Why Are Hamsters Fighting All of a Sudden? Let’s Discover

Hamsters are interesting pets that communicate with each other in their own way. They sometimes circle each other or touch each other’s noses as a way of communicating with each other.

Hamsters love to play when they are together, but sometimes things get out of control, and they start behaving aggressively.

Why are hamsters fighting all of a sudden?

Hamsters fight suddenly when they have problems with cage size, breed and gender, and territorial behavior. Sometimes they compete for food and shelter and that’s why fights suddenly occur between them.

In today’s article, you will learn why hamsters fight all of a sudden and what you can do to help them stop fighting.

Why are hamsters fighting all of a sudden?

Hamsters fight at once for several reasons such as the following:

  • when they have a small cage
  • when they don’t have enough toys
  • when they don’t have enough place to sleep
  • all breeds of hamsters do not get along with each other
  • when their cage and surroundings are not clean enough

As you can read, there are several reasons why hamsters fight at once, so let’s read about them in detail, and find out what to do and how to help them.

When they have a small cage

When hamsters have a small cage, especially if there are two or more hamsters, then they become nervous, and aggressive and suddenly fight between themselves.

In order to avoid such unwanted situations, you should provide them with a large enough cage, for one hamster the cage should be 15 inches long and 12 inches high.

The bigger the cage of the hamsters, the happier they will be and they will not be aggressive and will not fight with each other.

When you keep one hamster and then get another one, you will need to buy a bigger cage or enlarge the existing cage, otherwise, they will get angry and fight each other.

When they don’t have enough toys

If you keep two or more hamsters, you must make sure that they have enough toys for all of them.

Because if there is only one wheel in the cage they will start fighting to get on the exercise wheel first.

As with other toys and props such as climbing ladders or tubes, you must always have one for each hamster to avoid problems between them.

When they don’t have enough food and a place to sleep

When you have two or more hamsters you will need separate food bowls and water bottles for each.

Because otherwise, they will fight over who gets to eat first or who gets to drink water first.

Also, when it comes to the place to sleep, they should all have their own space, because hamsters also want privacy and a comfortable place to sleep that they don’t want to share with other hamsters.

All breeds of hamsters do not get along with each other

All breeds of hamsters do not get along with each other and cannot be housed in the same cage.

For example, Syrian hamsters should in no case be housed together, since this breed of hamsters is territorial, the same applies to Chinese hamsters.

They like to live alone, and they can only be together when they mate, otherwise, if you leave them together, there will be a fight.

Another important thing when keeping two hamsters is not to keep two hamsters of the same gender, because they may misunderstand and fight, only if they are of different gender then they can be together.why are hamsters fighting all of a sudden

When their cage and surroundings are not clean enough

Hamsters do not like a dirty cage and this can only cause aggression and fights between hamsters.

That is why it is important to always clean the cage regularly so that they are happy and satisfied because then the chances of a fight between them are much lower.

When the cage is clean two or more hamsters will use all the space that is better for them, otherwise they will all avoid the part that is dirty and messy.

When the cage of the hamsters is not clean, it can cause stress in them, and stress leads to the appearance of diseases and problems with their health.

That’s why you should clean their cage, toys, and other objects in the cage once a week.

When you clean the cage, remove all objects, bedding, water bottles and food bowls, of course first remove the hamster and put it in another place.

After cleaning, put new bedding and put all the items back in the cage, and finally, the hamster can go home.

What to do if the hamsters won’t stop fighting each other?

If you have tried all the steps we have listed and the hamsters continue to fight persistently then you must separate them.

You will have to buy another cage and put each hamster in a separate cage. However, this does not mean that you should never let them play together sometimes.

For example, 2-3 times a week let them play together in a cage or in your room.

If you cannot afford another cage for the other hamster then perhaps the best solution is to donate one of the hamsters to a loved one who will take care of it.

Why did my hamster bite my other hamster?

When hamsters bite each other, it’s not good at all and it’s not normal behavior, it’s bullying the other hamster.

A hamster that is mistreated in this situation will not be able to eat or drink and will be under stress all the time and may get sick.

He will withdraw and become depressed or aggressive, and he may lose weight, which is not good for his health at all.

In such situations, you should not let them continue to bite and you should immediately separate them into separate cages.

Why are my hamsters killing each other?

Hamsters often kill each other because of their territorial attitude.

This attitude or cannibalism is characteristic especially for Syrian hamsters who do not tolerate another hamster in their cage.

No matter how much food is in the cage, hamsters that are territorial can eat each other.

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Why is my hamster chasing the other one?

When hamsters chase each other then this can be described as a normal explanation of the issue of dominance.

These fights between hamsters usually happen when a new hamster comes to the cage.

Then the hamsters will chase each other and be very loud, but we must understand that this is a natural instinct of our little pets.

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Hamsters can sometimes suddenly start fighting with each other because of a small cage, not enough toys and objects for everyone separately, or if they do not have enough space in the cage to sleep.

You should try to enlarge their cage, put enough toys and everything you have in the cage should be duplicated, like two water bottles, two food plates, and so on.

However, some breeds of hamsters such as Syrian and Chinese hamsters never want to share space with another hamster regardless of cage conditions.

When you can’t solve problems like comforting hamsters, then it is best to put them in separate cages.

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