Why Does My Hamster Sleep Out Of His House? Let’s Discover

Hamsters have interesting habits when it comes to sleeping, for example, they sometimes like to sleep on the exercise wheel or in the tunnels, it depends on their mood.

But some time ago I noticed that my hamster likes to sleep outside his house, and I did some research on this topic.

Why does my hamster sleep out of his house?

The hamster likes to sleep outside its house if it feels safer that way, or if the temperature outside suits them better. Hamsters can sleep outside their house when they want to explore or if they like the bedding they are on.

However, if the hamsters want to sleep outside their house all the time, it is necessary to consult a veterinarian about this behavior.

In today’s article, you will learn all about why hamsters like to sleep outside their house and similar related issues.

Why does my hamster sleep out of his house?

If you notice that your hamster likes to sleep outside its house it may be because it feels safer that way.

But there may be other reasons, such as:

  • temperature
  • research
  • nesting
  • comfort
  • stress

We will consider these and other reasons for this behavior of hamsters in more detail in the next text.


Hamsters are very keen to have the optimum temperature in their environment and therefore may like to sleep outside their house.

If hamsters find it too hot in their cage, they may not want to sleep in their house. If the temperature outside their house is cooler, then they will sleep outside in the cage.

The ideal temperature for hamsters is between 65-75 F, where they feel most comfortable, both for sleeping and for other activities.

Research and Security

Sometimes research can be the reason hamsters sleep outside their house.

If they like it better when they are outside the house and can feel safer with a better view of their surroundings then they will decide to sleep outside the house.

This should not surprise you, because these little pets always look to be in a safer environment and to be able to notice if there are predators near them.


Hamsters constantly like to make nests that they use to sleep and rest.

If your hamster sleeps outside its house, then nesting may be the real reason for this behavior.

Hamsters may make a nest outside their house and use it to sleep because they probably feel more comfortable.why does my hamster sleep out of his house


If the hamsters do not like the bedding in the house in a cage then they will look for another place to sleep outside the house.

Hamsters don’t want to sleep in their house if they don’t feel comfortable in the bedding, and they can sleep in other places in the cage.

these little pets love comfort and you shouldn’t be surprised if you notice them finding another place outside the house to use for resting and sleeping.


If the hamsters sleep outside when you let them out of their house, the reason may be a toy they like.

If the toy is outside their home, they will want to sleep closer to it simply because they like it, for example in the wheel for running.

In this way, they think when they get up from sleep to be close to the toy they like, so they choose to sleep as close as possible.

Health and stress

Hamsters often have health problems and stressful situations because they have delicate organisms and are very timid.

When they are sick or have a health problem, then they will choose to sleep in other places, ie outside their house.

Stress is also a big problem for hamsters and if they feel unsafe in their house, they will avoid sleeping in it, that is, they will sleep outside their house.

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Cage problems

Hamsters know very well when they are comfortable and cozy in their cage and in their house.

If their house is not big enough, or if there is damage, they may not want to sleep in it, they will sleep in another place in a cage.

That’s why they will sleep outside their house, as a solution so that it can be long and pleasant.

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Should we be concerned when a hamster sleeps outside its house?

if hamsters start sleeping outside their house often or all the time then it is a sign of concern.

Hamsters have their own cage, with their house and they need to sleep there, so if they often sleep outside their house, you need to find the reason for this behavior.

Of course, a consultation with a veterinarian is also necessary to determine and help the hamster to sleep again in his house, and not outside of it, or in another place in the cage.

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What to do so that the hamster can sleep in its house in a cage?

In order for the hamster to sleep in his house, you need to be careful and take care of the conditions in which he lives.

Here are some steps you should take:

temperature – it should be optimal so that the hamster can feel comfortable in its house, and not leave the cage in sunlight or in a place where it can be very hot or cold.

Safety – their house should be away from predators or other pets that can disturb and scare them.

Bedding – should be deep and comfortable so that the hamster can feel comfortable in its house.

Enough toys – they will help him not to feel lonely and bored. The toys will help the hamster to want to be next to them and sleep next to them, i.e. in his house inside the cage.

The cage or home – should always be clean and have enough food and water for the hamster to like, then it will want to be close to sleep in the house.

why does my hamster sleep out of his house

What are other places where hamsters sleep?

Hamsters can choose several places that they use for sleeping, of course, each hamster is special and it does not necessarily mean that all hamsters sleep in the same places.

Here are some interesting places hamsters use to sleep:

  • sleeping in the exercise wheel
  • sleeping in the corner of the cage
  • sleeping in the tunnels

Apparently, hamsters can change their sleeping place depending on where they feel most comfortable and safe.


Where do hamsters like to sleep?

Usually, hamsters like to sleep in their home or house inside the cage, but sometimes due to various reasons, they may refuse to sleep in it.

Why is my hamster sleeping on her back?

When you see that hamsters sleep on their backs, you should not be worried, they use this position for sleeping or when they want to rest and relax a little.

Why shouldn’t you wake up a sleeping hamster?

Hamsters need rest and sleep. They sleep in intervals, but it is best not to wake them up when they are sleeping because you can scare them and get stressed.


Hamsters sometimes like to sleep outside their house for a variety of reasons.

If outside the house they like the environment, they have more fun, and the temperature is more comfortable, then they will choose to sleep outside the house in the cage.

Finally, hamsters know very well how to choose what is good and what is not good for them and their life, so always be careful and provide them with the best living conditions.

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