Why is My Hamster Bite the Water Bottle? Find Out Now

Last updated on January 29th, 2023 at 08:01 pm

Hamsters are rodents and they are constantly chewing something, it is a completely normal behavior of a hamster. But sometimes it happens that hamsters constantly chew or bite their water bottle and this can mean that something is wrong with your pet, that it is sick or not happy and satisfied in its cage.

Why do hamsters bite the water bottle?

Hamsters bite and chew the water bottle when it does not release enough water, this happens when the bottle is empty or if it is clogged or stuck. Hamsters may chew the water bottle due to boredom, habit, and stress. Sometimes they know to chew on the water bottle because it’s just interesting to them and they enjoy doing it.

In today’s article, you will find out why hamsters chew or bite the water bottle, what are the reasons for this behavior and what to do in such situations.

Hamsters chew and bite the water bottle if it is faulty

Hamsters may bite and chew on the water bottle when they cannot drink water from it.

This can happen if the water bottle is clogged and does not allow the water to go down and the hamsters cannot drink water.

Sometimes when the bottle is in order, younger hamsters who are not that experienced sometimes struggle to get the water out of it because they don’t know exactly how to do it.

It takes time for hamsters to learn to use the water bottle

When hamsters are in nature, they drink water from the ground and plants, it is their natural way to drink water,

That’s why drinking water from a bottle is a bit unnatural and they sometimes don’t know exactly how to do it and it takes time for them to get used to it.

They will often chew and bite the water bottle until they learn how to use it properly and how to drink water normally.

If you change their water bottle, it may cause them to struggle to drink while they get used to a new model of a water bottle.

My hamster’s water bottle is not working properly

When you notice that the hamster is constantly biting and chewing the water bottle, you should check the bottle to see if everything is okay.

Bedding can easily get stuck in it or minerals accumulate, making it very difficult for the water to come out and the hamster will struggle to drink.

Another problem can be the creation of a vacuum in the bottle when the water inside is at a certain level or when the bottle is at a certain angle.

When there is a vacuum in the water bottle, it prevents the water from coming out even though the bottle is clean, then the Hamster will struggle and will constantly bite and chew the water bottle and will not drink enough.

It is therefore necessary to regularly check the water bottle to determine if there is a normal flow of water, especially when you see that your pet is struggling to drink water.why is my hamster bite the water bottle

Maintaining the water bottle

It is necessary to check the water bottle daily so that your hamster does not run out of drinking water.

The water should flow freely through the nozzle, so clean it and make sure there are no remains of bedding or minerals.

If the bottle stops working for no particular reason, check if the angle at which it is placed is correct, or buy a better quality water bottle.

When hamsters struggle and constantly bite and chew the bottle then there is a problem either with the bottle or with the behavior of the hamster.

Hamsters chew and bite the water bottle when they are bored or stressed

Hamsters are very active animals that constantly want to explore and do something, so they are constantly chewing and biting around in the cage.

By biting and chewing they release energy in their own way, but this can sometimes be harmful to their health.

When hamsters constantly chew and bite the bars of the cage and the water bottle they can harm themselves, including damaging their teeth.

Stress affects the constant chewing and biting of the water bottle

Stress is the reason that encourages the hamster to constantly bite and chew his water bottle.

When hamsters are stressed it can be for several reasons, such as:

  • a small cage
  • a lot of noise around the cage
  • insufficient sleep
  • not enough toys in the cage
  • if there are other pets in the area
  • too many tubes in the cage
  • too much light around the cage

To reduce stress in hamsters, they should have a large cage in which they can feel cozy and comfortable.

The exercise wheel is the main toy that they must have in the cage because by running on it they release excess energy and have less stress.

Hamsters should have enough toys and hiding places to keep them from getting bored.

Once a day you should let him out of the cage for half an hour and play with him, which will make him happy and he will not have so much stress.

If you have a dwarf hamster this breed wants the company of another hamster to reduce their stress, but this is not the case for Syrian hamsters who do not want another hamster in their cage.

Provide enrichment in the cage

Sometimes hamsters chew the plastic part of the bottle to keep themselves from getting bored and it is very fun for them.

