Why Guinea Pigs Are Suddenly Scared? And How To Help Them

Guinea pigs are sensitive animals that can be scared very quickly. When a guinea pig becomes scared suddenly it can be caused by several reasons.

Why did the guinea pigs suddenly get scared?

The most common reasons why a guinea pig suddenly gets scared are predators, certain noises in the environment, and other people around its cage.

When a guinea pig suddenly gets scared, it is not at all good for his health, because stress and fear can make him sick, so we need to solve that problem.

In today’s article, you will find out what are the possible reasons why the guinea pig suddenly got scared and how to help him in such unwanted moments.

What are the signs that a guinea pig is suddenly scared?

When a guinea pig is scared it will show certain signs that indicate something is wrong with them. Here are some of the possible signs to look out for:

  • Hiding – when a guinea pig is scared it will immediately hide somewhere in the cage and not come out.
  • They won’t eat – guinea pigs who are scared will even refuse to eat, which you can see right away because they rarely refuse to eat.
  • Shivering- when the guinea pig starts shivering it is a sign that it is very scared. Shivering is a sign that the guinea pig is too anxious and you have to do something to help it.
  • Wide eyes – if you look at guinea pigs and notice that their eyes are wide open, this is also a sign that your pet is scared.
  • Freezing – this is what guinea pigs do when they are scared of predators, freezing helps them to fake their enemies that they are dead in order to leave them alone and escape from them.
  • Pacing back and forth – constant pacing back and forth is a sign that the guinea pig is very scared. When they do this sign, it’s safe to say that your pet is under a lot of stress.

All of these signs of scare are the same or similar when a guinea pig is sick, so you will need to take him to a doctor to see if he is sick or scared.

Why do guinea pigs suddenly get scared?

Guinea pigs are usually scared of predators, loud noise, and people who are unknown to them and are in their surroundings.

So let’s be in detail about how these reasons affect your pet.

Guinea pigs are scared of predators

Guinea pigs are usually prey in the wild and they have a very high fear of predators that can scare them away, quickly and suddenly.

Although you may not notice that there is a predator nearby, guinea pigs can notice the smell of predators, their excrement, or similar things that your pet will notice with its senses.

The predator does not have to be inside your house for the guinea pig to notice that one of them is nearby, so when you notice signs of fright, check your home inside and out.

Possible predators may include:

  • dogs
  • cats
  • snakes
  • hawks
  • rats

Although if you have a cat in your home or near a guinea pig it has no intention of attacking it, but your pet will not stop being afraid as long as it is near it.why guinea pigs are suddenly scared

Loud noises can immediately scare guinea pigs

Guinea pigs are scared of loud noises such as:

  • loud music or tv
  • fireworks
  • thunderstorms
  • loud banging on doors and windows
  • outside noise caused by construction activities

Guinea pigs have an excellent sense of hearing, they hear much better than us humans, and the fact that we don’t mind bothers your pet.

We need to get the guinea pigs used to the home atmosphere, but it should still be moderate, never too loud.

Guinea pigs are scared of strangers

When there are unfamiliar people around the guinea pigs, they can scare your pets very easily. When someone suddenly leans over your pet’s cage, it can suddenly become frightened.

Children also really love to play with the guinea pig, but if they don’t know how to approach it properly, your pet will get scared right away.

So it is best to tell the people who come to you to be careful when talking to and when approaching the guinea pig to be very careful.

How do you calm down a guinea pig when it suddenly gets scared?

When your guinea pig is suddenly scared you need to help him stop being scared. To do that here are some ways that will help your pet to be calm again without fear and stress.

Leave them for a while to calm down

When a guinea pig is scared it takes time to calm down and be cheerful and happy again.

If you don’t know what the cause of his fear is, then leave him for a few days and don’t disturb him in his cage.

Give him food and water, talk to him gently and he will start to feel good again and be happy and cheerful.

It should always have its own hiding place

When guinea pigs are scared, they need a hiding place in their cage where they can relax and feel safe.

When guinea pigs are stressed and scared they are always looking for a place to hide.

That’s why there should always be a hiding place in their cage, which you can buy or make yourself from a cardboard box.

Even when they are not scared, guinea pigs need a place and shelter where they will be safe.

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Find the reason for the guinea pig’s scare

It’s best if you can figure out the reason why the guinea pig is scared, although it’s not easy because they don’t talk.

You will have to pay attention to their body language in order to succeed in this intention.

Maybe it’s a predator or other animals like a cat that scares the guinea pig all the time, or some noise from outside your home.

In any case, if you know the reason, you will help your pet much faster and easier and it will stop being scared.


How do I make my guinea pig not scared?

To make your guinea pig not scared, you need to give him enough attention. Play with him, always talk in a gentle tone, let him eat from your hand, and do other similar things that will help the guinea pig not to be scared.

What stresses guinea pigs out?

Guinea pigs can get stressed from many things such as predators or other pets, too much noise, and inappropriate behavior from humans. Guinea pigs are very gentle and do not need much to get stressed.

How do you bond with a scared guinea pig?

The best way to build a positive relationship with your pet is to feed them from your hand. The closer you get to them through food, the more you will strengthen the bond with your pet. Food actually always works with almost all pets when you need to get close to them.


When guinea pigs are suddenly scared, it’s for a reason.

The most common causes of guinea pigs being scared are predators, unknown people, and loud noise around their area.

By taking certain steps, you will be able to find out what is the cause of the guinea pig’s fear and help him not to be scared, so that he can be cheerful and happy again.

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