Why Does My Hamster Stare At Me? All Reasons

Last updated on January 22nd, 2023 at 07:33 pm

Why does my hamster stare at me? Often we see our hamster staring at us, and we wonder if something is wrong with him, if he wants to tell us something, and what is the reason.

The hamsters staring at us has its own meaning, that is, more meanings that we should know. Hamsters staring at us means that they want to show us attention, and love, although sometimes they may look at us when they are hungry.

In today’s article, we will find out what exactly it means when hamsters persistently look at us, and what are all the possible reasons for this behavior of our pets.

Why do hamsters keep staring at us?

Sometimes the staring of hamsters inside us looks a bit unpleasant, maybe one of us is afraid of this view. To be honest, you should not be afraid, this is what this view means:

  • Curiosity – hamsters sometimes stare at us because they are simply curious, they want to know what we are doing.
  • They see us and want attention, and they can get mad at us if we don’t notice them and love them back.
  • food – when they are hungry, hamsters stare at us again, they want to tell us that they are hungry, and they are waiting for us to give them food.
  • happiness – not always staring at hamsters requires something to give them, they can look at us if they are happy and cheerful at that moment.
  • danger – hamsters stare at us when they are in some danger from predators or something similar, or when there is someone else in the room who is unknown to them and they are very afraid of being attacked.
  • using the senses – when they look directly and persistently at you they actually want to know if it is you, especially when you are coming from a greater distance, using their senses of smell and hearing hamsters persistently look and concentrate to see who is coming.

We need to know all these meanings of their staring at us so that we can act correctly and give them back what our furry friends need.

The more we understand their signs and behavior, the easier it will be to make hamsters’ lives happier.

Hamsters stare at us when they are hungry

Hamsters stare at us if they need food, they are hungry and want to tell us what they are looking for, i.e. that they are hungry.

When you give them food, if you notice that the hamster immediately runs to eat the food, then you have guessed why it keeps looking at you and staring at you.

The feeding of hamsters must always be on time, we should never leave them without food and water.

Of course, after they eat the food, we should clean the area around the food and remove the uneaten parts, which can cause the appearance of bacteria, insects, etc.why does my hamster stare at me

Hamsters stare at potential danger

Because of their size, hamsters are often prey, much more than they can attack someone, so they are always careful not to be in any danger from predators.

They stare and listen intently if someone is near them and can attack them, so staring is a regular habit that they practice.

Hamsters can immediately notice even the smallest noises or movements, which will save their lives at the end of the day.

Hamsters sometimes stare at the wall

When hamsters stare there doesn’t always have to be a particular reason for it.

For example, they may stare at the wall, especially if they see spiders, lizards, or any object hanging on the wall.

This kind of staring can also be called staring out of curiosity.

Hamsters stare because they want attention

Hamsters are very vulnerable by nature, they want attention, just like us humans, and they want someone to give them attention and care and to feel happy and loved.

They will stare at you looking for attention, they want you to play with them, it represents love and cares for them.

If you do not understand their thought and staring as a sign that they need more attention, the next time the hamsters may get angry and even start to bite you or make sounds of displeasure when we do not take enough care of them.

Hamsters also stare when they sleep

As we know, hamsters also sleep with their eyes open, which can fool us into thinking that they are staring at us.

This can especially happen during the day when they sleep and lie to us that they are staring at us, while at night they are more active and won’t sleep as much.

Hamsters sometimes sleep near us and this is a sign that they trust us, which is to be welcomed.

So if you notice that hamsters are staring at us during the day, it could also be that they are actually sleeping.

Hamsters show love by staring

Hamsters often show that they don’t like us by staring at us.

In addition to staring, you will most easily notice that hamsters love you if they run around your legs, it is a sign that they enjoy your environment.why does my hamster stare at me

Hamsters stare at other animals

Hamsters stare if you keep other pets together with hamsters, they will be afraid of them.

Avoid keeping hamsters and other pets in the same room, no matter how calm and tame they are.

Hamsters don’t know that, and they can only get stressed, staring at them and being nervous all the time.

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Do hamsters stare at us when they think we’re sick?

Yes, hamsters may stare at us when they think we are sick because they have highly developed senses that help them notice when something is wrong with us.

Hamsters can sense if we are in a bad mood or if we are nervous or happy.

Our furry friends in such situations, be sure that they will try to cheer us up and show us that they care about us as much as we care about them.

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Hamsters often know how to simply stare at their owners or at something else. They stare if some danger approaches them, they stare when they are hungry when they need to drink water, etc.

The more we keep the hamsters, the easier it will be to learn why they stare at us, if they are angry or maybe they want attention.

The hamsters stare at us and when they are happy, then in addition to staring they mess around and run around our legs.

In any case, staring at hamsters is nothing terrible that can worry us, we just need to learn what our furry friends want to tell us.

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