Why Do Guinea Pigs Poop Where They Sleep? Let’s Find Out

Guinea pigs eat very often, which is why they often poop, which is completely normal behavior. They poop and pee everywhere in the cage, including where they sleep.

So I did a little research to find out why guinea pigs poop where they sleep and if this behavior is okay.

Why do guinea pigs poop where they sleep?

Guinea pigs poop where they sleep because it’s their natural way of going to the toilet, and it could also be because it’s their favorite place. They poop where they sleep and when they want to mark their territory, when they have small cages, and because guinea pigs can’t wait.

In today’s article, you will find out why guinea pigs poop where they sleep, all the possible reasons, as well as similar questions related to the topic.

Why do guinea pigs poop where they sleep?

Guinea pigs poop where they sleep for many reasons, for example, because it’s a natural behavior, or because it’s their favorite place.

They may poop where they sleep and when they want to mark their territory or their cage is too small.

We will talk about these and all other reasons in more detail in the next text.

Guinea pigs poop where they sleep as a natural behavior

Guinea pigs poop where they sleep because it’s their natural behavior.

They don’t do it on purpose, although it may seem that way, but in reality, their cage is small, and they will poop where they spend most of their time.

That’s why it seems to us owners that they poop where they sleep. Guinea pigs poop everywhere, it’s completely normal for them.

For example, my guinea pig poops all over the cage, or if he is in the house, then he poops there the most because he spends the most time in it.

Guinea pigs can’t control their pooping

Guinea pigs poop a lot, so they can’t help themselves.

That’s why they poop a lot in the place where they sleep, they don’t go anywhere else, and they don’t have time to go to another location to poop because they won’t last.

Guinea pigs are always on the move and they will poop all the time, or they may poop where they sleep.

We must understand that guinea pigs have a digestive system that processes food quickly and causes them to constantly poop.

That is why it is not recommended to hold your pet in your arms for more than 15 minutes, because then it may poop on you.

Guinea pigs poop to mark territory

When guinea pigs poop where they sleep it is to mark their territory. They use pooping and peeing to mark territory and let other guinea pigs know who’s boss in the house.

Pooping can also be a sign to your pet’s future partners to let them know where they are.

Since they will mostly sit and sleep in their territory, it is logical that they also poop in that place.why do guinea pigs poop where they sleep

Too many guinea pigs poop where they sleep

If too many guinea pigs sleep in a small space they will poop where they sleep because there will be nowhere else to poop.

Guinea pigs that are in a group tend to eat more, which will result in even more pooping and sleeping in those places.

When the weaker guinea pigs are in a group, since they will not be able to resist the leader, they will usually sleep in a specific place and will not have a choice, during which they will poop a lot on their bed.

In a small cage guinea pigs poop and sleep in the same place

When guinea pigs live in small cages, then they will be more likely to sleep where they poop.

If the cage is bigger then they will use more places to poop and there won’t be as much poop in the sleeping area.

A small cage is not good for guinea pigs for several reasons, and one of them is of course pooping in the place where they sleep, so a cage as large as possible is recommended.

The guinea pig cage should not be smaller than 7.5 square feet, or about 30″x 36″, and if there are more guinea pigs, of course, it should be even bigger.

Guinea pigs poop and sleep in their favorite spot

Guinea pigs may choose to poop and sleep in the same place because they like it that way.

If the guinea pigs like an area in the cage, and they constantly poop and sleep there, there is nothing to do here, they are most comfortable that way.

You can only clean more in that part of the cage if you notice that your pet keeps pooping in the same place.

Why does my guinea pig poop and sleep in his house?

Guinea pigs like to poop and sleep in the house inside the cage because it feels safe and comfortable there.

My guinea pig does 80% of his pooping right in the house where he sleeps. Guinea pigs don’t mind pooping and sleeping in the same place.

The darker and more protected the area, the more the guinea pig will want to use it for sleeping and pooping.

In this situation, nothing can be changed, except to clean the space where he sleeps and poops.

Can guinea pigs be trained to poop?

Guinea pigs can be potty trained, but it will take time and patience.

To teach them where to poop, you will need to put bedding and a small part of used bedding with the smell of their poop in the desired place in the cage.

The familiar smell will make the guinea pigs go poop in that place more often, and when they finish give them a reward, which will encourage them to do the same thing again the next time.

Guinea pigs are very smart animals who will realize that every time they poop in the same place they will get a reward.

But we must emphasize that it does not necessarily mean that you will succeed in this intention, some guinea pigs may still poop wherever they want, but it is worth a try.why do guinea pigs poop where they sleep

How many times do guinea pigs poop a day?

Guinea pigs poop about 100 times a day on average.

Older guinea pigs may poop less, and also guinea pigs that don’t move around much.

But you must know that if the guinea pigs poop less than 50 times a day, it means that something is wrong, either they are taking in less food or they have a problem with the digestive system.

How often do you pick up guinea pig poop?

It is best to clean the poop of the guinea pigs daily, to maintain the hygiene of their cage.

By simply cleaning and picking up their poop, they will be happy to have clean bedding.

Collecting their poop often will also allow you to know if everything is okay with their health because if they have wet poop and a stronger smell than usual, it is a sign that something is wrong with them.

Do guinea pigs pee where they sleep?

When guinea pigs urinate, they prefer to do so in one place, while when they poop, they don’t choose a place.

it means that when they urinate they want to have more privacy, or they go somewhere to the side, like for example in their house.

My guinea pig has never peed while holding him in my arms or on my lap, although he may sometimes poop.

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Can guinea pigs be prevented from peeing in their bed?

You can try to change their habit of peeing where they sleep, but you probably won’t succeed.

Guinea pigs have their own character, and it is very difficult to change their habits, especially in the place where they urinate.

Try and if you fail to change their habit, then it is best to change the bedding more often in the place where they urinate.

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Guinea pigs poop all over the cage and this is completely normal behavior.

They poop where they sleep, so they spend most of their time there, or most often this happens in the house inside the cage.

They may also poop where they sleep to mark their territory, because it’s comfortable for them, or simply because that’s how they’ve been taught from the wild.

Guinea pigs poop very often or every 15 minutes, because they have a fast metabolism, so you can’t blame them for pooping where they sleep.

The only thing that remains is to clean the area where they poop and sleep more often so that it is cleaner and more comfortable for them.

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