Why Do Hamsters Try To Kill Themselves? The Truth

When I started keeping a hamster I found out certain things that hamsters can kill themselves.

So I researched to see how much truth there is in all of that and found out some interesting things that I want to share.

Why do hamsters try to kill themselves?

Hamsters don’t try to kill themselves, they usually suffer from stress or illness, and that’s why they die suddenly, and we think they kill themselves.

In today’s article, you will find out what are the reasons for your hamster dying suddenly, how to prevent the death of hamsters, and similar questions related to the topic.

Why do hamsters try to kill themselves?

Hamsters are not killing themselves directly, they may die indirectly due to certain reasons such as old age, illness, injury, and other reasons.

That is why sometimes hamsters suddenly die and at first glance, it seems that they are killing themselves, but in fact, there is a reason for their death.

That is why it is necessary to take care of our hamsters as best as we can and protect them from diseases, injuries, and other things such as a bad diet.

While in terms of old age, we cannot influence much and can only improve their life at home, to reduce the aging process.

What are the causes of sudden death in hamsters?

The reasons for the death of hamsters can be different, such as age, stress, poor eyesight, poor diet, and other factors.

Therefore, let’s read in detail about all these reasons that can cause sudden death, which at first glance looks like the hamster killed itself.


Stress is one of the most common reasons why hamsters can die suddenly.

When hamsters are under stress, they start to behave aggressively toward their owners, they may start biting the bars of the cage, making various noises, etc.

In such moments of stress, hamsters make dangerous mistakes that can sometimes result in their death.

Due to old age

Hamsters age quickly because they have a short life span, so sometimes they surprise us and die, and we think they killed themselves.

When hamsters get old, they are prone to diseases and the risk of a heart attack.

When hamsters have a heart attack they can suddenly die and surprise us, but unfortunately, they live very short and not much can be changed here.

Hamsters have poor eyesight

Hamsters naturally have very poor eyesight, they can only see a few inches in front of them.

And over time, their vision weakens even more and then they become easier prey for the predators around them.

When hamsters lose their sight, their death is very likely due to the inability to save themselves from predators and the environment that surrounds them.


Diabetes can cause quick, sudden death in hamsters, and we may think that they have killed themselves.

When hamsters have diabetes, their body weakens in a short time, they have problems and death can occur very quickly.

For hamsters with diabetes, the only solution is to make them a better diet plan so that diabetes can be controlled and they can have a better life, and of course, live longer.

Heart problems

Heart problems can cause hamsters to die and we think they killed themselves.

Hamsters unfortunately often develop problems with heart disease as they age and this is completely normal for them.

Old age itself causes the weakening of their heart muscle, and then the hamster can easily have problems and diseases that can suddenly cause its death.


Cancer is a dangerous disease that can cause quick and sudden death in hamsters and we can again think that the hamster killed itself.

If hamsters get cancer on their skin or other parts of their body, it can quickly overwhelm the hamster and kill it.

When hamsters have cancer it can be noticed by the appearance of symptoms such as hair loss, weight loss, lethargy, and other symptoms.

Fortunately, hamsters do not get cancer very often, or most of the time 96% of cancer is harmless or benign cancer.why do hamsters try to kill themselves

Diarrhea causes rapid death in hamsters

Diarrhea is also very dangerous to the life of hamsters and can kill hamsters in just a few days.

Therefore, if you notice diarrhea in your pet, you should immediately take it to the vet to start treatment.

Unfortunately, many times we notice very late when the hamster has diarrhea and then we are surprised by its immediate death.

How to prevent hamsters from dying suddenly?

Apparently, hamsters can die very quickly without warning, or appear to have killed themselves.

Therefore, you can take certain steps to prevent such an unwanted situation with your pet.

Here’s what you should do to reduce the chances of a quick and sudden death for your pet.

Better nutrition

Hamsters need to have a good and healthy diet with nutrients that will help them live longer.

They should have vitamins and minerals in their diet, especially vitamin C, which they cannot produce on their own.

A healthy diet is one of the most important things that can extend his life, so give them pellets, vegetables, and fruits so that they are healthy and with fewer diseases and health problems.

Life style

Hamsters need a large cage and soft bedding to feel comfortable and happy.

You should never keep two hamsters in one cage because then fights and injuries will occur and one of the hamsters may die.

Hamsters around the cage should have a calm environment that will allow them to be comfortable and have a stress-free life.

More toys

The more toys hamsters have, the better off they will be and the happier they will feel.

So provide them with an exercise wheel, ladders to climb, and other objects to chew on.

The more activities they have in their cage, the healthier they will be and the longer they will live.

Regular examinations at the veterinarian

You should take your hamster to the vet for regular check-ups as it may have an illness or injury.

Hamsters are known to be very good at hiding health problems to avoid being attacked by predators.

But if you notice that your pet is lethargic, sleeps more, and does not come out of the tunnels, then something is wrong and you should take it to the vet.

Slowly bond with the hamster

Hamsters are territorial and they don’t want much contact with anyone, so you will have to be patient with them.

When you want to get closer to your pet, you will have to do it step by step so that he can gradually start to trust you.

Hamsters get close to their owners, but you must be patient and wise.

Can hamsters run to their death?

No, hamsters never run to death, because they know very well when to stop and stop running.

Hamsters can die from running too much only if they have other problems like diseases and if they don’t eat enough food.

Therefore, make sure that they eat enough, drink water regularly and take care of their health so that they can run smoothly and without problems.

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What is the leading cause of hamster death?

If the hamster dies suddenly then the leading cause of death is a heart attack or stroke.

But hamsters are almost always under a lot of stress before they have a heart attack or stroke.

That’s why you should pay attention to them, and not allow them to have many stressful situations so that they can live longer.

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Hamsters do not kill themselves, but they often suffer from diseases, injuries, stress, and other things, and therefore seem to die suddenly.

Take care of your pet and protect it from loud noise, other pets, stress, and other things that can reduce its life span.

Hamsters should have a regular and healthy diet, a peaceful environment, a lot of attention, toys, and a large cage, and attention so that they can live longer and happier.

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