Where Can I Sell My Hamster? Let’s Discover

Sometimes for various reasons, you may think of selling your hamster and wondering where to sell it.

Where can I sell my hamster?

You can sell your hamster to a loved one or relative, you can sell it to a pet store, or, as a last resort, online. When you can no longer keep your hamster, you can give it to a close friend or relative.

Selling the hamster is the last option, but of course, it is also sometimes unavoidable.

In today’s article, you will find out where to sell the hamster, for what price you can sell it, and similar questions related to the topic.

Where can I sell my hamster?

When you have already decided to sell your hamster there are more options to succeed in selling it.

First try selling it to a close friend, relative, or someone you trust, that would be best for your pet.

Another option is to sell the hamster to a pet store. A third and final option is to offer your pet for sale online to an unknown buyer.

If the moment comes to sell your hamster to a stranger, you can freely ask about the intentions of the new owner. You would not want your hamster to end up as food for other pets or animals.

Unfortunately, some hamsters are bought and used in various experiments in the laboratory, but the risk still exists when you want to sell your pet.

Selling the hamster to friends and close relatives

The best option for selling your hamster is to some of your close friends or relatives.

This kind of sale is ethical because you will already know to who you are selling your pet, and you will know to some extent about the conditions that your pet will have with the new owner.

Of course, you may not get a special price, or you will sell it to your close friends at a symbolic price, but therefore the hamster will get a safe new home.

When you sell it to someone you know at least then you can sleep better knowing that your pet is in safe hands.where can I sell my hamster

Selling my hamster to a pet store

It will be a little more difficult to sell the hamster to a pet store because they already have their own sources of hamsters.

For example, if you decide to sell it in PetSmart, it will be a little more difficult, because they have their own sources from where they buy the hamsters, and what is important, they take them for sale when they are very small and young.

Sometimes if you buy a hamster they will let you take it back if you find out after a short time that you can’t keep and care for it.

They may not accept refunds because they may consider your hamster as a donation when you back your pet.

Pet stores usually refuse to buy or accept a hamster if it is older than 3 months because they won’t be able to sell it at that age.

In smaller local stores you may be able to sell a hamster that is older than 3 months, but in larger stores, it will be much more difficult.

Selling a hamster online

If you decide to sell your hamster online, you should be careful where you advertise your pet, therefore we will offer you several internet sites where you can sell your hamster:

  • Craigslist – You can sell your hamster on this website because there are no restrictions, but you will have to respect their selling methods.
  • Pets Home and Animal Direct – are applications where you can sell your pet, and where you can offer the hamster to a larger group of people because this application works nationwide.

You cannot sell the hamster to:

  • Amazon – because the sale of animals including hamsters is not allowed there, on Amazon you can only buy equipment such as cages, toys, etc.
  • eBay – also does not allow the sale of hamsters, so do not try to offer them for sale.
  • Facebook – only allows the sale of animals on business profiles, while individuals are prohibited from selling pets.

When selling your hamster online, you will need to make an ad with details about the age, gender, and pictures of your hamster, and of course, you will need to put a price at which you want to sell it.

You can sell the hamster if you can’t take care of it

Sometimes you just can’t take care of your hamster anymore and the best option is to give it up. Of course, first, think once again if it is the last option because it is still not easy to give up your pet.

First, try not to give up on him, because some things can be improved. For example, if your pet makes a lot of noise while you are sleeping, try putting a quieter exercise wheel on it and it will surely be quieter.

If you accidentally bought a pregnant hamster and suddenly have a bunch of baby hamsters then you will have to sell them if you don’t have enough room for them all.

If you have problems with him constantly making escape attempts then as a solution you can put a glass enclosure as it is safe and the hamster will not be able to climb and escape.

If the hamster does not want to be held in your hands and that is the reason for selling it, wait a little longer, because hamsters require patience until they relax and allow you to hold them in your hands.

If the hamster makes noises too often, it may be afraid of something that surrounds it, such as other pets or too much noise from the outside environment.

Unfortunately, some things cannot be overcome like animal allergy or in this case hamster allergy and then you have to sell it or give it to other people to keep.

In any case, do not release it back into the wild because domestic hamsters will not be able to get used to life in the wild and will hardly survive.

Can you sell your hamster?

You can sell the hamster because there is no ban on selling hamsters and you are free to do so if you decide to do so.

It is best if you find a charity that cares for pets, but be careful and ask if the hamster will do well in such an environment.

If you decide to donate it, you don’t need to ask for compensation or money for your donation, because there are probably already a large number of pets out there, and they certainly won’t accept to pay you for your pet.

However, you can sell the hamster to a pet store but don’t expect to get any significant amount of money. The older the hamster you want to sell, the less money it will pay you, as their value decreases as they age.where can I sell my hamster

How much can I sell my hamster for?

Don’t expect to sell your hamster for a lot of money, as hamsters are not expensive to buy at pet stores.

In pet stores, the price of hamsters is around 15-20 dollars, and when you offer your hamster you will have to offer a lower price to be able to sell it.

The price of hamsters is relatively low because hamsters are pets that do not have a long lifespan and therefore their price is low.

Of course, when you offer your hamster for sale, you can also offer it along with the hamster and its other belongings such as the cage, toys, exercise wheel, water bottle, and everything else.

However, realistically don’t expect to get more than $40-$50 for the hamster and all its stuff you have.

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If you can no longer care for your hamster then you can sell it. Sometimes it happens for various reasons when hamster owners are forced to sell the hamster, but that is the reality.

If you have already decided to sell the hamster, you can do it to someone close to you, or sell it to a local pet store.

The last option for selling hamsters is online, although this option is the least reliable for the future that awaits your pet.

Finally, think again before you decide to sell your hamster, think about whether you can change your decision and keep your pet.

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