Why Does My Guinea Pig Sleep All Day?

When guinea pigs sleep all day, it can be due to several reasons such as age, health problems, changes in the environment, diet, boredom, and stress.

If the guinea pigs sleep all day, it is necessary to find out the reason and help the guinea pigs if the cause is illness, boredom or other things that we can influence.

Why does my guinea pig sleep all day?

Of course, guinea pigs need to sleep every day, but they don’t need to sleep all day. Here are the main reasons for this behavior of guinea pigs:

Boredom causes guinea pigs to sleep all-day

When guinea pigs are bored in their cage they may then sleep all day.

Guinea pigs need enough toys, tunnels, and other activities that will be interesting for them and cause interest and they will not sleep all the time.

Of course, we, the owners, should pay enough attention to them and play with them, so that they don’t get bored, we need to talk to our guinea pigs, pet them, and play with them.

Old age is the reason guinea pigs sleep all day

Old age is another reason why guinea pigs sleep all day.

When guinea pigs are young they sleep often but are also very active and play most of the day.

But as they get older, they become less active, and at the end of their lives, they spend much more time sleeping, which is a completely normal phenomenon for all guinea pigs, regardless of breed.Why Does My Guinea Pig Sleep All Day

Diseases cause your guinea pig to sleep all day

When guinea pigs are sick, they sleep much more than usual, sometimes all day long.

If you notice that your pet sleeps all day, and at the same time is lethargic, and has no appetite, then immediately take it to the vet, because it is a disease.

When your pet recovers, it will sleep again in normal time intervals, i.e. after 10-15 minutes more times a day.

Diet affects sleep in guinea pigs

Guinea pigs will sleep all day if they don’t have enough good nutrition, that is, they won’t have enough energy.

If the guinea pigs have a very poor and irregular diet they will have no strength and will often lie down and sleep the whole time.

They need a diet with a lot of hay, about 80% of the daily diet, and 20% of vegetables and fruits to be strong and able to function normally throughout the day.

Stress causes guinea pigs to sleep all day

Stress is the reason why guinea pigs can sleep all day because they need silence and a peaceful atmosphere.

When the environment where their cage is all the time is noisy or other factors affect the appearance of stress, the guinea pig cannot rest properly and then sleeps very often.

Stress can not only affect their sleep cycle, but it is also dangerous to their health and causes diseases and health problems.

How to stop your guinea pig from sleeping all day?

To prevent your guinea pig from sleeping all day, you need to take care of it and provide it with the following things:

  • nutrition – there should always be enough food, especially hay so that there is enough energy for daily activities.
  • a calm environment – which allows the guinea pigs to sleep regularly and be sufficiently rested for the day’s activities.
  • stress – don’t let your guinea pig be scared by other pets or unknown people who will disturb his normal sleep.
  • enough toys – so that he does not feel bored, which will make your guinea pig want to play and explore more, of course then he will want to sleep less.

These tips can be used to keep your guinea pig from sleeping all day, but some things like age and aging can’t be changed, and then expect that there isn’t much you can do to get your pet to be as active as a young guinea pig.Why Does My Guinea Pig Sleep All Day

Are there any breeds of guinea pigs that are known to be more sleepy than others?

In general, no breed of guinea pig sleeps more than other breeds, of course, this is individual and can be different for each guinea pig.

Factors that affect how much guinea pigs will sleep are age, health, environment and other factors that affect their sleep cycle.

It can only be said that long-haired guinea pigs may sleep more than other breeds because they spend more time grooming and need more sleep to rest.

How much sleep is normal for a guinea pig?

Guinea pigs normally sleep 4-6 hours a day, but of course this varies among all guinea pigs depending on their age, health and the environment in which they live.

Guinea pigs sleep in short intervals of 10-30 minutes several times a day and overnight.

For guinea pigs to sleep normally, we should keep them in a quiet environment without a lot of noise, unknown people, and other pets, otherwise, they will not get enough sleep, which is not good for their health.

What to do if the guinea pig won’t wake up?

As we said guinea pigs can sleep all day, but they still need to wake up and eat and drink water.

IF you notice that your guinea pig is sleeping all the time and does not get up to eat or drink water at all, then it means that you must take him to the vet immediately.

In such cases it is probably something very serious with his health and obviously your guinea pig must be examined immediately because these situations are dangerous for his life.

Why is my guinea pig always tired?

Guinea pigs can be always tired for a number of reasons, but one of the most common is a lack of vitamin C.

Guinea pigs cannot produce vitamin C on their own, so they get it through their diet, and its deficiency leads to scurvy, a disease characterized by lethargy and fatigue.

In such situations, guinea pigs get tired very quickly, they cannot run and play as usual, and spend more time resting and sleeping.Why Does My Guinea Pig Sleep All Day

Is it normal for my guinea pigs to lay down a lot?

If you notice that your guinea pig is resting on its side and does not show any signs of illness then you do not need to worry because everything is fine with it.

Guinea pigs, just like us humans, have their habits and ways of resting and choose the position that suits them best.

Conversely, if guinea pigs do not lie down or only rest in a standing position, it may mean that they are sick and something is wrong with them and you should take them to the vet for a checkup.

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Do guinea pigs sleep more as they get older?

It is perfectly normal for guinea pigs to sleep more as they get older.

The older the guinea pigs are, the less they move because they don’t have the energy of young guinea pigs and spend most of the day sleeping.

This behavior is completely normal, and all of us who are owners of guinea pigs should provide them with more hygiene in the cage so that they can be comfortable.

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When guinea pigs sleep all day, then the main reasons for this behavior are old age, diseases, loud environment, and stress.

Guinea pigs sleep in short intervals several times a day, so when they sleep all day something is wrong and we need to find out the reason and help them.

More toys and socializing with the guinea pigs also helps to keep your pet active and not spend all day sleeping.

In any case, whenever you notice that your pet is sleeping more than usual, you should take certain steps and help him to be active and playful again.

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