Why Is My Hamster Peeing Blood? Let’s Discover

Last updated on January 22nd, 2023 at 06:30 pm

Hamsters are active and move all the time, which is a sign of a healthy hamster, and when they are lethargic and move poorly, the reason is usually illness or injury.

Hamsters are gentle and can very easily have health problems, one of those problems is urinating blood.

Why do hamsters pee blood?

When hamsters pee blood, it is not good at all, more precisely, it means that they have a urinary tract infection. In addition to urinary infections, hamsters may urinate blood when they have internal injuries and tumors, kidney disease, and bladder stones.

When hamsters urinate blood, they have difficulty moving, become lethargic, and have pain.

In today’s article, you will find out what are the reasons why hamsters urinate blood, what are the symptoms, how to treat urinary infections and other problems that cause peeing blood in hamsters.

Why do hamsters pee blood?

Hamsters urinate blood when they have urinary tract infections, tumors, injuries, kidney disease, bladder stones, and internal wounds.

If hamsters are urinating blood then you should immediately take your pet to the vet to be examined and determine why the hamster is urinating blood.

When hamsters urinate blood, it is no joke at all and can be the beginning of serious problems with their health.

If not treated promptly, it can lead to the death of the hamster.

There are several reasons for this unwanted problem in hamsters, here are some of them:

  • due to injury
  • an internal wound
  • urinary infection
  • tumors in the uterus
  • kidney disease
  • bladder stones

So let’s see in detail how each of these reasons can affect the hamster and make him urinate blood.

The hamster is peeing blood due to an injury

If the hamster has a serious injury, it will start urinating blood. Hamsters can also get injured by some objects and start urinating blood.

When the injury is external and can be clearly seen then you should take the hamster to a vet to prescribe medication to help the wound heal.

With proper therapy prescribed by a veterinarian, the injury will heal and the hamster will no longer urinate blood.

An internal wound causes hamsters to urinate blood

Hamsters are very active animals that run, play, and jump around in or out of their cage all the time.

They often fall from a height because they cannot see well and determine the distance, and they can easily be injured during the fall.

Hamsters can suffer internal injuries that cause pain and urinate blood.

Hamsters cannot speak, and often hide when they are injured, because they think that there are predators in the area waiting to attack them.

Urinating blood will be a sign that something is wrong with the hamster, although the hamster will try to hide that something is wrong with its health.

When a hamster urinates blood and shows no signs of internal injury, you will still need to take it to the vet to examine your pet.

Sometimes depending on the injury the hamster will have bleeding that will be visible, and sometimes internal bleeding will not be noticed, but urinating blood is the main sign that something is wrong.

Urinary tract infection causes hamsters to urinate blood

Hamsters pee blood when they have a urinary tract infection. This infection usually occurs as a result of some external factors in the environment where the hamster lives.

Urinary tract infection occurs from viruses or some bacteria that are in the hamster’s environment and cause blood to be urinated.

Urinary tract infection occurs more in older hamsters because younger hamsters have better immunity and greater protection against infections.

When hamsters have a urinary infection, can notice several symptoms:

  • lethargy
  • difficult movement
  • change in behavior
  • constantly sitting in the corner of the cage

When hamsters do not play and run as they know how to do on a daily basis, it means that they are sick and may have a urinary infection with blood in their urine.

The hamster should be taken to a veterinarian immediately if you notice any of the symptoms we have listed above in the text and appropriate therapy can be prescribed.

When hamsters have a urinary infection they are usually given antibiotics to help overcome the urinary infection problem.why is my hamster peeing blood

Hamsters urinate blood if they have tumors

Tumors are another reason why hamsters urinate blood. When the tumor appears in the area of the uterus, it leads to problems and urinating blood in hamsters.

In addition to urinating blood, the hamsters will also have to swell around the uterus and pain.

These tumors occur in female hamsters and are more common in older hamsters.

Female hamsters when they give birth to babies can get these uterine tumors and constantly urinate blood in their urine.

The biggest problem with such tumors is that there is no permanent treatment and solution since the removal of the uterus in hamsters is not possible.

Veterinarians never perform surgery to remove the uterus and the hamsters must continue to live with this tumor and urinate blood.

Unfortunately in the end such blood peeing due to uterine tumors lead to serious complications with the health of the hamsters and can result in death.

Bladder stones cause hamsters to urinate blood

When hamsters have stones in their bladder it can cause them to urinate blood.

In addition to urinating blood, stones in the bladder will also cause irritation and inflammation in hamsters.

When hamsters have stones in the bladder, treatment with antibiotics is needed to remove the stones, as well as adequate nutrition to facilitate the dissolution of urinary stones and prevent a recurrence.

Kidney disease can cause hamsters to urinate blood

When hamsters have kidney disease they are not functioning properly.

If the hamster’s kidneys are damaged or not working properly, they cannot filter the blood efficiently, which causes the appearance of blood in the hamster’s urine.

When hamsters have blood in their urine due to kidney disease it is also called hematuria.

The kidneys have the function of filtering waste and excess fluids from the blood and expelling them through the hamster’s urine.

Again, an examination by a veterinarian and the use of antibiotics is necessary to overcome this problem.

What are the symptoms of peeing blood in hamsters?

When hamsters urinate blood then symptoms appear which may be direct, and some may not be clearly visible.

When hamsters have blood in their urine, red spots of urine can be seen where the hamster urinates.

They may also have redness around the genitals and itching as a sign that something is wrong with their urine.

When a hamster has blood in its urine, it will have difficulty moving, and it will be noticeable.

When you notice any of these symptoms that we have listed, the hamster should be taken to a veterinarian to start treating it.

Urinating blood if left untreated can be life-threatening.

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When hamsters urinate blood it is a sign that something is wrong with them and you need to see what the problem is right away.

The most common cause of urinating blood in hamsters is a urinary infection, and if left untreated, it can lead to the death of your pet.

In addition to urinary infections, hamsters can urinate blood whenever they have internal bleeding, injuries, and tumors, as well as stones in the urinary tract and kidney problems.

In any case, urinating blood is a very serious and dangerous phenomenon that must be cured and treated immediately, because the consequences can be fatal for hamsters.

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