What Does Hamster Poop Look Like? Let’s Discover

Hamsters are very active animals that pee and poop all the time. This is entirely normal for hamsters, so be prepared to clean up their droppings often.

But hamster poop can tell us a lot if we know what their poop looks like. By their pooping too much we will know if the hamsters have normal poop or if something is wrong with their poop.

What does hamster poop look like?

Hamster poop is small about the size of a grain of rice. Their poop is when it’s normal it’s dry and firm, and it’s the same color and texture everywhere.

When hamsters have normal feces then it does not smell, while if it is not right with the feces then it smells and there may be blood on it.

The more we know about the poop of the hamsters, the better we will know if everything is fine with them, or if they may have some diseases.

In today’s article, you will find out what normal hamster poop looks like, and what to do if something is wrong with their poop.

What does my hamster’s healthy poop look like?

When hamsters have healthy poop it can be noticed by their appearance. Healthy hamster poop is firm, brown in color, dry, and not wet or sticky.

Usually, the size of their feces is always constant, it rarely happens to be of a different size.

Sometimes the feces of hamsters can be watery or sticky, this can mean that something is wrong with your pet, and it can be diarrhea.

Diarrhea in hamsters can occur as a result of stress, a bad diet, or bacterial infection.

In such situations, you must immediately take the hamster to a veterinarian, because if he has diarrhea, it can be dangerous for his life. When hamsters have diarrhea, if not treated promptly, they may die in 3-4 days.

In addition to the risk of diarrhea, wet feces also indicate other possible problems with the health of your hamster, so it must be taken to the veterinarian.

If the hamster’s droppings are smaller than usual, then you may know that the hamster is constipated and dehydrated.

In such situations, it is necessary to give the hamsters enough fiber in their diet and to always have fresh and clean water.

Fiber is important because it improves the digestion of food and the overall work of the digestive system.

When hamsters do not poop enough or rather less than usual it can be a sign of constipation or intestinal blockage.

Therefore, if you notice any problems with the hamster’s pooping, when their shape and size are not normal, or when the feces are wet or irregular, you should take them to a veterinarian to examine them.

What is the size of my hamster’s poop?

The size of a hamster’s poo is about the size of a grain of rice, however, the size can vary depending on the size of the hamster, for example, the Syrian hamster’s poo can be slightly larger than that of the dwarf hamster.

Hamsters poop very often, or approximately 40-50 times in one day. It is necessary to pay attention to their pooping, because if hamsters poop less then it can mean that they have certain health problems.

If you notice that they are pooping less you should take them to the vet to have them examined.

What does my hamster poop look like?

Hamster poop looks like grains of rice, with elongated and rounded ends. The form of poop in hamsters can vary depending on the breed and age of the hamster itself.

Health also plays a role in the formation and appearance of hamster poop. That is why it is necessary to monitor their poop because it is the easiest way to notice whether your pet is healthy or has health problems.

If the poop is soft, sticky, and smells more then something is wrong, and it is necessary to make an examination by a veterinarian.

What amount of poop is considered normal for hamsters?

Hamsters poop very often or about 45-50 times a day. This number indicates that the hamster is full, while if it poops more or less it can also mean certain health problems.

However, the amount of poop can vary depending on the size of the hamsters, their diet, and of course their age.

When hamsters poop fewer feces for a few days, it may mean that they are constipated and will need food with a higher amount of fiber and water.

However, in such situations, it is best to contact a veterinarian to help you and examine your pet.

When the shape and size of the hamster’s poop are the same and regular, then everything is fine with the health of your pet.what does hamster poop look like

What does the unhealthy poop look like on my hamster?

When a hamster does not poop properly it can be a sign of health problems, so it is essential to know what those signs are and to help your pet.

Here’s what you should watch out for:

  • When they have green or yellow droppings – this means that the hamster has problems with its digestive system or liver.
  • When there is bloody poop – it means serious health problems or internal bleeding in his body.
  • An unpleasant smell – indicates a possible infection in hamsters or other health problems.
  • Watery or soft poop – means your pet may have diarrhea caused by a bacterial infection, stress, or nutritional problems. Diarrhea is life-threatening for hamsters and must be treated immediately, otherwise, the hamster may die in a few days.
  • Too dry poop – this usually indicates constipation, lack of enough fiber in their diet, dehydration, or other health problems.

