Why Doesn’t My Hamster Like Me? Let’s Discover

Sometimes, no matter how hard we try to be close to the hamsters, it just happens that the hamsters don’t like us.

Apart from the fact that hamsters will not like you, they may also be afraid of you. You immediately ask yourself why this is happening, and what is wrong with your pet’s behavior.

Why doesn’t my hamster like me?

When your hamster doesn’t like you it can be because of stress, when they are sick, changes in their environment, or if you have done something that your pet doesn’t like.

Obviously, several reasons can cause this behavior of the hamster so that he does not like you. But that should not make you sad, because the problems with hamsters can be solved once the reason for this behavior is found.

In today’s article, we will find out why hamsters don’t like you, what you can do to change that, and your pet will love you again and enjoy playing with him.

Why doesn’t my hamster like me?

Hamsters are very sensitive and they can easily become scared of you and lose trust and then dislike you as a reaction to some action that certainly was not with bad meaning.

Or if the hamster is sick, that can also be the reason why he doesn’t like you because in those moments he doesn’t want to be friends with you, then he wants to be alone.

Hamsters may dislike you for reasons not directly related to you such as:

  • loud noise
  • changes in the environment
  • too much stress
  • other animals nearby

These factors affect his behavior, and they can cause your hamster to dislike you. So let’s read together about some possible reasons why the hamster doesn’t like you.

The hamster runs away from you when you want to pick it up

When the hamster won’t let you hold it and keeps running away from you, it means it needs time to let you hold it.

This is especially true if the hamster you adopted didn’t have enough interaction when it was younger and didn’t get used to people.

This does not mean that the hamster does not like you, but it means that it will take more time to get used to you and allow you to hold and play with it.

In this situation, the best way to get close to your pet is to give him food from a distance, over time he will start to trust you and allow you to hold him.

The hamster doesn’t like me and jumps out of my arms

When the hamster does not feel comfortable and relaxed in your arms, it will jump and run away.

When you don’t hold the hamster in the right way, it becomes nervous, it can be aggressive and it will jump from your hand.

In order for this not to happen, you should be careful not to press him too much when you hold him in your hands because then he feels uncomfortable and threatened, it reminds him of predators and therefore runs away from you.

When you hold the hamster in your arms, try to keep it on your lap or close to your chest, because then it feels more secure and safe.


My hamster started to bite me

When your hamster bites you, he does it because of something he doesn’t like about you, that is, your relationship with him, and that’s why he doesn’t like you.

When the hamster bites you, it can be because of fear of you, or if it thinks that you are invading its space, as well as because of mixing with food.

Hamsters when they are hurt and scared then they can bite you as a sign of displeasure and this means that you have to change something in your behavior towards your pet.

Therefore, always approach him slowly so that he does not get scared, and wash your hands because the smell of food can be the reason why the hamster bites you.why doesn't my hamster like me

The hamster does not want to eat from your hand

When a hamster does not want to eat from your hand it can be caused by several reasons.

Most often it happens because of:

  • the smell of food that he does not like and he avoids eating
  • if he doesn’t like the smell of your hands
  • or if he doesn’t like your behavior when you give him food

When you speak to him in a loud voice he may avoid eating because he is afraid. So try giving him another food to see if he wants to eat, to see if that is the problem.

The hamster doesn’t like me because he thinks I’m a predator

Sometimes hamsters look like they don’t like you, but that’s because they see you as a predator.

We, humans, look big to hamsters and they can easily mistake you for predators.

Hamsters need some time to realize that you are not a predator who has come to attack them and threaten their life, so it should be adjusted gradually.

Never try to pick him up if he runs away and feels threatened by you, it will only worsen the situation.

When a hamster is stressed it doesn’t like you

When hamsters are stressed they don’t want to be held and will constantly run away and ignore you.

The stress can be from some of your actions that scared the hamster, or it can be from something else like a loud noise or other pets in its space.

That’s why you shouldn’t forcefully pick up and hold the hamster, it should trust you, and only then start doing that.

When a hamster is sick, it doesn’t like you

When hamsters are sick, they do not want to be touched by their owners.

When hamsters are sick, they run away and hide because then they don’t want any communication. They then hide in the tunnels so that we don’t notice that something is wrong with them.

They do this habit of running and hiding because they think they will be attacked by predators who want to take advantage of their current weakness.

That’s why when your hamster is sick, don’t force too much to take him in your arms because he certainly won’t want to, let him get well.

What can I do to make my hamster love me?

Hamsters may not like you for a reason, but it can also be for no reason, that is, because of some things that are not directly related to you.

When the hamster is sick or when it is nervous from a change of environment and other similar factors then it does not mean that it does not love you.

When the hamster doesn’t like you because of something you personally did like squeezing too much when holding it, then you need to fix those things so that the hamster can change its attitude towards you.

Here are some general things you should do to get your hamster to trust and love you more.

It takes time for a hamster to like you

This is especially important when you first get a hamster, in a new home and cage it will need time to get used to it.

That’s why in the beginning it is very important how you start to treat your pet. Speak gently and slowly so as not to scare them, because they need a little to get scared and experience stress.

Do not take him in your arms for a certain time until he gets used to you and the environment where he lives.

As time passes, the hamster will trust and love you more and more, he will show affection as much as you give him attention and care.

Make him comfortable

In order for your hamster to love you, you need to provide him with comfort in his space, which means:

  • a large cage of at least 500 quadrant inches
  • always enough food and water
  • toys, tunnels, bedding
  • a temperature of 65-75 F

All these conditions are important for the hamster to feel comfortable and happy in its cage. The happier the hamster is, the more it will love you and want to hang out with you.

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Play and socialize with the hamster to make him love you

Hamsters require attention from their owners to feel loved.

Therefore, give the hamster daily attention, and play with it for at least half an hour a day, because that way you will get closer to your pet.

Hamsters like to let them into the room to chat and explore a bit because it makes them happy and content, and you can be sure that they will reciprocate in kind.

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Food will help the hamster love you even more

Food is one of the most important ways to connect with your pet and show that you love him, and of course to make your pet love you faster.

Give them some of their favorite food occasionally, they will enjoy it and be happy and joyful.

With food, apart from the fact that the hamster will be more satisfied, he will love you much more, so use that opportunity to reach his heart and love by feeding him.

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Hamsters are very timid animals that can easily get scared, get stressed, and dislike you.

Any rough behavior with hamsters can cause the hamster to lose trust and stop loving you.

Sometimes when the hamster seems to not like you, in fact, it is not true, he may be sick, scared by loud noises or he does not like the environment that surrounds him and it seems that he does not like you.

So pay attention to his body language to know if you are the reason why he doesn’t like you or if it is something else entirely.

Finally, hamsters have no reason not to love you if you take care of them in the best possible way, namely by feeding, playing, and paying enough attention to them.

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