Why Do Guinea Pigs Smell Each Others Bottom? Let’s Find Out

At times, guinea pigs can behave very interestingly and unusually, for example, they smell each other on the bottom.

That’s why I researched a little to know what is the reason for their behavior, and whether there should be a reason for concern or not.

Why do guinea pigs smell each other’s bottoms?

Guinea pigs smell each other on the bottom to communicate and share information, to get to know each other better, to show who is dominant in the group, and to know when the females are ready to mate.

In today’s article, we will explain in more detail why guinea pigs have this habit of smelling each other and similar questions related to the topic.

Why do guinea pigs smell each other on the bottom?

Guinea pigs smell each other on the bottom to get to know each other better, to learn more information about each other and this is completely normal.

They smell each other on the bottom to communicate with each other, to show respect for each other, and to better know if the other guinea pig is a friend or opponent.

Guinea pigs know when a female is ready to mate by smelling their bottom. So let’s look at all these things in more detail in the next text.

For better communication among themselves

Guinea pigs smell each other on the bottom so they can communicate with each other using their body cents.

With the help of the smell, they can more easily recognize each other, and certain information about their state of health, and similar things can be transmitted.

After all, many other animals use smell to communicate with each other, such as dogs and cats.

By simply smelling each other, guinea pigs can know the reproductive status of other guinea pigs.

For example, when female guinea pigs are pregnant they emit a slightly different smell than usual, which will be noticed by male guinea pigs if they smell their bottom.

Another example is when female guinea pigs want to mate, they let the male guinea pigs know that they are ready to breed through their smell.

Showing respect

When guinea pigs smell their bottoms they are showing respect for other guinea pigs.

Guinea pigs are social animals that always have their own hierarchy in their group, where it is known who is the leader in the group.

Then it is often the case that the other guinea pigs smell the bottom of the group leader to show that they respect and recognize him as the leader of the guinea pigs.

They find out if someone is sick

Guinea pigs use smelling the bottoms of other guinea pigs to find out what their health is.

For example, if a guinea pig is sick or under stress then that guinea pig will have a different smell than all the other guinea pigs.

Then the other guinea pigs in the group will know that something is wrong with him and will try to help him.why do guinea pigs smell each others bottom

Smelling the bottom indicates if they are happy

Guinea pigs can tell if a guinea pig is happy or sad by smelling their bottom.

Changes in their bottom scent indicate whether a guinea pig is stressed by something that surrounds it in its cage or outside of it.

Apparently, the smell of their bottom will tell the other guinea pigs if one of them needs to be cheered up more and help him overcome his stress by playing with him more and socializing.

Group consolidation

By smelling their bottom, guinea pigs will be better able to assert themselves as a group to defend and guard against other animals.

This is especially true for guinea pigs in the wild, as they will know which guinea pig belongs to which group or community.

They will respect each other and defend themselves together when threatened by other predators in the wild.

Why do guinea pigs keep smelling each other?

If you notice that the guinea pigs are constantly smelling each other then this is not right.

In such situations, it is necessary to consult a veterinarian to see what is the exact reason for this behavior.

Guinea pigs will always smell each other especially when they have a new guinea pig in the group, but if they do this constantly something is wrong with the new member of the group.

Why do male guinea pigs smell each other’s bottoms?

When two guinea pigs smell each other’s bottoms, it means they want to get to know each other. Male guinea pigs like to establish dominance by scenting each other.

One must always be the leader and the other guinea pig must be submissive and respect him, usually, the weaker guinea pig will smell the bottom of the leader in their group.

In this way, the submissive guinea pig shows respect and deference to the dominant guinea pig.

Is it normal for guinea pigs to smell each other’s bottoms?

It is completely normal for guinea pigs to smell each other’s bottoms, there is nothing wrong with that.

In that way, they only exchange information about each other, get to know each other, and communicate.

We need to understand that guinea pigs communicate in their own original way, one of those ways is by smelling each other’s bottoms.

How often do guinea pigs smell their bottom?

Guinea pigs can often smell each other’s bottoms, or several times a day.

However, this cannot be known precisely because it depends on their mutual relationship in the group and how related they are to each other.

If there is a new guinea pig in the group of guinea pigs then they may smell each other more often until they get to know the new guinea pig.why do guinea pigs smell each others bottom

Should you be concerned if guinea pigs don’t smell at the bottom?

You should not be concerned if your guinea pigs do not smell on the bottom.

The smell of their bottom can vary, in some guinea pigs, it happens more often, while in others less often.

As long as the guinea pigs show no signs of illness or any strange behavior you should not be concerned.

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When guinea pigs smell bad on the bottom, could it mean a nutritional problem?

If the guinea pigs smell unpleasant on the bottom, it may mean that they have certain problems with their diet.

An unbalanced diet can cause an unpleasant odor that is different from the normal smell on the bottom.

An unpleasant smell on the bottom can also mean that they have an infection and a consultation with a veterinarian is necessary.

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Why do guinea pigs sometimes bite their bottoms?

Guinea pigs can sometimes bite each other’s bottoms.

They do this because they want to show dominance over each other and it is completely normal behavior for these pets.

But if they do it too much then it is already a sign that they are too aggressive towards each other and it can result in injuries or a fight between them.

If they bite each other too often, you will have to separate them for a while to calm them down.

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Guinea pigs use the smell of each other’s bottoms to communicate with each other.

By smelling the bottom, they find out information about each other and this serves to get to know each other better, especially with a new guinea pig in the group.

Guinea pigs emit a scent to let them know when they are ready to mate or when they want to show dominance in their territory.

Apparently smelling their bottoms is a way to better understand and communicate, to know if one of them is sick and similar information.

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