All these signs mean that the hamster is not in good health and you must immediately take it to a veterinarian to examine it and help your pet.

What causes hamsters to have soft poop?

When hamsters have soft poop it can be caused by a number of reasons.

Here are some of them:

  • Stress causes soft poop – because when hamsters have stressed it affects their health and their poop. Hamsters are stressed when there are other pets near them, loud noises, unfamiliar people, and other reasons.
  • Poor nutrition – if hamsters do not have a varied diet, it affects their poop and it starts to be soft. Hamsters need a diet with a lot of fiber, i.e. more fruits and vegetables, so that they don’t have these problems.
  • Bacterial infection – which can occur in hamsters if they live in unsanitary conditions, or they can get it through other animals.
  • The rapid change in diet – if you make rapid changes to your hamster’s diet, they may have problems with pooping,

Therefore, whenever new types of food are introduced, it should be gradual, it should never be too fast and suddenly, because the digestive system cannot adapt so quickly to new food.

Any quick change in their diet can lead to soft poop. If you notice problems such as soft poop, it’s best to talk to your vet just in case and explain what changes you’ve made to your pet.

The veterinarian will give you practical advice and help you to normalize the hamster’s pooping.

Why is hamster poop dry?

When the hamster poop is dry, it is not right and it can mean that they have a health problem and constipation.

Here are some reasons for this phenomenon:

Too little fiber in the diet – when hamsters do not have a diet rich in fiber, it leads to the onset of constipation. Hamsters need a varied diet of pellets, seeds, fruits, and vegetables to get enough fiber in their diet. The fibers help the work of the digestive system and normal pooping in hamsters.

Not enough water – then hamsters get dry poop and constipation. Your pet becomes dehydrated and poops very dry. Therefore, your pet should always have clean and fresh drinking water, and it should be changed daily.

Stress Predisposes to Dry Pooping – Any form of stress affects hamster pooping. Stress from the surroundings, other animals, an unknown environment, and other factors affect the hamster and it gets stressed, and as a result of the stress there are problems with pooping and the risk of constipation.

Not getting enough activities – Hamsters should always have enough toys, exercise wheels, climbing ladders, and tunnels to be active. When hamsters are not active, then their digestive system does not work correctly and constipation and dry poop can occur.

So make sure that there are always enough toys for your pet in the cage. If you notice constipation and dry stools in hamsters, give them a little more carrots or apples, or other food rich in fiber.

If that doesn’t help then take the hamster to a vet to have it examined and treated.what does hamster poop look like

How often should I clean up hamster poop?

Hamster poop cleaning should be done every other day, and deep cleaning at least once a week or more as needed.

Cleaning the feces of hamsters provides protection from bacteria and infections both for hamsters and for us humans.

Always wash your hands with soap and water whenever you clean up hamster droppings.

When touching hamsters or their droppings, never touch your face or mouth to avoid the transmission of bacteria and infections.

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Do hamsters like clean cages?

Yes, hamsters like it when you clean their cages, although they also like their scent left on the bedding or cage items.

When cleaning the cage, it is necessary to clean all objects and toys that are in it.

They mark their territory with their scents, but they should have a clean cage regularly, it is for their protection and better health.

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How dangerous is hamster poop for human health?

Hamster poop is not harmful to humans, but hygiene should be taken care of. Always wash your hands with soap when you clean up hamster droppings to avoid getting sick.

Hamster poop can contain viruses or bacteria that can cause disease in humans. Whenever you are handling the hamster or cleaning up their poop, do not touch your face or mouth.

Keeping the hamster’s cage clean is also important to reduce the chance of transferring bacteria or disease from the hamster to the shell.

Always clean the cage with a disinfectant, which is suitable for both humans and your hamster.

In any case, hamster poop is not harmful to humans, but it is best to maintain hygiene to reduce the risk of disease transmission.


When the hamster poo is normal, it is the size of a grain of rice, has a solid shape, does not have any particular smell, and is the same color.

When the hamster poop is not right, then it will be soft, sticky, smell very unpleasant, and will be of a different shape.

Hamsters usually poop about 50 times a day, so if they start pooping less for a few days then it could be a sign of constipation.

While if they start pooping wet feces, it could be the occurrence of diarrhea, which is dangerous for their life.

In any case, whenever you notice changes in their pooping, you should take them to the vet for an examination and to check their health.

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