Why Balls And Wheels Are Bad For Guinea Pigs? Let’s Discover

Guinea pigs like to be active and expend their energy, which helps them to be healthy and less sick. But you certainly want to know if they can use exercise balls or wheels, like hamsters for example.

Why balls and wheels are bad for guinea pigs?

Exercise balls and wheels can be dangerous and deadly to guinea pigs, so they should never be used.

In today’s article, you will learn why balls and wheels should not be used by guinea pigs, what are the dangers of using them and similar questions related to the topic.

Why are exercise wheels dangerous for guinea pigs?

Guinea pigs should not use exercise wheels because their bodies do not have the necessary anatomy to safely run on the wheel.

Hamsters do get miles on the exercise wheel, but unfortunately, guinea pigs won’t be able to do the same. Guinea pigs can’t bend over enough to run on exercise wheels.

If you still put an exercise wheel on them, then you can only risk injuring their backs, they can even get fatal injuries that can threaten their lives.

Exercise wheels are usually made of plastic and guinea pigs’ feet can get stuck when they move around in the wheel.

Running on an exercise wheel puts too much pressure on their feet, which can lead to injuries.

If guinea pigs get their foot caught in the exercise wheel it can cause a dangerous injury to either their foot or their entire body.

If the guinea pigs run on the exercise wheel, their body can overheat, which can cause stress, and the stress can make them even more sick.

The exercise wheel usually makes a sound when in use, which can further frighten the guinea pig and make them feel very uncomfortable.

The exercise wheel can tire the guinea pigs too much as they are not used to running at a high pace like hamsters.

Why shouldn’t guinea pigs use exercise balls?

Exercise balls are similar to exercise wheels, so they are also dangerous for guinea pigs.

Again the guinea pig’s body will not be able to move safely through the exercise ball and can easily injure their back or other body parts.

The exercise ball has little air circulation which will cause the guinea pigs to overheat.

Guinea pigs can also get respiratory problems when exercising on balls, as they will not have enough oxygen.

As guinea pigs can overheat in the exercise ball they can also get dehydrated which again is not good for their health.

You should never put guinea pigs in exercise balls, because they can only get life-threatening injuries.

Is Play Ball Safe for Guinea Pigs?

Play balls are completely different from closed balls, so these balls are a completely safe option for guinea pigs.

Some guinea pig play balls also have a bell that rings when your pet pushes it, which is very interesting for guinea pigs.

In any case, play balls are a safe alternative to play with for guinea pigs and you can put them in their cage, or put them on the floor when you let them out of the cage.why balls and wheels are bad for guinea pigs

How can guinea pigs exercise safely?

The safest way to exercise guinea pigs is in their cage. That is why it is very important whenever you keep guinea pigs to provide them with as large a cage as possible.

A 10.5 square foot cage is recommended so that the guinea pigs have enough room to run and exercise.

The bigger their cage, the better it will be for the guinea pig, which will also affect his mood and allow him a happy life in his home.

Apart from the size of the cage, it is important to provide them with good bedding so that they can have good and soft bedding when they run and play in the cage.

You should occasionally let the guinea pigs into your room so that they can run and play, accompanied by many toys and objects that will enrich their fun life.

Only in this way can guinea pigs safely run and be active, while running on an exercise wheel and ball can in no way be safe for your pet.

How much time should guinea pigs exercise each day?

Guinea pigs need to run and play every day to be in top shape, to have a good condition of their body and muscles.

It is recommended to let them into your room once a day for half an hour so they can run around and be active.

This kind of exercise is good for both the mental and physical health of your pet.

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How Can I Get My Guinea Pig To Exercise?

Guinea pigs are active and love to play and run, although some of them can be a bit lazy, like my guinea pig.

My guinea pig does not like to move and run much, so I tried several ways to encourage him to be more active which is good for his health.

Stimulation for guinea pigs to be more active are tunnels, climbing stairs that are not very steep, that is, no more than 40 degrees, because guinea pigs are not very good at climbing.

Sometimes it’s good to chase your guinea pig around the room a bit to get him to run and move more, of course, be careful not to scare him.

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Can you let guinea pigs run around?

Of course you can let the guinea pigs run around in your room, it is one of the best ways to keep them active. Of course, make sure that the room is well secured, specifically that there are no other pets that can attack the guinea pig.

How much time do guinea pigs need out of their cage?

Guinea pigs should be allowed at least one hour a day to be outside their cage so they can run and play, which is good for their health and makes them happier.

Do guinea pigs like leaving their cage?

All guinea pigs love to get out of the cage, they enjoy being outside and running and playing. You may notice that when you put them back in the cage they will grumble and want to stay out.

Where should you not place a guinea pig cage and why?

You should never place the guinea pig’s cage in the kitchen or near food. Guinea pigs should also not be near other pets that may scare them and cause stress in your pet.


Guinea pigs should not run and play using the exercise wheel or ball. These items cannot satisfy the needs of guinea pigs, they can only cause injuries that can be fatal.

Guinea pigs’ bodies do not have the necessary anatomy to play and run on an exercise wheel or ball.

Guinea pigs can most safely run in their cage, which should be large, or outside of the cage on the floor of your home.

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