Why Hamsters Ears Are Down? All You Need To Know

Last updated on January 22nd, 2023 at 07:29 pm

With their body language, Hamsters often show what exactly they want to say because they can not speak.

They also use vocalizations to express their feelings, but their body language is the best way to find out if they like something, if they do not like it, if they are nervous and if they are in a good mood.

Hamster ears are one of the indicators of their current mood, stress, and danger.

Have you ever wondered why their ears are ever down or flat? If their ears are straight, they are happy and healthy, while flat ears mean that they are experiencing stress, while folded ears mean illness or some injury to the body or ear.

Therefore, in today’s article, we will find out what their ears show in more detail so that we know how to act in such situations.

Why are hamster ears flat?

The flat ears of hamsters are not a good sign, which means that they have health problems.
When a hamster’s ears are flat, it can be for several reasons, so let’s find out what they mean in such moments.


Flat ears are usually a sign of nervousness or fear in your pet.

When hamsters are afraid of another pet you have at home; such as cats, they will lower their ears and be afraid and expect an attack.

They can lower their ears, and when they do not have enough hiding places in their cage, they do not feel safe because they are not aware that the cage will protect them from possible attack by other animals.

Therefore, we recommend that you do not keep hamsters in the same room as other pets.


Stress is another reason why hamsters keep their ears flat.

The environment in which they find themselves must be pleasant for them so that they do not experience stressful situations.

Moving hamsters to a new home or environment contribute to stress; they need more time to adapt, and therefore at the beginning, it is not strange to keep their ears flat, but this will undoubtedly normalize over time. Hamsters will raise their ears straight again as a sign of happiness and joy.why hamsters ears are down


Fatigue causes hamster ears to be flat. Because hamsters are the most active animals at sunset, hamsters come out when it gets dark.

Hamsters often wake up earlier and are very tired at the end of the day, which causes flat ears.

Inflammation of the ears

Hamsters can get an ear infection known as otitis, the most common infection that occurs in them, resulting in flat ears in your pet.

The main problems that occur with an infection in their ears are:

  • redness
  • inflammation
  • dry skin
  • hair loss in the ears
  • bleeding
  • itching

Inflammation of the hamster’s ear can also occur due to bacteria, fungi, a cracked eardrum, hay residue, and water in their ears. Ear warts are also a possible reason to keep your ears flat, but this is very rare.


If your hamster is sick, it can cause your pet to have flat ears.

They keep the ears flat in case of ear infections and the danger of predators, but diseases are also a possible reason for this phenomenon.

When a disease is a reason for keeping the ears of hamsters in a flat position, then you will notice other signs:

  • weight loss
  • less appetite for food
  • hiding
  • the fur becomes greasy

If the hamsters keep their ears flat and have any of these signs, you should not wait; you should immediately take them to a veterinarian to be examined and given appropriate therapy.

Why do hamsters keep their ears down?

Hamsters keeping their ears down again is a sign of problems like fear or disease.

Whenever their ears are up, it is a sign that they are happy and healthy; all other ways of holding their ears sign that something is wrong.

Therefore, all owners should strive to provide an environment where they will not feel fear, stress, or danger in their lives.

Are always drooping ears a sign of a hamster problem?

It does not necessarily mean that hamster ears are always down, a sign of a problem or disease.

For example, when hamsters wake up, their ears are lowered, but they will be straight again after a while.

If they stay down after a while, something is wrong, and they should go to the vet.

Do perfumes cause hamster ears to turn down?

Yes, the strong scent of our perfumes can cause hamster ears to turn upside down.

The powerful smell disturbs their sense of smell, so they lower their ears.

Of course, this condition is temporary until the scent of the perfume is lost, but we recommend that you avoid exposing your pets too strong scents of perfume or something similar.why hamsters ears are down

Do hamster ears go down due to aging?

No, aging is not a reason to put their ears down.

If your hamster is healthy, his ears will be facing up regardless of his age. Only stress, fear, disease, and infection cause their ears to turn down.

Does the noise cause the hamster’s ears to be turned down?

Yes, the noise causes the hamster’s ears to turn downwards because the loud noises bother them.

If we listen to music in a room with hamsters, it should always be quiet. After all, they listen to it five times louder because their hearing is much more developed than ours.

If loud noises coming from the left, the hamster can only lower its left ear so that the loud sound does not count and the right ear stays upright.

Ear mites can cause hamster ears to turn down

If hamster ears are turned down, it can also be caused by ear mites.

In such a situation, symptoms such as red, swollen, and warm ears will appear in your furry friends.

In such cases, it is best to take the hamster to a veterinarian to examine him and give him appropriate therapy.

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What can we do to keep hamster ears straight?

For the hamsters’ ears to be straight, we need to take proper care of them to be happy and cheerful and always with their ears up.

That means a lot of caring for them as well as the following things you should always give them:

  • healthy diet
  • cage comfort
  • changing their bedding
  • playing along with them
  • speaking in a gentle and quiet voice
  • not mixing with other pets like cats

All of these things will help your hamster feel safe, stress-free, and fearless, which will allow them to be happy and keep their ears straight.

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Hamster ears can be straight, flat, and facing down.

When their ears are turned upwards, it is a sign that they are joyfully healthy, and if they are turned down or flat, something is wrong with your pet.

When their ears are turned down or flat, your hamster has fear, stress, illness, or infection.
In any case, proper care for them with regular and healthy food, a comfortable cage, and attention will help their ears to be turned up.

Lastly, take care of your hamsters as best you can and help them feel good and happy.

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