What Are the Signs of a Happy Hamster? Let’s Discover

Last updated on January 22nd, 2023 at 06:48 pm

We constantly see hamsters running, playing, and making tunnels, but do we know if they are happy enough?

They cannot speak, and we need to know by their signs and behavior if our pet is happy, or if something is missing in his cage.

What are the signs of a happy hamster?

Signs of a happy hamster are when he runs and plays, grooms himself when he’s with his owners, doesn’t try to escape from the cage, and always comes to you when he hears your voice.

In today’s article, we will find out what are the signs when the hamster is happy, and what are the signs that something is wrong, so let’s start right away.

What are the signs of a happy hamster?

The healthier the hamster, the happier it will be, that’s the recipe for a happy hamster.

So we should do everything we can to make him happy.

Hamsters are happy when they have a large cage, which is clean and which regularly has new bedding, lots of chew toys, tunnels, and hiding places for our pets.

That’s why we need to constantly add new toys to make it interesting for the hamsters, otherwise if they don’t have something to do they will try to escape from the cage.

The cage should have bedding at least 6 inches deep for the hamster to dig in, the deeper the bedding the happier the hamster will be.

To be happy, hamsters want us to put food in their cage and for them to look for it.

To be happy, hamsters should have a large and comfortable cage or at least 450 square inches in which they can run, dig, and feel happy.

When hamsters are active and exercising it makes them happy, especially the exercise wheel that allows them to run 5-6 miles every night while we sleep.

Apart from the fact that they are happy when they exercise on the wheel, they also maintain their fitness, which helps them to be healthy and in top shape.

Using a sand bath is another way to keep them happy as they get dirty and groomed with the sand bath.

When hamsters immediately run toward you when they hear your voice it is a sign that they are happy.what are the signs of a happy hamster

What are the signs of a sad hamster?

Several things affect the mood of hamsters, when they are sad they climb the cage, bite the bars and try to escape.


If the cage is too small, they are sad, very bored, and become nervous and aggressive, biting the bars in the cage.

When hamsters are sad, they are scared at the same time and may urinate wherever they can, even on our hands.

If you notice that the hamster is peeing everywhere, try to calm it down by talking quietly, because then it is under stress and of course it is sad.

When hamsters have some kind of threat from the environment such as other pets, loud music, and unknown people around them they are afraid and certainly not happy.

The sad the hamsters are, the more aggressive they will be, and they will start biting us too, it is a sign that something is wrong, and we must take measures to help him so that he is cheerful and happy again.

Sometimes signs of aggression do not necessarily mean that he is sad, it can also mean that they are sick and we need to take them to a veterinarian to examine them and to see what is the disease that is bothering them.

When hamsters are sad and unhappy they don’t run and just sleep, they don’t even want to eat.

How to help the hamster to be happy?

Now that we already know what are the reasons that make him happy and unhappy, we need to take some steps so that our pet can be as happy as possible.

Here are some tips to make your hamster happier.what are the signs of a happy hamster

More toys in the cage

To be happy, hamsters need to have more toys in their cage, of course, the wheel is in the first place, which every hamster should have in its cage.

When hamsters have more toys, they are much more active and spend more energy, which is also significant for their health.

The more toys there have in their cage the happier they will be and enjoy their life in the cage.


The deeper their bedding, the happier the hamsters will be.

Allow at least 6 inches of depth in their cage to keep them happy and able to dig tunnels.

Hamsters are especially active at night when they like to dig and play in the bedding and of course that makes them happy.

A large cage

Hamsters want a large and comfortable cage to feel happy, at least 450 quadrant inches should be the cage.

The bigger the cage, the happier they will be, the cage is one of the main things that makes them happy.

We humans also feel better when we have a bigger and more comfortable home.

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Let him out of the cage

Hamsters need to get out of the cage a little, to play and be happy.

At least 15 minutes a day let them out of the cage to run, make sure it makes them very happy.

Sometimes a little is enough to keep hamsters happy and cheerful, so give them some small treats outside the cage.

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