Why Does My Hamster Never Stay Still? Let’s Find Out

Hamsters are very energetic animals that run around the cage or out of it all the time. They only stay still when eating or sleeping, while the rest of the time they are very active.

Why does my hamster never stay still?

The hamster never stay still because it is his natural behavior, he is used to always moving and running. Nature itself has taught hamsters to always be on the move to save themselves from predators or to look for food and shelter.

Hamsters have a lot of energy and they are always running around which helps them use up their energy, although sometimes they can’t sit still when they are under a lot of stress.

In today’s article, we will find out why hamsters never sit still,

Why does my hamster never stay still?

Hamsters never stay still because they have a natural instinct taught by nature and therefore they are used to running and running all the time.

And when you take them in your hands, they will either move constantly through your hands or they will jump.

Hamsters must also expend their energy when in their cage by running around on their exercise wheel.

Hamsters can’t stay still and it’s a completely natural behavior that shouldn’t worry you as long as they don’t show other signs like aggression or biting the cage bars.

The stress of a small cage causes hamsters to run and not stay still in their cage, but then they need to be helped so that they do not cause additional problems and injure themselves.

So let’s take a closer look at all the reasons why hamsters never stay still.

Hamsters have a lot of energy

All hamsters are very active, they have a lot of energy and therefore they are constantly running and not staying still.

They run long distances every day when they are in nature looking for food or running and hiding from predators.

Hamsters that we keep at home run a few miles every night on their exercise wheel because they want to use up that energy.

Although they are small animals, they cover very long distances for their size, which helps them to be healthy and in better condition.

Hamsters never stay still when are in a cage

Although the hamsters we keep at home do not have the space to run as they do in the wild, they still find various ways to expend their energy.

The most helpful thing for them is the exercise wheel on which they cover about 5-6 miles every night.

But besides the wheel, they are constantly running through the tunnels and hiding places in the cage which helps them use up their energy.

Hamsters in the cage rest only when they need to eat, drink water, and sleep. This is a completely natural way for them to use up their large amount of energy.why does my hamster never stay still

Hamsters use natural instinct and therefore never stay still

The natural instinct of hamsters allows them to never stay still. When they are in nature, they must always run away from predators because they are usually prey.

They must constantly hide through tunnels and hiding places to survive, which they will not be able to do if they sit still.

For example, if you let your hamster run into your room, you will see that it will be a little more difficult to bring him back, he will constantly want to escape from you.

Hamsters never stay still when you hold them

If you try to pick up your hamster to play with him, then he will immediately want to move and run, he will not stay still.

It does not mean that he is afraid of you, it simply means that he wants to move because that is his natural behavior.

That’s why when you hold a hamster you should train it to always transfer it from one hand to another, because otherwise it will jump and hurt itself on the floor.

Your hands should be like an escalator so that your pet can keep moving without falling and hurting yourself.

Hamsters do not stay still because of negative energy

Besides the fact that hamsters have a natural instinct to constantly run and not stay still, there may be additional reasons for this behavior.

If the hamster does not have enough space to run normally and spend its energy, it will start to behave strangely, to be nervous and similar things.

Anxiety and boredom

When hamsters are upset or bored in their cage they will constantly run around and not stay still. They will constantly want to escape from the cage or run back and forth in agitation.

If hamsters don’t have enough entertainment, toys, tunnels, and ladders to climb, they will be bored and if you don’t help them, they will become even more nervous.

A small cage causes cage rage

Hamsters sometimes have a disorder called cage rage, a condition where hamsters are constantly agitated, running around all the time and not wanting to stay still.

When hamsters have cage rage, they run all the time around the cage, bite the bars, and may even break their teeth.

In extreme cases, hamsters can become too aggressive and stop sleeping. If this condition is not resolved, they may even have fatal consequences and eventually die.

Stargazing in hamsters

Stargazing is a neurological disorder in hamsters and they never stay still. When hamsters are in this state they constantly look up, they can stand on their hind legs and roll over backward.

They then do not want to stay still and this is the result of genetic factors and mostly affects winter white dwarf hamsters.

The problem with this disorder is that it makes it impossible for hamsters to see what they are doing and where they are going.why does my hamster never stay still

Should you be worried about why hamsters don’t stay still?

You should not be worried because hamsters do not stay still, except when the reasons for this behavior are from stress or a small cage.

Therefore, you should pay attention to the following things:

Cage size

You should always allow them to have a large cage so that they can have enough space to run and not get irritated so that stress does not occur.

A small cage will cause hamsters to bite the bars of the cage and constantly try to escape from it.

The stress of a small cage can only cause nervous behavior, aggression, and the appearance of stress-related diseases.

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Enough toys and activities

Hamsters should always have enough toys such as tunnels, climbing ladders, and of course an exercise wheel.

With the exercise wheel, they cover several miles every night which allows them to fulfill their desire to run.

They will not stay still and use the toys in the cage, they will not get nervous and avoid stress.

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Play with them

Let them run in the room every day for an hour so they can release energy, which will allow them to be happy and stress-free.

Hamsters love to play with you when you hold them in your arms, but you should not expect them to stay still because they cannot do that, they are always active and moving.

Hamsters are very entertaining, although they don’t like to stay still, it just takes time to learn their behavior.

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Hamsters always run and do not stay still, it is their natural behavior and cannot be changed. They enjoy running because that’s how nature taught them and that’s not bad at all.

It’s a problem if they don’t stay still and start behaving aggressively and biting the cage out of boredom, anxiety, and stress.

You must not allow them to have stress because it can lead to the appearance of diseases and endangering their health.

Just provide them with enough entertainment and activities and don’t worry about hamsters not staying still.

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