What Is A Hamster Cooling Plate? And How To Use

A hamster cooling plate is a plate made of ceramic that is placed in the freezer and then placed in the hamster’s cage.

Using a cooling plate for hamsters is great to use in the summer so that your pet can feel more comfortable and not get too hot.

The cooling plate helps hamsters cool down because these animals do not sweat and cannot cool down easily when the room temperature is hot, especially in summer.

What do you need to know about hamster cooling plates?

Hamster cooling plates are very practical plates that are made of ceramic and are very easy to use.

By using them, your hamster can always have an object that will help him cool down and reduce his body temperature, of course, their purpose is for the summer period.

Even better if you have several cooling plates, then you can change them at any time and allow the hamster to cool its body.

Hamster cooling plates are made in different sizes, colors, and designs, but they all have the same purpose to cool your pet.

After you have cooled down the ceramic plate, take it out of the freezer and put it in the hamster’s cage, which will sit on it and lower its body temperature.

What is the advantage of using hamster cooling plates?

The biggest advantage of using cooling plates for hamsters is their simplicity, which will cool your pet’s body in an easy and fast way.

Of course, this is not the only way to cool your hamster, but the cooling plate is very economical, can be used countless times, and does not require additional costs.

Cooling plates are great for caged hamsters, while wild hamsters cool down differently by burrowing underground where the temperature is cooler.

An alternative to a hamster cooling plate

An alternative to plates for cooling hamsters is ceramic houses that can achieve the same job as plates, i.e. to cool the hamster.

The ceramic houses, as well as the plates, are placed in the freezer and then placed in the hamster’s cage.

Then, when the hamster enters the ceramic house, it will cool down and be comfortable and cozy on hot summer days.what is a hamster cooling plate

When do hamsters need a cooling plate?

Hamsters need a cooling plate when the temperature in their room is higher than 80 F.

Hamsters do not need a cooling plate when the room temperature is 65-75 F.

If you use a cooling plate at a temperature below 70F you can also make your pet sick because then it will be very cold and can get sick.

Are there any safety considerations when using a hamster cooling plate?

Although a hamster cooling plate is useful and helps to reduce its temperature, you still need to pay attention to the safety of your pet.

Here are some tips:

  • use the cooling plate only when it is very hot in the room where you keep your hamster.
  • when you take the cooling plate out of the freezer if there is a layer of condensation on it then wipe it off first before putting it in the hamster cage.
  • the hamster cooling plate should be cleaned and disinfected regularly to remove any dirt from use and the hamster lying on it.

All these tips will help you to be able to use the hamster cooling plate safely.

Are hamster cooling plates suitable for all types of hamster cages?

The hamster cooling plate is generally suitable for all types of hamster cages.

However, you should pay attention to the following things:

  • cage size – make sure the cooling plate can fit inside the cage, if it is too big for your cage then find a smaller one that will fit.
  • the bedding in the cage – if you have wooden bedding in the hamster cage, the cooling plate will warm up faster, while if you place it on a plastic bottom, it will be cold for a longer time.
  • hamster behavior – although most hamsters will have no problem using the cooling plate, if you notice that your pet avoids sitting on it and does not want to use it for cooling then remove it from the cage.

How long should a hamster cooling plate be placed in the freezer before use?

It is recommended to leave the cooling plate in the freezer for at least 3-4 hours before use, and you can leave it all night before placing it in the hamster cage.

When you put the cooling plate in the cage, it is best to put the plate first, and then some bedding on top of it, so that the hamster does not sit directly on the plate itself.

Then wait and see if the hamster is comfortable using it or if you need to add some more bedding on top of the cooling plate.what is a hamster cooling plate

Do hamsters need a cooling stone?

A cooling stone is another good option for a hamster to cool down when it is very hot.

You can put the stone in the freezer, and you can use it without freezing it, which will help your pet.

The stone must be of a lighter color because the stones with a darker color heat up much faster.

How else to cool the hamster?

To cool the hamster, you can use frozen food that will help your pet to cool down and eat at the same time.

Freeze seeds or something and then give them to your little one in the summer when it’s very hot.

If you have a hamster sand bath, another way to cool your hamster is by freezing it and then placing it in a bowl in its cage.

A fan is another option for cooling hamsters, but you must be careful not to point it directly at your pet so as not to make him sick.what is a hamster cooling plate

How do you know a hamster is too hot and needs cooling?

When hamsters are too hot, it can be noticed by several signs that will mean that you need to do something and help them.

Here are some of the signs:

  • lethargy
  • loss of appetite
  • depression
  • heavy breathing

All of these and other signs indicate that your pet is hot and needs cooling to make him more comfortable and cozy in his cage.

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Do hamsters prefer hot or cold?

Hamsters need to live at a temperature of 65 – 75 F to feel cozy and comfortable.

However, they prefer a warmer temperature and can endure more than in the cold.

When hamsters are cold they can easily get sick or develop diarrhea and other health problems.

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Hamster cooling plates are a great way to help your pet cool down faster in the summer when temperatures are high.

The best thing about cooling plates is that they are easy to use and you can use them as much as you want without any extra cost to your budget.

Hamsters don’t sweat like we humans do, so they need cooling plates or something else to keep them comfortable in high temperatures.

A hamster cooling plate is placed at the bottom of the cage and when the hamster sits on it it will cool down.

If your pet refuses to use the cooling plate then remove it and try to cool your pet in another way by giving frozen food, a fan, or something similar.

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