Why My Hamsters Eye Is Bleeding? All You Need to Know

Last updated on October 18th, 2023 at 05:49 pm

Sometimes it happens that the hamster’s eye begins to bleed.

Of course, it does not look good at all and we should worry about this unwanted phenomenon.

Why does the hamster’s eye bleed?

The hamster’s eye bleeds most often due to an injury from falling, hitting a sharp object, as well as from dust and dirt in the cage.

In today’s article, you will learn why the hamster’s eye is bleeding and what to do in this situation with your hamster.

Why does the hamster’s eye bleed?

The hamster’s eye is bleeding from some injury that caused the bleeding. Bleeding of the eye in hamsters can occur if they have fallen from a height and injured themselves.

They may have played with a toy that was in a higher place, and an injury may have occurred when hitting a sharp object inside and outside the cage.

If the hamster falls while using the wheel in the cage it can easily cause injury and bleeding of the eye.

Hamsters may have a bleeding eye due to inflammation of the tissue around the eye itself, caused by irritation or an overgrown tooth problem.

In any case, the bleeding of the hamster’s eye can be with constant internal bleeding and this is a serious problem that must not be ignored.

What are the symptoms when a hamster’s eye is bleeding?

In order to help your hamster when he has a bleeding eye it is very important to know so that you can help him in time.

When the hamster’s eye is bleeding, it can be noticed by several symptoms:

  • swelling of the eye
  • watery eyes
  • redness of the eye
  • the eye looks like bleeding and damaged
  • the hamster’s face looks strange

In addition to these symptoms, the hamster also behaves very strangely, has no energy, and is very exhausted, it is simply not the same hamster you know.

The area around his eyes looks dark red and injured, which also poses a risk of infection.why my hamsters eye is bleeding

How to prevent the hamster’s eye from bleeding?

It is best that the hamster’s eye does not bleed at all.

Therefore, there are a few measures that you can take to prevent such an unwanted situation with your pet.

Keep a close eye on your pet

Hamsters are very fast and unpredictable when we hold them in our hands, and they can easily fall to the floor.

So hold it tight and always make sure one hand is under the hamster to catch it if it falls.

Any fall of the hamster especially from a height can lead to eye injury and bleeding.

Clean the cage

You should clean the cage regularly to remove possible dirt, dust, and other things that could injure the hamster’s eye or cause an infection.

If there are sharp toys or objects, remove them from the cage to prevent injury to the hamster.

Clean his eyes regularly

The hamster’s eyes should be cleaned regularly to remove any dust or dirt that could irritate or injure the eye.

To clean your hamster’s eyes, you can use eyewash or thyme tea, which soothes irritation and redness.

How to help a hamster with a bleeding eye?

When your hamster’s eye is bleeding, there are steps you can take to help it, although you will still need to take it to the vet.

Here’s what to do when a hamster has a bleeding eye.

Wipe the eye

Using a wet tissue, gently wipe the blood from his eye, specifically from the sides around the eye.

However, if the bleeding does not stop or there are signs of pain in the hamster, then it is best to take the hamster to the vet immediately.

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Clean the cage

Immediately clean the cage of dirt and garbage, so that there is no complication of a bloody eye from dust or something similar.

You can put paper or something similar on the bedding so that no piece of the bedding can hurt the hamster’s eye.

Blood loss

Watch the amount of blood the hamster loses from its eye.

If the bleeding does not stop, wipe it with a towel, but it is best to take the hamster to the vet immediately, the sooner the better.why my hamsters eye is bleeding


With the help of saline eye drops or artificial tears, the hamster’s eye can be rinsed to clean it, then drugs can also be applied, but after prior consultation with a veterinarian.

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Can hamsters have eye glaucoma?

Yes, hamsters can also get eye glaucoma, more precisely a disease that is a disorder of the eye and causes an increase in pressure in the eye itself.

In doing so, damage to the optic nerve may occur and eventually, the hamster may become blind and unable to see with its eye.

When hamsters have glaucoma, it is necessary to immediately take them to a veterinarian so that the hamster does not become blind, he will immediately prescribe medicine so that our furry friends can heal.

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Why my hamster has eye discharge?

If you notice that your hamster’s eyes are have a lot of discharge, then it is a case of swelling.

The swelling of their eyes causes them to produce more discharge, which is probably the result of an eye infection.

It is best to use eye drops to reduce infection and reduce discharge from your pet’s eyes.

Kanamycin eyedrops are excellent for use in hamsters that have this problem, their use requires a prescription from a veterinarian.


Can a hamster survive an eye infection?

Hamsters can survive an eye infection if it has not spread deeper into their tissues throughout the body. If an eye infection is treated promptly then it is unlikely to kill the hamster, otherwise if left untreated it can kill the hamster.

Does hamster sticky eye go away on its own?

When hamsters have a sticky eye it is best to take your hamster to the vet. The sticky eye needs to be treated so that it does not cause vision problems in the hamster. The sticky eye will not go away on its own so you need to help your hamster by wiping the the area around the eyes with a soft cloth and lukewarm water.

Is it normal for hamsters to get eye boogers?

When hamsters have eye boogers, it is most likely the result of an infection and requires treatment by a veterinarian with eye drops or cleaning of the infection.


Bleeding of the eye in hamsters usually occurs due to injuries.

If hamsters fall from a height or hit a sharp object, injury and bleeding of the eye may occur.

Symptoms of eye bleeding in hamsters are redness around the eye, swelling around the eye, change in the face, and other symptoms.

It is very important to pay attention to hygiene in the cage and the environment around the hamster to prevent injury and bleeding of the eye.

However, for bleeding eyes in hamsters, it is best to immediately take the hamster to a veterinarian to check it and give it the appropriate therapy.