Why Do Guinea Pigs Stop Squeaking? Let’s Find Out

Guinea pigs do not speak, but with squeaks and their body language, they want to tell us how they feel, whether they are happy or sick.

But sometimes it happens that guinea pigs stop squeaking, and you probably immediately wonder what is the problem with your pet.

Why do guinea pigs stop squeaking?

Guinea pigs do not squeak when they have throat problems and infections, or if they are injured or sick. They may not squeak if they are stressed, don’t like food, or don’t like something in their environment.

In today’s article, you will find out why guinea pigs stop squeaking, what it means when they squeak, and similar questions related to the topic.

Why do guinea pigs stop squeaking?

When guinea pigs stop squeaking, it’s no accident. They do not squeak if they are injured if they are sick, or if they may be stressed by something going on in or around their cage.

For example, if there are other pets they are afraid of they will retreat and not squeak.

That’s why it’s best to find out a little more about all the reasons for your pet’s behavior.

When guinea pigs are sick or injured they do not squeak

If guinea pigs are sick or injured they may stop squeaking.

Especially if they have lymphadenitis – inflammation of the lymph nodes and damaged vocal cords they will be quiet and will not be able to squeak.

When guinea pigs have lymphadenitis they will stop squeaking as the infection of the lymph nodes will affect their voice.

Since the infection of the lymph nodes is internal, you will not be able to notice it from the outside, but therefore they will have certain symptoms, such as:

  • breathing problems and difficulties
  • sinus or eye inflammation
  • their pee will be bloody
  • their skin will be lighter
  • they will move with their heads bent
  • lethargy

All these symptoms are a sign of lymphadenitis and if you notice them you should take your pet to the vet immediately.

Guinea pigs get lymphadenitis from bacteria through food, dirty bedding, and overgrown teeth. This disease can cause voice damage in guinea pigs and prevent them from squeaking.

In such situations, it is inevitable to take your pet to a vet who will prescribe antibiotics to get him well and able to squeak again.why do guinea pigs stop squeaking

Guinea pigs do not squeak because of damaged vocal cords

When guinea pigs have damaged vocal cords they do not squeak. This happens when they have lymphadenitis or an injury to their throat.

in such unwanted situations, guinea pigs may squeak very quietly or may not squeak at all.

If the vocal cords are damaged and your pet is in too much pain, you can decide to remove them, which is really unfortunate for the future life of your pet.

Guinea pigs do not squeak when they get bored with their food

Guinea pigs will stop squeaking if they get bored with their food. My guinea pig gets happy every time I bring him food and starts squeaking.

But sometimes guinea pigs get bored of some food, they are not excited and they don’t squeak. That is why it is necessary to change their food, to offer them a variety of food.

You can give them vegetables and fruits that are always different, which will prevent your pet from losing interest and excitement.

However, when guinea pigs do not squeak for food, such a problem is solvable and not a permanent problem, with a few changes in the menu they will start to be excited and squeak again.

Guinea pigs do not squeak because of their surroundings

Guinea pigs are very sensitive animals that when there is something they don’t like in their environment they stop squeaking.

When there is a lot of noise in the environment of guinea pigs, they can get scared, get stressed, and stop squeaking.

It is enough to have guests in your home who are unfamiliar with guinea pigs and they will stop squeaking.

The same thing happened to me with my guinea pig when I had friends over at my house, the guinea pig just kept quiet and didn’t squeak.

Other things that can cause your pet to become stressed are being too cold or too hot in their environment, which will cause them to stop squeaking.

The best temperature for guinea pigs is between 65-75 F, so keep an eye on your guinea pig’s room temperature.

In order to avoid stress and fear, you need to pay attention to the following things:

  • always speak softly and slowly to him
  • do not move quickly toward it
  • the cage should be large enough
  • do not keep other pets such as cats and dogs in the same room
  • give them toys to keep them entertained

Guinea pigs stop squeaking in response to something that upsets them, so you have to be careful with them.

Why do guinea pigs squeak?

Guinea pigs use squeaks as a way to communicate with other guinea pigs and with their owners.

With squeaks, they want to tell us when they need something or when they don’t like something.

Squeaks are the same as when we humans talk, so it’s important for guinea pigs too, because if they don’t squeak, they won’t be able to express their feelings and needs.why do guinea pigs stop squeaking

What sounds do guinea pigs make and what do they mean?

Guinea pigs make different sounds and they all have their own meaning.

The better you know their sounds, the easier it will be to keep and understand them, so here is what certain sounds mean:

Teeth Chattering – when guinea pigs are chattering it means they are angry about something, and everyone who is near them should heed their warning and stay away.

Shrieking – this is the sound that guinea pigs make when they are hurt or scared by something in their environment, and this sound is quite loud.

Whining – a sound that indicates that guinea pigs are excited or can also mean that something is wrong.

Hissing – when guinea pigs make this sound it means they are nervous or angry.

Rumbling – this sound is a sign to other guinea pigs that they want to attract a mate.

Wheeking – with this sound guinea pigs want to attract attention, or when they are very excited by something in their environment.

Purring – this sound can mean many things, such as happiness and comfort, but it can also mean fear, especially if this sound is short.

There are several other sounds that guinea pigs make, but these are the main sounds that they usually make when they are happy, sad, scared, etc.

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Do guinea pigs use noises to talk with other guinea pigs?

Guinea pigs use 11 sounds to communicate with other guinea pigs.

With the help of sounds, they can understand each other with other guinea pigs, and tell each other how they feel, whether they are happy, sad, hurt, etc.

Guinea pigs often live in groups when they are in nature, and therefore with the help of sounds, they understand each other and maintain a social life with each other.

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Guinea pigs do not squeak when they have a problem with injuries, or diseases, when the food is boring, or when something in the environment bothers them.

It is most dangerous when they have lymphadenitis and when they have to be taken to a vet immediately to prescribe antibiotics.

Other problems such as boredom with food or when they are afraid of something in their environment can be solved more easily.

In any case, when the guinea pigs do not squeak it should be addressed and helped.

Squeaks and body language are important to guinea pigs and of course to us owners so that we can more easily understand what they are trying to tell us.

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