Why Does My Guinea Pig Jump When I Touch it? Find Out Now

Guinea pigs are small and cute animals that are very entertaining. When I brought my guinea pig into my home he was very scared, but as time went on his fear gradually began to subside.

Often times when I touched it always jumped and I wondered why.

Why does my guinea pig jump when I touch it?

Guinea pigs jump when you touch them because they are scared or jump when they are happy. Guinea pigs are very sensitive and that’s why in the beginning when you start keeping them when you touch them they usually jump out of fear, and after a specific time they jump out of happiness.

In today’s article, you will learn a little more about why guinea pigs jump when you touch them and what you can do to prevent them from jumping so often.

Why does my guinea pig jump when I touch it?

Guinea pigs jump when you touch them for two main reasons, they jump either out of fear or joy.

Guinea pigs are very smart pets that understand much more than we think, they jump in fear at first when you touch them.

Sometimes, instead of fear, the guinea pig can jump for happiness, this especially happens after a certain time when they get used to you.

The guinea pigs jump for joy when I touch them

After a month, my guinea pig started jumping for joy every time I touched him, while at first, he was jumping from fear.

Guinea pigs need time to get used to their new home and new owners. They are more reserved at first and are careful and avoid getting too close so you don’t touch them.

But when they get used to you they will enjoy it when you touch them and jump for joy, they will make popcorn.

This is even more pronounced if you bring them food to eat, they will enjoy touching them, and they will be happy for you and the food you give them.

The more you take care of your guinea pig, the more it will look forward to you and jump for joy every time you touch it.

Guinea pigs may jump in fear when I touch them

Yes, guinea pigs can jump in fear when you touch them. This is especially true in the beginning when you start keeping a guinea pig.

My guinea pig for the first 10 days when I touched him he would jump in fear and run away to his house in the cage.

He was jumping in fear and running away so fast that I thought he would never get used to my presence and touch, but as the days went by things changed to happy jumping for joy.

Guinea pigs may jump when you touch them if they are sick or injured

If the guinea pig is sick or has an injury on its body, it may start jumping when you touch it.

This is best seen when the guinea pig previously did not jump when you touch it, and then suddenly starts jumping at your every touch.


If you notice this situation, immediately take him to the vet to see if everything is okay with your guinea pig.

Why do guinea pigs flinch when you touch them?

The flinching of guinea pigs means that they do not want you to touch them,

When guinea pigs are flinching they are still afraid of you and therefore do not trust you and do not want you to touch them.

My guinea pig allowed me to touch him after 15 days, but again it seemed as if he was afraid, and in a short time he would run away to the house again.

After a month, the situation was already different, he was no longer flinching and allowed me to touch him.

One interesting thing about guinea pigs is that they don’t like to be touched much when they are in the cage, while when they are out of the cage they allow us to touch them.

Most likely, when the guinea pig is in the cage, it feels like it is in its own territory and that’s why it behaves like that.

Whereas when he’s out of it, I touch him freely and he doesn’t move and doesn’t run away at all.

In any case, it takes a certain amount of time for the guinea pig to allow you to touch it without being afraid and flinching.

In the beginning, when I touched the guinea pig outside the cage, he always looked straight at me, and after a few weeks, I can feel him freely even though his back is turned, in fact, he turns his back.

He is most likely no longer afraid and confident when he can turn his back to his owner and allow himself to be touched.

A guinea pig may flinch if it has mites

If you notice that the guinea pig suddenly starts flinching even though it didn’t react that way before when you touched it, then it probably has mites.

Mites can be a big problem for guinea pigs and you will need to take them to the vet. Mites can cause extreme itching and health problems in guinea pigs.

The veterinarian can prescribe suitable shampoos and medicines that will help the guinea pig to be saved from these pests.

That’s why it’s best before you start keeping a guinea pig to talk to a vet to explain some things you need to know so you can tell when a guinea pig is scared or has mites.why does my guinea pig jump when I touch it

Can you train a guinea pig not to jump when you touch it?

Yes, you can train your guinea pig not to jump when you touch it, it just takes a little time and patience.

First, you should start slowly giving him on the head, because that’s where he likes to be caressed and touched the most, then there are the least chances of him jumping.

When you want to touch him, you can give him some favorite food with one hand and gently touch him with the other hand, this method is very successful because your pet will not be able to resist the food and will not mind you touching him.

At first, my guinea pig was jumping and running away, but after a month he wasn’t jumping at all out of fear, he was jumping out of joy and even coming to touch me.

Even after that, he didn’t even want me to put him back in the cage, so it’s better time for the guinea pig to get used to your touch and stop jumping, or at least jump out of joy and not out of fear.

Why do guinea pigs suddenly jump?

My guinea pig sometimes suddenly jumps up whether he is in his cage or when he is in my arms or sitting on my body.

I noticed that when someone loudly opens the door of the room, he immediately jumps, or if he hears a loud noise from the TV or something from outside, he immediately jumps, obviously because he is afraid.

If he hears sounds from other animals, he immediately jumps, apparently, guinea pigs have a good sense of hearing and are very wary of any sounds and activities around them.

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Can a guinea pig get hurt when it jumps when I touch it?

Yes, the guinea pig can get hurt when it jumps when I touch it, this especially happens when it jumps for joy.

When the guinea pig jumps for joy, it makes popcorn, and then it jumps, but it cannot be controlled where it will hit when jumping.

That’s why every time I let my guinea pig on the floor and play with him, and he jumps for joy at my touch, I make sure to protect him with blankets or pillows placed as walls so that he doesn’t get hurt when he jumps.

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Guinea pigs often jump when you touch them, either out of happiness or out of fear.

At first, when you start keeping a guinea pig, it will jump when you touch it out of fear, and after a certain time, it will no longer be afraid and will jump out of happiness.

Guinea pigs can jump and when you touch them if they have mites, then they should be taken to the vet to be prescribed anti-mite medication or shampoo.

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