What Will Happen to My Hamster if It Eats Plastic? Find Out Now

Hamsters are known for eating and biting all the time, whether it’s food or the cage, or plastic. They also bite the water bottle and food bowls and other things.

You must be worried when you see them biting the plastic and whether it is dangerous for them and their health.

What will happen to my hamster if it eats plastic?

If hamsters eat a small amount of plastic, probably nothing terrible will happen to them, but if they eat a large amount, it can lead to digestive problems, suffocation, and other health problems.

In today’s article, you will find out what happens if hamsters eat plastic, why they do it, and what to do when they eat plastic.

What will happen to my hamster if it eats plastic?

When hamsters eat plastic, they usually do not have any major problems because they bite it, but they avoid ingesting the chewed pieces of plastic, they usually spit them out.

But a small amount of plastic can still be eaten and taken into their stomach. If hamsters eat a large amount of plastic it can lead to blockages in their digestive system.

Some types of plastic can also contain harmful ingredients that can harm the health of hamsters if they eat a large amount, and can cause kidney and liver problems.

Hamsters chew plastic because they are bored or when they are very hungry and have nothing else to eat.

If your hamster looks good after eating plastic and there is no problem with him pooping and eating other food, then obviously everything is fine and there is no need to worry.

Why does my hamster eat plastic?

Hamsters eat plastic because it is their normal behavior, they are taught to eat and chew something all the time. They eat plastic objects and toys including water bottles or food plates.

Hamsters eat a variety of food from seeds, pellets, vegetables, and fruits, up to eating and biting objects and toys in their cage.

In fact, hamsters should have various toys and objects that they can chew on when they are in the cage because it helps them not to get bored.

Chewing on various objects helps reduce their ever-growing teeth.

What should I do if my hamster chews plastic?

If your hamster constantly chews plastic then you need to do something so that it does not eat the plastic so often, because it can still cause health problems if they swallow too much plastic.

A small amount of plastic is not dangerous, but we can never know for sure how much plastic a hamster will eat or if a larger piece will get stuck in its throat and cause choking.

So it is best to take something to wean the hamster from eating and chewing a lot of plastic.

Remove the plastic

If your hamster chews too much and eats plastic, the smartest solution is to remove the plastic from a cage at least for a certain time.

In this way, you will discourage the hamster from eating plastic and wean it from this habit.

Then when he forgets about the plastic object put it back to see if he starts eating it again or stops doing it.

Supervise the hamster

After you remove the plastic object, observe your pet to see if everything is okay with him.

Keep an eye on his stool and poop to see if everything is okay and if he has stomach pains or any health problems.

If 24 hours pass and the hamster is fine then there is no need to worry, obviously there are no consequences for eating plastic.

Take him to the vet

If your hamster shows health problems, with its pooping and similar digestive problems, then you should take it to a veterinarian.

Although hamsters probably haven’t eaten a lot of plastic, if there are symptoms and problems, the vet will know best if it’s serious or just a short-term problem from eating plastic.

If the hamster has problems, then the veterinarian will prescribe appropriate therapy so that it can get rid of the pieces of plastic in its body faster and expel them more easily through pooping.what will happen to my hamster if it eats plastic

Can my hamster die from eating plastic?

No, the hamster will not die if it eats plastic because it almost always eats small pieces.

The biggest danger for a hamster that has eaten plastic is if a piece gets stuck in its throat and causes suffocation, from which it can die.

Most of the time, the hamster throws out the pieces of plastic through the poop, and then everything will be fine with him again.

But just in case, if you notice any problems in his behavior and stomach pains from eating plastic, don’t take any risks, take him to the vet.

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Why does my hamster like to chew plastic tubes?

Hamsters know how to eat various plastic objects, including plastic tubes.

Hamsters eat plastic tubes when they are bored, do not have enough activities in their cage, or do not have enough food.

When hamsters eat plastic tubes, another reason can be their overgrown teeth, which hamsters have to reduce daily.

If there is no other way to reduce their teeth, they will eat plastic tubes.

Sometimes hamsters eat plastic tubes because they like them, and then there is nothing we can do, except remove the tubes from the cage.

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What can we do to stop hamsters from eating plastic?

The best way to get hamsters to not eat plastic is to try different things to see what works best for your hamster.

Here are some tips:

  • They should always have enough toys and objects in the cage so that they don’t get bored and stop eating the plastic.
  • They should have enough food and water, because sometimes they will eat what they can get, of course, because of hunger, that also means plastic.
  • Play with the hamster and give it attention so that it is happy and satisfied, the happier it is, the less likely it is to eat plastic.


Hamsters always eat different toys and plastic objects.

If they eat a small amount it is nothing terrible, but larger amounts can lead to problems with digestion and health.

In order not to eat a lot of plastic, hamsters should have enough activities, entertainment, lots of toys, and other things that will help them think about something else.

Eating plastic is inevitable for hamsters, we just have to be careful not to eat too much, a small amount is not dangerous for their health.

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