercise wheel should always come first, while the hamster ball can be an occasional treat, but never an everyday option for your pet.


How often should you put a hamster in a ball?

Hamsters can use the hamster ball for about 15-20 minutes a day. Hamsters may like it when they are inside, but they are not aware of the danger of using a hamster ball for a long time, they may not get enough air or get injured.

What does my hamster need in its cage?

Hamsters in the cage should have enough toys such as an exercise wheel, stairs, tunnels, deep enough bedding, food and water bowls and other objects. Of course, the cage itself should be as big as possible so that they can feel happy and satisfied, otherwise they will want to escape from the cage.

Do hamsters need to be taken out of the cage everyday?

You should take the hamsters out of the cage every day for at least 30 minutes, play with them and pay attention to them. If you can, give them free roaming in your room so they can run and explore, which makes them happy and content.


There are many alternatives to the hamster ball, such as an exercise wheel, play pen, multi-level habitat, tunnels and others.

Free roaming is also a great alternative for hamsters to be able to safely run and explore outside the cage, without having to use a hamster ball.

A hamster ball can be dangerous for hamsters because there may not be enough air for your pet, or they may get stuck and injured when they are inside.

Hamsters always want to run and play, so we need to provide them with a safe space for their exploration. They have to use up their energy every day, so provide them with that, but in a safe way.

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