Why Guinea Pigs Bite and How to Stop It? Let’s Discover

Last updated on January 22nd, 2023 at 06:55 pm

Guinea pigs are wonderful pets that brighten our day, make us laugh, and help us take a break from our responsibilities.

They are very popular, because everyone loves them, from small children to the adult members of the family who keep them.

However, guinea pigs can sometimes bite. When guinea pigs bite it’s for a reason, so we need to know why they bite sometimes.

Why do guinea pigs bite?

Guinea pigs bite when they are hungry, scared when they are under stress, or in danger from predators, but sometimes they can bite their owners by mistake.

When we know why they do it, it will be easier to take certain steps in the future so that the same scenario does not happen again.

It is good to know why guinea pigs bite so that there are no injuries or unwanted moments between the guinea pig and the children, as well as the adults who look after them.

Why do guinea pigs bite?

Guinea pigs are quite social animals by nature, they know how to make certain sounds or vocalizations when they talk to another guinea pig or when they need to show some emotion.

However, guinea pigs also know how to bite in response to something happening around them, a certain emotion or event that caused this behavior, that is, they start biting.

So let’s read together the reasons why guinea pigs sometimes start to bite.


When guinea pigs are hungry they are nervous and may start biting.

They will start fighting with another guinea pig, and they may fight with you and start biting you.

Of course, this behavior is completely normal when guinea pigs or any other animals are hungry, they become aggressive, nervous, and bite, but once they have eaten they will stop doing so.


When guinea pigs are stressed they may bite.

The guinea pigs may have been scared, they may have battled with other guinea pigs, and an uncomfortable cage and similar situations are reasons for them to be under stress which will result in them biting.

In addition to biting other guinea pigs, it is not unusual for them to bite you too, even though you are their owner.


When guinea pigs are sick or unwell they may start biting.

When they are not well or sick they do not want to play or socialize with you or other guinea pigs. Guinea pigs bite because they want to show that they want to be alone at that moment.

When they are better, the guinea pigs will stop biting and you will notice this by their behavior.


When a guinea pig is in pain, it can bite you.

If the guinea pig hits somewhere in the cage, or we squeeze it a lot when we play, it will feel pain and will avenge it by biting.

That’s why we need to be as careful as we can when we hold him carefully and gently, we don’t want him to hurt and of course, start biting as a sign of pain.


As guinea pigs grow and enter puberty they may begin biting due to an increase in their testosterone levels.

This usually happens when they are two to three months old and this happens to the male guinea pigs, if they are together, will start biting each other or biting their owner.

That’s why it’s best to keep guinea pigs separate to avoid conflict and biting between them.

Female guinea pigs, even when they are in the breeding phase, may show signs of aggression and bite other guinea pigs or humans.why guinea pigs bite


Sometimes the guinea pigs are neither angry nor scared, simply by mistake, they will bite you.

If your hand smells like food, it can confuse the guinea pig into thinking your hand is tasty food and bite you.

But do not worry, they are smart pets who will notice that they are making a mistake and will not bite you again, at least not on the same day.


When guinea pigs have fear and are frightened, it can result in biting.

This is more of a natural way of protecting them from the environment, other guinea pigs, and the danger of predators.

If the guinea pigs notice even the slightest danger, they will get scared and start to defend themselves by biting.

If you try to pick him up while he’s sleeping, the guinea pig will get scared and bite you as a sign of defense, even though you didn’t intend to hurt your pet.

When the danger passes they will stop biting you and will be nice and gentle again.


Guinea pigs’ teeth are constantly growing and they need to reduce them. Otherwise, if there is nowhere for them to reduce their teeth, they will start biting.

That’s why guinea pigs need enough chew toys, hay, and other things that will help them always have a place to grind their teeth.

When their teeth are too big, it is dangerous not only because they will bite, but also for their health, they can get hurt in the mouth and other similar unwanted places.

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How to stop guinea pigs from biting?

To prevent guinea pigs from biting, we must pay attention to them, so that side effects and biting do not occur.

Here are some steps you can take to stop your guinea pig from biting:

  • always provide him with enough food and water
  • The cage should be comfortable and large enough
  • don’t wake the guinea pig when it’s sleeping
  • there should always be enough chew toys
  • if it is painful, do not hold it in your hands and take it to the vet
  • if they fight with another guinea pig, you should separate them into a separate cage

All these steps will help the guinea pig to feel safe, and not be scared and stressed by the environment.

If the guinea pig is happy and has enough food and water, as well as a pleasant atmosphere around him, be sure that he will not bite anymore.

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