What Color Are The Eyes Of Guinea Pigs? Let’s Find Out

Guinea pigs are beautiful animals that also have very beautiful eyes. The color of the eyes of guinea pigs is mostly brown, but they can also have another color.

What color are the eyes of guinea pigs?

The color of the eyes of guinea pigs can be brown, but it can also be black, pink, ruby, dark ruby, and blue.

In today’s article you will learn a little more about the color of the eyes of guinea pigs, and other interesting questions related to the color of their eyes.

What color are the eyes of guinea pigs?

The color of the eyes of guinea pigs is mostly brown, although there can be other colors, but they are less common.

There are six eye colors in guinea pigs and they are:

  • brown – which is the most common eye color in guinea pigs, and it can have shades of darker or lighter brown.
  • dark – this color is actually a dark brown pigment represented by a lot of melanin.
  • blue – one of the most beautiful eye colors in guinea pigs, but at the same time the rarest color that has a slightly grayish tint.
  • pink – this color is quite common among guinea pigs, and it appears especially among Argente guinea pigs.
  • ruby – is characteristic of albino guinea pigs, as well as those that have a light color on their fur.
  • dark ruby – is actually a red color that is much darker and mostly appears in guinea pigs with darker fur.

Do guinea pigs’ eyes change color?

The eye color of guinea pigs does not change after they grow up.

While they are still small babies, the color of their eyes will change and gradually they will get their permanent color.

When baby guinea pigs are born, they all have black eyes, but during their growth, they will gradually acquire color, which will not change after that.

What should normal guinea pig eyes look like?

Normal guinea pig eyes should be clear and without any debris.

If there is any debris on their eyes or if you notice something is wrong then you should take them to the vet for a check-up.

If you notice eye infections or watery eyes then there are problems with the eyes or the health of the guinea pigs and is necessary to go to the vet with your pet.what color are the eyes of guinea pigs

Is the color of guinea pigs’ eyes a sign of their health?

Guinea pig eye color can help you make choices when buying a guinea pig.

For example, when a guinea pig has black eyes, this is considered a sign that the guinea pig is very healthy because then it has more melanin and indicates a healthy guinea pig.

On the other hand if the color of their eyes is ruby then it means that this guinea pig has a genetic mutation and is not as healthy as one with black or brown eyes.

Does fur color affect eye color in guinea pigs?

The color of the guinea pigs’ eyes also depends on the color of their fur.

For example, it can be observed that guinea pigs that have black fur almost always have black or hazel eyes.

While on the other hand guinea pigs that have white fur have pink or lighter eyes.

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Can guinea pig eye colors vary within the same breed?

Yes, the eye color of guinea pigs can vary even though they are of the same breed. This variation occurs due to genetic factors and other factors such as selective breeding of guinea pigs.

The main reason is of course the genetic factor that determines the color of the guinea pigs’ eyes.

Eye color in guinea pigs can also vary in selective breeding where breeders focus on certain traits including eye color.

Within the same breed of guinea pigs, there can be variations in the color of their eyes due to diet and exposure to sunlight.

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Do guinea pigs with different eye colors have varying levels of sensitivity to light?

It does not necessarily mean that guinea pigs with different eye colors have different levels of light sensitivity.

The sensitivity of their eyes primarily depends on the overall structure of their eyes and the presence of pigments.

The structure of the eyes of guinea pigs, namely the size of the pupil and the development of the retina, plays a major role in the sensitivity to light, not the color of the eyes.

Melanin is a pigment that affects their sensitivity to light, specifically guinea pigs that have darker eyes usually have more melanin which allows them greater protection from light and less sensitivity.what color are the eyes of guinea pigs

Are there any distinct behavioral differences associated with guinea pig eye colors?

The color of the eyes in guinea pigs does not affect their behavior or characteristics related to mental behavior, at least for now, such a thing has not been scientifically proven.

The color of the guinea pigs’ eyes has no influence on their behavior, temperament, etc.

Their behavior depends on the conditions in which you keep them, how you treat them, whether you take care of them properly, whether the environment that surrounds them is acceptable for your pet, and similar factors.


Do guinea pigs see in color?

Guinea pigs can see two of the three primary colors because they are dichromatic. Guinea pigs can see yellow and blue and shades associated with these two colors.

Can the guinea pig see me?

Guinea pigs can see you, they see in front of them, above them, and to the side without moving their head. The only problem for them is when they need to judge depth because they can’t see more than 3-5 feet in front of them.

Do guinea pigs see blurry?

Guinea pigs can be said to have a clear vision because they can see 33 images per second, while we humans see 22 images. This helps them not have blurred vision when the guinea pig turns its head.


Guinea pigs can have several different colors of their eyes such as brown, black, pink, ruby, blue, and dark ruby.

The color of the eyes in guinea pigs is mostly related to their fur, more precisely if the guinea pig has black fur the color of the eyes will be black or brown.

The color of the eyes of guinea pigs changes at the beginning of their lives when they are babies, and then as they grow they gradually acquire the color that remains with them for the rest of their lives.

The most common eye color in guinea pigs is brown, while blue is the rarest eye color.

Finally, whatever color the guinea pigs’ eyes are, they all look beautiful and are wonderful little pets.

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