Where Can I Sell My Guinea Pigs? Let’s Find Out

Sometimes it happens that after a certain time, you have to sell your guinea pig for various reasons.

Maybe the costs of keeping him have become too high for you, or you have no more time to dedicate to your pet, and other reasons why you are forced to sell him.

If it comes to that point that you have to sell the guinea pig, you must be wondering where to sell it, especially if it is already a certain age, because it is more difficult to sell it.

Where can I sell my guinea pigs?

You can sell the guinea pig to a close relative or friend, or online through websites or social networks, veterinarians, breeders, or online through websites or social networks.

In today’s article, you will find out where you can sell the guinea pig, what price to sell it, and similar questions related to the topic.

Where can I sell my guinea pigs?

You can sell the guinea pigs either online or to your friends, or to guinea pig breeders.

It is best to sell it to someone you know well, so you can be sure that the guinea pig will end up in a new home with good conditions for its future life.

So let’s look at all the options for selling guinea pigs.

Sale of guinea pig online

If you decide to sell your guinea pig online you should be careful about who you sell your guinea pig to as many buyers may be inexperienced or scammers.

You certainly wouldn’t want your pet to end up in the wrong hands after all the care and attention you’ve given to your guinea pig.

You need to talk to potential buyers to find out their intentions and how they plan to care for your guinea pig.

Much of the US pet industry, estimated at more than $100 billion, is sold online, but there are major risks involved in selling pets, especially pets, online.

Here are some places online you can use to sell your guinea pig:

Community Sites for Selling Pets

Through Community Sites near you or in the area where you live, you can find a number of websites that share information about the sale of guinea pigs.

Through them, you can communicate with other people who are near your place of residence and get in touch about selling your pet.

You can also message local stores that sell guinea pigs and get in touch.

You can find and contact other people who can help you find other people who intend to buy guinea pigs and make it easier to arrange a meeting or a conversation about selling your pet.where can I sell my guinea pigs

Websites for selling pets

There are also websites that deal with the sale of pets such as the following:

  • Craigslist
  • Gumtree
  • Petfinder

Just search for the pet sale category and you’ll find an option to list your pet and make information about your guinea pig available to potential buyers.

Of course, there is a risk from this kind of sale because you do not know who will buy your pet and whether he will take care of it properly, but you can also talk to the potential buyer.

By talking with the future buyer, you will find out what their intentions are, whether they have experience in keeping pets, and whether they would take proper care of the guinea pig.

Selling guinea pigs through social media

Social media is another way of selling guinea pigs, especially through Facebook. Facebook is a very popular site for selling pets where you can find many potential buyers for your pet.

This social network has both public and private pet groups through which you can sell your guinea pig.

The most important thing is to share enough information about your pet so that you will have more offers to sell the guinea pig.

Then check your inbox to see who has left you a message and you can start chatting with potential buyers of your pet.

Selling guinea pigs offline

If you sell your guinea pig offline you will need to be more intensive to find a buyer to buy your guinea pig.

It will be necessary to connect with your relatives, friends or talk to veterinarians to find a buyer for your pet.

However, although it may seem more difficult to sell a guinea pig offline, it offers more advantages than selling online.

When selling a guinea pig offline you can speak directly to potential buyers and get to know their intentions and how they plan to keep your pet.

Here are some options you can use:

Sale of guinea pigs to breeders

You can sell your guinea pig to pet breeders.

The advantage of selling guinea pigs to breeders is that they can sometimes offer you a higher price for your pet especially if it is a breed that is in high demand.

For example, Himalayans or skinny breeds are very popular guinea pig breeds, and since breeders will then breed new guinea pigs by breeding with your guinea pig they will want to buy your pet.

In any case, breeders will want to buy your pet even though it is not young, which you may not be able to sell in other places.

Talk to veterinarians about your guinea pig

Not all, but some vets accept guinea pigs that need a new home.

They may not want to pay you for the guinea pig, but at least you can be sure that the guinea pig will be in professional hands.

Vets can then keep your guinea pig in their own home or find other potential buyers or give it to pet shelters.

If your vet can’t take your pet, search the internet and talk to other vets to find someone who is willing to take your pet to their clinic.where can I sell my guinea pigs

Give the guinea pig to relatives or friends

The best way to sell your guinea pig is to a close relative or friend.

Even if you don’t ask them for money because you are near, at least you will know that you are leaving your pet in safe hands with people you know and trust.

in such situations, you can further call your friend or visit the guinea pig to see how it is doing in the new environment.

When you give your guinea pig to a friend, in the future you can also give them tips on how to take care of your pet when it is sick or something similar.

Use Local Pin Board

Local Pin Board is another way to try to sell your guinea pig that you can’t take care of anymore.

Make a flyer with your guinea pig’s information along with a photo and post it on notice boards in various places in your city, such as cafes, residential buildings, or main city centers.

Although this way of selling may not be a quick sale, you will still be able to find a buyer who is in your area of residence and you will be able to talk in person and find out their intentions for keeping pets.

How Much is a Guinea Pig Worth?

When you decide to sell your guinea pig you should know that the price can vary from 10 – 50 dollars. The price depends on the age, gender, and breed of your pet, if it is older you will get a lower price.

However, guinea pigs like Abyssinians cost more than others because they have long hair. Female guinea pigs cost more than males, also the health condition can affect the price of a guinea pig.

If your pet is bought by a reputable breeder then you can make more money than selling it on social media.

Reputable breeders are more highly regarded and can then sell guinea pigs at a higher price.

How old can guinea pigs be sold?

You must know that you cannot immediately sell a guinea pig if it is too young, i.e. still a baby.

Guinea pigs should be at least 8 weeks old before you decide to sell them.

After eight weeks of their age, the guinea pigs can eat solid food on their own, and from that moment you can think about selling them.

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What is the most expensive guinea pig?

Depending on the breed, guinea pigs have a different price at which you can buy or sell them.

However, Alpaca guinea pigs are considered the most expensive guinea pigs, which are considered the most beautiful breed with long hair.

This breed of guinea pigs is very rare and hard to find, so they are more expensive than other breeds of guinea pigs.

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If you can no longer care for your guinea pig then you should sell it or donate it to other people.

It is best if you can find a close relative or friend you can trust and who would take the best care of your pet.

You can also sell your guinea pig online, on social media, and on pet-selling websites. You can give or sell your pet to pet breeders or veterinarians.

In any case, I hope you find a new home where someone will take care of your guinea pig in the right way with enough attention and dedication to your pet.

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