Why Does the Hamster Poop In the Ball? Let’s Find Out

All hamster owners should know before they start keeping a hamster that he poops very often and all over the cage or outside of it, such as in the ball.

Hamsters have a fast metabolism and therefore poop very often, they cannot refrain from pooping for a long time.

Why does the hamster poop in the ball?

Hamsters poop in the ball because they cannot last a long time without pooping, but also when they are stressed or scared.

In today’s article, you will learn about all the reasons why hamsters poop in the ball, whether you can teach them to use a litter box and other questions related to the topic.

For what reasons does the hamster poop in the ball?

Hamsters poop in the ball when they can no longer hold back because they poop very often. Their fast metabolism and processing of food contribute to them pooping often, including in the ball.

Other reasons are fear and stress from something in the environment, these are the reasons why the hamster poops again, it is their natural way of acting and it cannot be changed.

So let’s take a closer look at all these reasons why hamsters poop in the ball, so let’s start right away.

Hamsters poop in the ball because of their fast metabolism

Hamsters have a fast metabolism that breaks down food in a short time, which is why the hamster poops in its ball.

For comparison, hamsters process food in their digestive system 15-20 times faster than us humans, that’s why they poop so often.

Whether they’re in the ball or somewhere else, when the moment comes they’re going to poop, and that can’t be changed.

What to do?

You can not let him eat often before putting him in the ball, which will result in less pooping, but on the other hand, this is not good because you will leave the hamster hungry which is not good for his health.

But that’s why you can try to wait for the hamster to poop in the toilet first, then immediately after that, you put it in the running ball.

In this way, he will poop less in it, or another option is if you leave him in the ball for a shorter time, for example, 15 minutes to be in it, then there are fewer chances of him pooping in it.why does the hamster poop in the ball

Hamsters poop in ball if you put them inside after waking up

Hamsters have a habit of pooping right away when they get up.

You should also not wake up your hamster prematurely, because then the chances are even greater that they will poop immediately if you put it in the ball.

That’s why you should wait a few minutes before putting the hamster in the ball. let him run a little around the cage, let him go to the toilet, and only then put him in the ball.

Waking up early is not good for his health either, because hamsters need enough sleep to be able to cope with their daily activities.

What to do?

It is best to wait for the hamster to wake up on its own before putting it in the ball.

When he wakes up, he will probably go to the toilet immediately or in a few minutes, and then you can put him in the ball.

In this way, you can make the hamster use the ball less, or at least he won’t poop in it so quickly and often.

Hamsters poop in the ball when they are scared

Hamsters, like many other animals, when they are scared, they show by pooping. If the hamster is scared when it is in the ball it will poop in it.

Hamsters who are not used to using the ball, until they get used to it and get rid of the fear will often poop in it.

Some hamsters are scared when they are away from their cage and will often poop in the ball.

If the hamster refuses to run in it or wants to escape, then it is obvious that he does not like the ball and therefore he may often poop in it.

What to do?

If you notice that your hamster is afraid of using the ball, then you should gradually introduce it into his daily life, a little bit every day so that he gets used to it and stops being afraid of it.

Don’t leave him in the ball for more than 15 minutes, so he doesn’t start to feel scared.

If the hamster is still constantly afraid of the ball and refuses to run in it, then it is best not to put your pet in the ball anymore.

There are other ways for the hamster to be able to play and run, such as free-roaming around your room, but be careful not to leave any cracks or holes for it to escape.

How to clean the droppings from the hamster ball?

After the hamster uses the ball, you will then need to clean it so that it is ready for the next time you need to let the hamster into it.

Cleaning is not difficult, especially since the hamster has small and hard droppings that are not difficult to clean.

Cleaning the ball will also show you the health condition of the hamster, because if the excrement is wet and soft, then your pet has some health or digestive system problems.

Clean the ball with soap and water nice and thoroughly and let it dry, then it will be ready for the next use.

When the ball is thoroughly cleaned it can also reduce the chances of the hamster pooping in it often, because hamsters like to poop and pee in places that smell like their poop and pee.why does the hamster poop in the ball

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How to teach hamsters to use the toilet and use the ball less?

You can teach hamsters to use the toilet and use the ball less to poop, but you can’t completely change their natural way of pooping.

For this purpose, you will need to put some of his feces in the toilet after cleaning the cage.

The smell of the feces will make the hamster go to the toilet more often to poop, and it will not poop in the ball as often.

Another way to reduce the chances of your hamster pooping in the ball frequently is to not leave it in the ball for more than 15 minutes.


Why does my hamster pee in the ball?

Hamsters pee in the ball because they often do it and they can’t help it. The more stressed the hamster is, the more it will pee in the ball, which can eventually result in diseases from infection.

Is it normal for hamsters to poop in their food bowl?

Hamsters poop in the food bowl and this is completely normal for them because they use every place in the cage as a toilet. The only way you can change their habit is to train them to poop in the toilet by leaving some feces after cleaning the cage in the place where you want them to poop.

Can hamsters control their poop?

Hamsters cannot control where they will poop, it is their natural way and cannot be changed. Sometimes hamsters can also poop on their owners’ hands.


Hamsters have a very fast metabolism and therefore they poop in their ball.

Hamsters cannot be prevented from pooping in the ball, but with certain methods, you can reduce the chances of them doing it very often.

In order for them to poop less in the ball, never put them in it when they wake up, always wait a few minutes for them to go to the toilet first.

Don’t leave them in the ball for more than 15 minutes and always keep the ball clean to reduce the chances of pooping in it frequently.

I hope the tips I told you will help your little one poop less in his ball.

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