Why Did My Hamster Yawn?

Last updated on January 22nd, 2023 at 07:10 pm

Hamsters do not speak, but with their signs and body language, they show us how they feel. All hamster owners have noticed that their hamsters yawn or rather open their mouth wide and show their teeth.

Hamsters yawn when they wake up from sleep or when they are relaxed and comfortable. Yawning in hamsters can also be due to fatigue, fear, boredom or stress.

In today’s article you will learn why hamsters yawn and what are the reasons for this habit.

Why is my hamster yawning?

Hamsters yawn when they wake up and when they are happy and relaxed.

Their yawning is a sign that they are relaxed, especially when they are in a room with their owners or other family members and feel comfortable.

Sometimes hamsters may yawn if they are bored, so we should always find time to play with them or give him a toy to keep from getting bored.

Hamsters may yawn if they are stressed, especially when they are in danger from predators or another pet such as a cat in your home.

Of course, fatigue can also be a reason for yawning, when the hamster is exhausted from playing and running all day, it will start yawning, then it is best to return it to its cage to rest.

So let’s find out together 7 reasons why hamsters often yawn.

Hamsters yawn when they wake up

Hamsters have some similar habits as us humans, and that is yawning when they wake up.

When our pets wake up, they stretch their bodies and start yawning.

It is a sign that our furry friend is rested and ready for new challenges ahead.


Hamsters run and play all day both in the cage and outside the cage, which eventually tires them and they start yawning.

When they are in nature, hamsters spend about one or two hours a day looking for food and are constantly running or moving and get tired.

When you notice that the hamsters do not run as fast and start to stop and yawn, then they are tired and need to rest.why did my hamster yawn

Hamsters yawn when they are relaxed

When hamsters are relaxed, they yawn, usually this happens when they are in a pleasant atmosphere, usually with their owners.

When hamsters clean themselves and maintain their hygiene, it means that they are calm and relaxed, and that’s why they yawn.

If the hamster yawns when you hold it in your hands or play with it, it means that it trusts you and feels relaxed and comfortable in your arms.

Relaxing the brain

When hamsters yawn, they lower the temperature of their brain, which relaxes them.

Usually, the temperature of the brain in hamsters is increased before sleep, and it decreases with yawning.

When yawning happens before sleep, the brain helps them to feel calmer and of course, they will fall asleep faster and more smoothly.

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Hamsters also yawn when they are not feeling well, that is when they are under stress.

In such moments, your pet starts behaving aggressively, biting its tail or scratching its fur accompanied by yawning.

Causes of stress can be:

  • dangers from predators
  • unknown persons in his environment
  • other pets
  • loud music or conversation

Boredom causes hamsters to yawn

Hamsters have their daily activities like running on the wheel, looking for hiding places and running away from something they think is bothering them and similar situations.

But sometimes that is not enough for the hamsters to have enough fun, so we need to help them and make their day even more interesting, so that they don’t yawn from boredom.

You can make the following changes to keep your pet from getting bored:

  • hide the food
  • add more toys
  • insert research tubes
  • ladders and furniture for hamsters to climb

All these accessories will encourage your pet to have something to do all the time, so he won’t be bored and won’t yawn out of boredom.


Yawning in hamsters can be when they are scared, they yawn to expose their teeth to some danger that may threaten them.

Predators, other pets or strangers can cause hamsters to yawn.

Loud music or loud talking causes fear in hamsters and yawning, so be quiet and do not play loud music or TV.why did my hamster yawn

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What can we do to stop hamsters from yawning?

Yawning when hamsters wake up is a habit that we cannot change, but therefore in all other situations, we can help.

We just have to pay attention to his behavior and that way we will know more easily what is the reason for yawning and what to do.

Of course, it is best when the hamsters yawn with happiness and attention from us, then they are actually satisfied and feel loved.

Most of all, we should pay attention when they yawn as a result of dangers from predators and help them because fear and stress are dangerous for their health and can affect the occurrence of diseases.

Frequently asked questions

What does it mean if my hamster yawns?

Yawning in hamsters means happiness, comfort, and safety. When hamsters yawn, they may be sleepy, or under stress, fear or danger.

Do hamsters yawn when they wake up?

Yes, hamsters yawn when they wake up, just like us humans. They yawn when they wake up, but also when they go to sleep.

What does it mean when a hamster stretches?

When hamsters stretch it means they feel safe and comfortable. If your hamster does this in your hands, be sure that the hamster trusts you and loves you.

Do hamsters feel love?

Yes, hamsters feel love, especially from their owners. The more you care for your hamster, the more he feels it, and be sure that he will repay you many times over for your kindness.

Why does my hamster yawn in front of me?

Hamsters yawn in front of you because they feel safe because they see no danger in you. Hamsters yawning in front of their owners is the best indicator that you are taking good care of them.


Our pets yawn when they wake up and so begin new adventures with running and playing.

Hamsters yawn when they are happy when they are satisfied, but also when they are under stress, boredom, fear, or stress.

Hamsters may yawn if they are bored and have nothing to do, or if they are afraid of a pet or a person they don’t know.

The better we get to know our pets, the easier it will be to know why they yawn at a certain moment, and the easier it will be to know what to do.

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