What Happens When a Hamster Falls? How to Prevent

Last updated on January 22nd, 2023 at 07:20 pm

Hamsters are cheerful and fun pets that enjoy playing and running, and it is really interesting to watch them from the side and rejoice with them.

Sometimes in such situations of games and running can come to a situation where your hamster falls and gets injured.

That is why many of us who keep pets often wonder what happens when a hamster falls?

If a hamster falls sometimes it’s nothing to do with it, but sometimes it can be seriously injured because they are fragile and small.

In today’s article we will find out what if our hamster falls, is it dangerous, how to help him if he is injured, and how to be careful and protect the hamster from falling and injuries.

What is the reason for the hamsters to fall?

The poor eyesight of hamsters is the main reason why they often fall.

Hamsters fall much more often than other animals, their poor eyesight causes them problems and they do not have deep perception.

Due to these shortcomings, hamsters can not assess when jumping whether it is too high, whether they will be injured in the fall.

They are not aware of the risks of falling, so we need to be very careful about them, whenever we are with our pets to prevent them from falling from a height and not being injured.

What height is safe when hamsters fall?

If the hamsters fall from a height of 10 inches they will have a safe fall, without being seriously injured.

On the other hand, any other height can cause various injuries, which also depend on the surface on which they will fall and on which part of the body your furry pet will fall.

A bad fall from a greater height can cause fractures and other internal injuries to the body.

Can hamsters die if they fall?

Yes, hamsters can die from falling, but not always, it depends more on the distance of its fall, the higher the more dangerous for them.

If the hamsters fall from a height of a few meters then they are likely to die or have catastrophic consequences.

Although hamsters have good elasticity, it still depends on the height of the fall whether they will be injured and whether they will have fatal consequences.

We as owners play an important role in the event of a hamster fall, we need to help our pet in a timely and proper manner if he is injured.what happens when a hamster falls

The distance of the fall determines how much the hamster will be injured

The distance or height of the fall is a major factor in whether a hamster will pass with minor injuries or have serious consequences.

Hamsters with their good elasticity can survive quite large falls, but it also depends on how they will fall.

Sometimes it can fall from your hand or from the cage and there are no injuries, but again it depends on the distance of the fall.

Which part of the body the hamster falls on affects the injuries

Extremely important as the distance of the fall, it is also important which part of the body the hamster will fall.

It is best and safest for the hamster to fall on its feet, so it has the least chance of injury.

While if the hamster falls on the back or head then you can expect serious injuries to your pet.

That is why you, as owners, when you see what the hamster is falling on, it will be easier to know whether it is injured or not.

The surface on which the hamsters fall affects the injuries

Just like us humans, hamsters will have an impact on possible injuries, no matter what surface they fall on.

For example, when we play with our pets, if they fall on a softer surface such as a carpet, mattress, bed, or something similar, it will probably not have any serious consequences.

But if hamsters fall on concrete, tiles, or worse on a sharp object then they can get severe injuries that can worry us.

What to do if a hamster falls?

If the hamster falls you should do the following:

Take the hamster to the vet

See how much better you can explain to him what is happening to your hamster, from what height he fell, etc., so that the vet can make an easier diagnosis during the examination.

The sooner you respond and take your hamster to the vet, the better for your furry pet.

Even if it does not look injured, it does not necessarily mean that the hamster is OK, if you have any doubts it is best to be examined by a veterinarian.

Avoid holding your hamster in your arms

If the hamster falls, you need to be very careful, avoid holding and touching too much, because you can make his condition worse if he is injured.

If you are already holding it in your hands, be careful to hold it very gently, preferably putting gloves or cloth on your palms so as not to injure it further.

The worst thing in such moments is to be careful not to fall out of your hands because then it will hurt even more, which of course no one would want to happen.

Do hamsters feel pain when falling?

Yes, hamsters feel pain when they fall.

If they fall, whether they are injured more seriously or not, the hamsters will feel the pain.

When falling, hamsters can injure their nails, have fractures, sprains, and feel the pain.

How do we know if a hamster was injured in a fall?

As we said, when a hamster falls, it can pass without injuries, but it can also have really serious injuries on its body.

If your hamster falls from a higher place, then you as the owners need to know what symptoms mean serious injury to the hamster.

Make sure the hamster has the following symptoms:

  • aggression
  • creaking
  • bleeding
  • lethargy
  • hiding
  • traction on one leg
  • shortness of breath
  • instability and imbalance
  • refusal to eat

All of these symptoms are a sign that your hamster is injured, and that you should contact a veterinarian immediately without delay.

How to prevent a hamster from falling and injuring itself?

Falling hamster is something that can not be prevented, but some things can still affect how often your pet will fall.

Now that we know that the fall of hamsters can sometimes be serious injuries and even death we need to pay much more attention to it.

We will give you some interesting tips on how to prevent frequent hamster falls and reduce the chances of injury.what happens when a hamster falls

Hold the hamsters carefully

Whenever you hold the hamsters you should be careful of them, it is best when you hold them to sit on the bed or to stand on the carpet because even if it falls, it will fall on a softer surface.

When holding it, be gentle with your pet and without sudden movements that may scare him and he may jump in fear.

If you feel that your pet is nervous, tense, or upset then it may not be the best time to play with him, it is best to postpone another time.

When you buy a hamster, do not immediately play with it too much, because it still takes some time for the hamster to gain confidence in you, otherwise, it can easily jump out of your hand and get injured in the fall.

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The cage should be in a safe place

The hamster cage should always be placed in a safe place, preferably not in a very high place, because in case of a fall it can be injured.

Because hamsters see very poorly and have no perception of depth, they will jump and injure themselves, so it is best to keep the cage on a low table or on the floor.

If you have already placed the cage on a low table, it is desirable to have a carpet under the table, which will certainly cushion the hamster’s fall and reduce the chances of injury.

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The inside of the cage should be secure

The cage should be as safe as possible, for example, you can put ladders or other props to reduce the chances of hamsters falling and injuring themselves inside.

Because as hamsters get older they will be more likely to get injured when they fall.

It is desirable to have a soft area on the floor of the cage that will alleviate falling when in the cage and protect against serious injuries.

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Hamsters often jump and fall, which can lead to serious injuries to their bodies, sometimes with fatal consequences for their lives.

Our pets have poor eyesight and can not well assess deep perception, which makes it difficult for them to assess the height from which they fall.

It is safest for them to fall from a height of 10 inches so as not to injure themselves, any other height can cause them injuries.

In addition to the distance of the fall, the surface on which they fall, whether it is a carpet or a tile, has a great influence, the worse the surface, the worse it is for them.

In case of fall injuries, it is necessary to consult a veterinarian to see how serious the hamster injuries are.

Finally, take care of your pet, especially when holding it in your hands, make the cage safer, do everything you can to protect it from serious consequences when it falls, which will more or less happen, it is inevitable.

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