Why Do Guinea Pigs Dig? All Answers

Last updated on January 22nd, 2023 at 07:32 pm

Guinea pigs have very interesting habits regarding their behavior, diet, and lifestyle. We often notice guinea pigs digging in the hay, and we wonder if that’s okay.

After all, I also had an experience with my guinea pig using a hole in the wall to hide, which I will tell you about later in the text.

Do guinea pigs dig? Yes, guinea pigs dig, but only in their own hay, for several reasons, to protect themselves from predators, to make it interesting for them and to explore the environment. Guinea pigs cannot dig in the ground, but they use the holes they find. Sometimes guinea pigs dig to find a warmer place when they are cold.

In today’s article we will find out why guinea pigs dig, the most common reasons for this habit, and whether it is good or bad for them.

Do guinea pigs dig?

Yes, guinea pigs can often be seen digging in their hay, but not in the ground.

Digging in hay is quite normal for them, and therefore you should not be surprised at all.

Guinea pigs dig and are not bored at all, it is a game for them, which they enjoy.

Why do guinea pigs dig?

Guinea pigs dig and enjoy it because it is a great opportunity for them to exercise, to be in shape and of course it is also fun for them.

Guinea pigs dig to protect themselves from potential predators that may attack them.

Also, Guinea pigs are usually prey because of their size, and therefore they must have protection, in this case it is the tunnels they dig in the hay.

Guinea pigs burrow to keep warm when the weather is colder, especially when they are out in the wild.why do guinea pigs dig

Do guinea pigs dig holes in the ground?

No, guinea pigs do not dig holes in the ground, although they would really like to, they can only dig in hay.

Guinea pigs cannot dig holes in the ground because their paws do not have enough strength to make holes in the ground.

But on the other hand, if they find holes already made in the ground, then they will certainly use them out as a shelter.

The holes will help them to save themselves in situations where they are attacked by predators.

Why do guinea pigs dig in bedding?

Guinea pigs dig in the bedding when they want to play, when they are scared or when they are cold to warm themselves.

Guinea pigs can use digging in bedding to rest in a safer place where they will not feel danger, that is, they will be safer from the environment, especially if you keep another animal in your home.

Can guinea pigs dig into our hair?

Yes, guinea pigs can sometimes dig into your hair, because it makes them feel very nice and safe.

When guinea pigs dig into your hair they also get close to you, although sometimes it can be uncomfortable, so they want to eat your hair.

Are guinea pigs digging holes in your yard?

If you leave guinea pigs alone in your yard you don’t have to worry about them digging holes and escaping.

They can’t do that, so make sure there are no holes made before by another animal.

If they find such holes then the guinea pig will use them and can escape, so check your yard before letting your pet play and run in it.

Can guinea pigs dig in paper bedding?

Yes, guinea pigs can dig in paper bedding.

Paper bedding is not as difficult for them to dig into as it is to dig into the ground.

If the guinea pigs find themselves in such a situation, be sure that they will dig in the paper, but that should not worry you at all, they will play and be happy.why do guinea pigs dig

Are guinea pigs making holes in the walls of your home?

No, there is no way guinea pigs can make holes in your home.

Just be careful that there are no holes in your home, as I have in parts of walls that are partitioned with plywood and plasterboard.

If they enter partitioned walls as I mentioned above, then it is very difficult to find your pet. I just put food and water on him to get him out of the partition wall that had a small hole in the bottom.

After a certain time, the guinea pig came out to eat and drink water, during which I managed to catch him and return him to his cage.

Of course, I repaired the hole in the partition wall so that the same thing does not happen again.


Guinea pigs dig holes but only in hay, they cannot dig holes in the ground.

Their paws are not adapted to dig holes in the ground, in fact they are taught to do so when they are in nature, they do not dig, but they are very adept at using the holes they find in nature or in your yard.

Guinea pigs dig holes in the hay in their habitat if they feel threatened by an attack from other animals, or if they are cold or just to feel cozy and comfortable.

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