That’s why you should try to distract them with other things and objects in the cage.

You can put extra toys, cardboard boxes, and more tubes to explore and play.

Put some of their favorite food somewhere in the hiding places or in the bedding for them to look for, it’s fun for them and they won’t be thinking so much about chewing on the water bottle all the time.

Chewing on the bottle can become a habit of hamsters

Once the hamsters get used to chewing on their water bottle, it will be a daily thing for them and it will be a little more difficult to change this habit.

But it is not impossible although you will need a little persistence to wean him from chewing and biting the water bottle.

Enrichment with objects and toys in the cage should help wean the hamster from chewing on the bottle, but if you fail then you may need to take some time to remove the bottle and give him water in another way.

Of course, this can only be a temporary solution until he is weaned from chewing on the bottle, then return him back to his cage.why is my hamster bite the water bottle

Replacing the water bottle

If your hamster refuses to stop chewing on the water bottle, then make some adjustments.

If the hamster usually bites the plastic part of the bottle, move it outside, with just the nozzle sticking through the bars. Try to see how your hamster will react, you might be able to distract him from the intention of chewing the bottle.

If this change does not help, then try putting another water bottle in it, and instead of a plastic one, put a glass bottle with metal fittings.

In any case, you should try different ways and hopefully one of these offered options will be successful and the hamster will stop biting and chewing on the water bottle.

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Try a water dish instead of a water bottle

If nothing works for you with the water bottle, you try different ways and if you can’t wean your hamster to stop chewing and biting the water bottle then put a water dish.

For this purpose, it is best to buy a water dish made of ceramics, stainless steel, or a heavy plastic dish so that they cannot turn them over when they drink water.

The only problem with water dishes is that they get dirty and contaminated very quickly and you will have to clean them very often.

Hamsters love to drink water from a water dish and will immediately get used to this way of drinking water.

Water dishes are best as a temporary solution or for a few months until the hamster forgets the water bottle and the biting and chewing.

Then you can put the water bottle back again because it is still the best and most practical way to drink water for your pets.

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Hamsters also bite and chew other things in the cage

When hamsters bite and chew on the water bottle, they may also do the same to the bars of the cage and other parts and objects in their home.

When hamsters constantly bite the bars of the cage, are very aggressive, or have strange and unusual changes in their sleep, then it can also mean a health problem for your pet.

That’s why in such situations you will first check with a veterinarian if everything is fine with your pet and if there is any neurological problem or disease.

If all is well, then again you will have to look for ways to wean them from biting and chewing the bars just as you weaned him from his water bottle problems.

You will need to try to get them a bigger cage, more toys, and cage life enrichment.

The happier and more satisfied the hamster is, the less trouble it will cause and will not bite and chew in its cage,

Frequently asked questions

Why is my hamster biting the tube?

Hamsters bite tubes mostly because they are bored in their cage. Hamsters are very active, they need enough stimulation both physically and mentally to not get bored. This means that you will need to enrich their life. in the cage with more activities, toys, and other objects so that he can always have something to do.

Do hamsters like water bottles?

Yes, hamsters love water bottles, although they also love water bowls. It’s best to put both a bottle and a water bowl to see which one he likes better and will drink more water from, but still, water bottles are more practical for maintaining clean water for your pet. Water bottles prevent unnecessary spilling of water and wetting of the hamster and its bedding and food.

Why is my hamster drinking water aggressively?

When hamsters aggressively drink water it can be for several reasons such as too hot environment, increased activity, and dehydration. When their body is overheated they drink more water. When female hamsters are pregnant they drink more water. If the food is too salty or sweet may be the reason why hamsters sometimes drink more water.

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As you could read, the biting and chewing on the water bottle of the hamsters can be for many reasons, such as boredom, habit, and normal behavior of the hamster.

But you should still try to wean him from this bad habit because it can only cause him problems by clogging his water bottle and damaging his teeth.

Try one of the ways to wean your pet, you may have to change the bottle or put a dish of water in for a short time, but with persistence, you will succeed, just be persistent.

Feel free to write a comment if you have a problem with your pet biting and chewing on his water bottle, or share your way of dealing with this problem with your pet.

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