Why Do Guinea Pigs Bite Each Other Bums? Let’s Find Out

Guinea pigs are very gentle and friendly animals, but sometimes they know how to bite, even to bite the bums of other guinea pigs.

Why Do Guinea Pigs Bite Each Other Bums?

Guinea pigs bite each other bums because of fun, stress, hunger, pain, or their hormones. Sometimes they bite the bums to show dominance in the group, especially when there is a new guinea pig.

To know why guinea pigs bite each other the bums you need to pay attention to the other signs they show at that moment and their surroundings or cage.

For example, if they do not have food, this may be the reason for the bite.

In today’s article, we will find out why guinea pigs bite their bums each other, and whether such behavior can be prevented.

Why Do Guinea Pigs Bite Each other bums?

Guinea pigs can bite the bums one another for various reasons and it is their daily behavior.

Sometimes they do it for fun, but it can also be a sign of stress, hunger, illness, and other causes.

So let’s look at the different reasons for their behavior.

When guinea pigs are under stress

When your guinea pig is stressed it can start to bite the bums of other guinea pigs.

Guinea pigs are usually stressed when they do not have enough space in the cages, they do not have their own part like a little house in the cage where they can sleep safely, and when they do not have enough food.

In such situations, guinea pigs can bite the bums of other guinea pigs, which should not allow and should help them overcome such stress.

Guinea pigs bite each other the bums when they are hungry

Guinea pigs want to have enough food in their cage all the time. For example, I always put an extra amount of food in the cage.

When guinea pigs do not have enough food they become nervous and begin to bite the bums with each other.

So always put them enough food, they should not stay without food and water.

Teeth reduction

When guinea pigs bite the bums of other guinea pigs it can be a sign that they want to cut their constantly growing teeth.

If you see that your pet except for the other guinea pigs, starts to bite you or the cage then you will know what the reason is.

So give them hay that allows for a reduction in teeth, and add items that can help them cut their teeth and stop biting each other for their bums.

My guinea pig often bites the metal plate and the metal tube of the water bottle to reduce its teeth.


Sometimes guinea pigs just play and have fun with each other when they bite the bums.

It does not always mean when they bite to be a terrible reason for such behavior.

But in order to know why they bite each other you must know your pets well and be able to see why they do it.

New guinea pigs

When you put a new guinea pig in the cage, then their bums can be bitten because guinea pigs want to establish dominance.

Always in a cage with more guinea pigs, only one can be the group’s leader and dominate the others.

The new guinea pig can be bitten on the bums of the group leader.

If this does not stop then this can grow into a fight with injured wounds, and you will have to separate them.

Sometimes younger guinea pigs do not want to listen to the main leader in the group when they grow up and begin to revolt, which can lead to biting their bums.why do guinea pigs bite each other bums

When the guinea pigs are sick

When the guinea pig is not good, it is pain in its body, it can start to bite other guinea pigs in the bums.

Then, in addition to biting guinea pigs, other symptoms will show that you will know it is painful:

  • lethargy
  • reduce appetite
  • running to his place or hideout
  • will avoid and will not allow you to touch them

If you find that your pet bumps to others for the bums and has the symptoms we listed it is best to take it to the vet to examine it.

Hormones cause the bite each other for the bums

When male guinea pigs have 2-3 months of their lives they will start to bite each other on the bums as a sign of high levels of testosterone.

In addition to biting the bums, a big fight can easily come between guinea pigs.

If you find that things get out of control you should separate them immediately so to avoid some injuries between them.

Do you need to separate guinea pigs if they bite each other bums?

Yes, if the guinea pigs bite each other for their bums you should not let them continue to do so.

If it’s okay, but if they continue, they can bite each other and can cause serious injuries because their teeth are sharp.

If you see that they do not stop biting for the bums then split them before it comes to bad injuries. When they calm down you can put them together again.

If they continue again then the best time will be kept in separate cages or cages divided in half.

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How to prevent guinea pigs from biting the bums?

If you want to prevent guinea pigs from biting each other on the bums you need to provide them with the following things:

  • Cage – always be large enough, so as not to have nervousness between them.
  • Hides – there is a need to have a special place for each guinea pig to feel comfortable and relaxed, which will reduce stress and will not bite each other.
  • Toys – they help to have enough fun so they don’t get bored and start biting each other.
  • Food and water – should always be available and enough, even when they do not want to eat.
  • Treatment – if your guinea pig is painful and shows the symptoms of the disease should be taken to the veterinarian immediately for treatment.

Frequently asked questions

How do you tell if Guinea Pigs are playing or fighting?

Guinea pigs are friendly animals that want to socialize with each other, but sometimes there may be a fight between them. When guinea pigs fight it can be observed after their behavior, then they bite and hurt, pushing with all their strength, shaking their teeth loudly, and biting.

Why do male guinea pigs sniff each other’s bums?

When guinea pigs sniff their bums it means they are playing, but sometimes it can grow into a fight.

What is aggressive Guinea Pig Behavior?

When guinea pigs are aggressive, they become very nervous and begin to show their teeth, hair fluffing and strutting. When a guinea pig is aggressive it will not want to hang out with other guinea pigs, or with you as an owner.


When guinea pigs bite each other in the bums it can be for many reasons, such as fun, happiness, hunger, hormones, or a small cage.

Guinea pigs if they are sick or have an injury may be the cause of biting because they are not well, and are very nervous.

Sometimes when they bite each other on the bums, can grow into a fight, and therefore we have to watch out for our pets.

In order to avoid such a phenomenon you need to have good conditions in the cage, enough food and water, and of course a bunch of toys and fun.

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