Why Do Hamsters Pee When They Are Scared? Let’s Discover

When you start keeping a hamster, you face various experiences with your new pet, you see him running, eating, and of course peeing and pooping often.

One of the common questions that every hamster owner asks is whether a hamster urinates when it is scared or stressed.

Why do hamsters pee when they are scared?

Hamsters urinate when they are scared because then their nervous system causes bladder contractions. When hamsters are scared, they urinate everywhere, even at the hands of their owners.

In today’s article, you will find out why hamsters pee when they are scared, how to help them, but also why they pee in other situations.

Why do hamsters pee when they are scared?

Hamsters urinate when they are frightened because of their sympathetic nervous system, which causes the hamster’s bladder to contract.

Hamsters also urinate when they are in an unknown place, as well as when there are people they don’t know near them.

If other animals are around the hamster then your pet will pee again because it is scared. Stress in hamsters can also cause your pet to urinate frequently.

Overall, hamsters obviously urinate when they are nervous, scared, and under stress.

What to do to stop a hamster from peeing when it is scared?

To help your pet not feel fear or stress, you need to take a few steps that will make him stop peeing.

So that there is no stress, you should provide the hamster with a clean and large cage, enough toys and objects such as climbing stairs, an exercise wheel, and other similar accessories that will make your hamster happy.

Let the hamster out of the cage every day for half an hour so that he can play and run which will make him happy and of course, reduce his stress and urination.

If none of this helps and the hamster continues to be afraid and urinate often, then take it to a veterinarian, who will examine it and see what the problem is with your pet.

How dangerous is hamster peeing?

Yes, hamster pee can cause infections because their urine can contain bacteria. Therefore, if your pet starts peeing on your hands, it is best to immediately wash your hands with soap.

If you notice that the hamster is urinating often, then it is best to avoid holding it until its urinating condition normalizes.

If his pee is bloody or cloudy in color then you should take him to the vet immediately to check if it is something serious with his health.

When hamsters have bloody or cloudy urine, it can be a sign of a urinary tract infection, which is a very serious condition that must be treated immediately by a veterinarian.

How long does a hamster normally pee?

Normal urination of the hamster is 5-7 times a day or every few hours.

But he can urinate more often depending on his current health, age, and of course his diet. If the hamster is peeing more than usual then it is scared or stressed.

Therefore, if you notice frequent urination, try to calm your pet with:

  • more toys in the cage
  • enough place to hide
  • quiet and peaceful environment
  • letting him run outside the cage

If he continues to urinate more than normal then take him to the vet to be examined.why do hamsters pee when they are scared

Why is my hamster peeing on me?

An unpleasant situation often happens, and that is when hamsters urinate when the owners hold them in their hands.

This can happen for several reasons:

  • hamsters like to mark their territory
  • they have fear and stress

If the hamster does this at the beginning when you start keeping it and when it is not yet used to you, it is completely normal.

But if this happens in the future every time you hold it in your hands, then you must take the hamster to a veterinarian to examine it and help it.

How do you know when a hamster is scared?

When hamsters are frightened, they may stand on their hind legs or turn on their backs, showing their teeth.

When hamsters are scared they may scratch or even bite you to escape.

They may also start vocalizing as a sign of fright and a sign that they want you to get out of their way.

How do you clean hamster pee?

When you need to clean hamster urine you should use a disinfectant or white vinegar mixed with water.

Go over the entire surface of the cage and other toys with the cleaner and let it sit for 10 minutes.

Then wipe the cage down with a wet cloth and let it dry completely before putting new bedding and putting the toys back inside.

Of course, when you want to clean the urine, you should put the hamster in another place in your room.

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How to pick up a hamster when it is scared?

When the hamster is scared of you, you should be careful when you pick it up, always use both hands and always put one hand under its bottom.

When you take the frightened hamster in your arms, you should make sure that it is always facing you.

This is important because then when the hamster looks at you, it doesn’t notice that you are lifting it up and it is less likely to jump out of your hands.


When hamsters are scared, they urinate more often. Many owners are concerned about why this happens and how to help hamsters to stop urinating so often.

The best way to keep your pets from urinating so often is to pay enough attention to the cage conditions.

They should have a clean cage, lots of toys, and an exercise wheel because then they will be happier and less scared and stressed.

When the hamster often urinates on you, then it is still afraid of you or of something in the environment, it takes time for this fear and stress to pass.

If despite these steps the hamster continues to urinate frequently then you should take it to the vet to examine and help it, especially if it is a urinary tract infection.

Finally, hamsters often urinate when they are scared, so you should do everything you can to make the hamster feel happy, without fear and without stress.