Why Do Hamsters Lick Their Cage? Let’s Discover

Hamsters sometimes like to lick the cage, and you must be wondering what is the reason for this behavior.

Why do hamsters lick their cage?

Hamsters lick their cage mostly out of curiosity. Hamsters mostly lick the glass tank, but they can also lick the wire cage. Other reasons why they lick the cage are thirst, lack of minerals, frustration, and when they want to cool off.

When hamsters lick the cage, it is not dangerous for them, but it is still best to prevent them from this habit.

In today’s article you will find out the reasons why hamsters lick their cage, can you stop them from licking the cage, and similar questions related to the topic.

Why do hamsters lick their cage?

Hamsters lick their cages for a variety of reasons such as lack of minerals, when they are very thirsty, to cool off when they are frustrated, or when they are curious.

Hamsters can also lick the cage when they want to mark their territory.

Although we must emphasize that hamsters lick the glass tank more often than the wire cage, they still do it in the regular cage.

That’s why in the next text you will learn in more detail about each of these reasons why hamsters lick their cage, let’s start right away.

Hamsters lick the cage out of curiosity

Hamsters lick the cage out of curiosity, that is the main reason for this behavior. Your pet is very curious by nature and always wants to explore and discover new things in the cage and environment.

They especially like to lick the cage out of curiosity when they are in a glass tank, and they do it less often in a regular wire cage.

Hamsters lick the cage to taste and explore. Curiosity is a feature that seems attractive to watch when they are in a cage, but when they are in nature it can be dangerous for their life and attacks from predators.

When hamsters are frustrated they lick the cage

Hamsters that have been in the cage for too long become frustrated and start licking the cage.

Of course, this is not the same for all hamsters, but they generally need occasional playtime outside the cage to keep them from getting frustrated.

Especially if the cage is small this leads to frustration and licking of their cage as an expression of displeasure. That is why it is necessary to give them occasional play outside the cage.

Hamsters lick the cage to mark their territory

When hamsters lick the cage it may mean they want to mark their territory. They have scent glands in their cheeks and use their saliva to mark their territory or cage.

In this way, they want to let other hamsters or predators know that this is their space.

This behavior is especially noticeable in male hamsters, who are more territorial than female hamsters.why do hamsters lick their cage

Hamsters lick the cage when they don’t have enough minerals

Hamsters if they do not have enough minerals in their organism will lick the cage.

However, this occurrence is a little less common, because they rarely come into a situation where they do not have enough minerals.

Through food, and especially in a food mix, there are usually enough minerals that your pet needs, so it is rare that a deficiency can occur.

In any case, care should be taken that their diet is always enriched with mineral chews that will help the hamster always have enough minerals so that it does not lick the cage.

When the hamster is thirsty it licks the cage

If the hamster is thirsty, he will start licking his cage. This occurrence is less common, but it can happen if your pet does not have enough water to drink in his bottle.

Therefore, if you notice that your pet licks the cage, the first thing you should do is to see if there is enough water in the bottle.

The next thing is to check that the bottle is working properly and that the water is moving smoothly in the ball bearing because if it is not working properly the hamster will not be able to drink water.

That is why you should check and clean the hamsters’ bottles once a week so that the water does not get clogged or blocked.

Hamsters when they do not drink water will not only start to lick the cage, they can get dehydration which is dangerous for their life.

Hamsters lick the cage when they want to cool off

Hamsters lick the cage if they are very hot and want to cool down.

This especially applies to hamsters kept in a glass tank because they are cooler and will cool your pet better, while the cooling effect of wire cages will be less effective.

In order to avoid such a situation, it is best to always maintain the temperature in the room at an optimal level with the help of an air conditioner.

The best temperature for hamsters is between 65-75 F, if it is higher the hamster will feel hot and want to cool down, while if it is below 65 F then it will get cold and may get sick.

How to clean the cage after your hamster licks it?

To clean the cage after the hamster has licked it, it is enough to use warm water and a cloth.

You can also use soap although your pet may find it offensive due to the smell and ingredients in it.

Or it is best to clean the cage when you clean the other items in it, which is recommended at least once a week.

Can you stop the hamster from licking the cage?

You can stop the hamster from licking the cage if you remove the causes of this phenomenon.

So do the following things:

  • When the hamster licks the cage because it is thirsty, make sure that its water bottle always has enough water in the bottle, and make sure that it is not clogged.
  • If the hamster licks the cage because it wants to cool down then make sure the temperature in the room is always between 65-75 F.
  • When the hamster licks the cage because it doesn’t have enough minerals, you should provide it with enough minerals and the problem will be solved.
  • The hardest part is when the hamster licks the cage out of curiosity, then you will need to distract him by adding more toys and objects to the cage.
  • Hamsters need occasional free roaming or playing outside the cage so they don’t get frustrated. Whenever you have free time you should let them run outside the cage which will make them happy and contented.

All these things can prevent the hamster from licking the cage, or at least will reduce this habit.

Hamsters are very stubborn when they set their mind to something, it’s a little harder to stop them from their intention, but with persistence, there will still be results and the hamster will stop licking the cage.why do hamsters lick their cage

Why do hamsters lick themselves?

Hamsters often lick themselves and it’s completely normal for them because that’s how they maintain their hygiene, that’s why they don’t need to bathe.

Another reason why they lick themselves is because they want to get rid of any body odors from our hands or body bugs.

When they have dandruff they lick again to reduce the itchiness of their skin. If the hamster is stressed it will use licking again to relieve the stress.

Obviously, when a hamster licks itself it helps him in various situations, and therefore it is perfectly fine and there is no need to worry.

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Why do hamsters lick your hands?

Hamsters lick your hands for several reasons, such as showing that they love you, curiosity, or because of the smell.

When hamsters love you they will lick your hands as a sign that they love you and enjoy your company.

When your pet licks your hands it can be out of curiosity and that is a very common reason, because they want to explore the environment all the time, and your hands are part of the exploration.

Hamsters may lick your hands if they smell any food you have previously eaten, so always wash your hands before handling your pet.

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Hamsters lick the cage especially the glass tank for several reasons such as curiosity, thirst, lack of minerals, and other factors.

Hamsters that lick the cage are not a very big problem, but still, this habit of your pet should be eliminated.

Pay attention to the temperature in the room, and make sure the water bottle is always full and working properly so that he does not lick the cage.

Sometimes hamsters can stop licking the cage on their own because if they get bored they will look for another way to explore their environment.

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