Why Hamsters Have Red Eyes?

Last updated on January 22nd, 2023 at 07:33 pm

Hamsters are very interesting pets, with interesting eating and behavioral habits, which make us happy and cheerful when we are in their company.

Often when we look at our hamsters we notice that their eyes seem to glow red, and we wonder why that is?

Why do hamsters have red eyes? Hamsters have red eyes due to albinism. Specifically, this phenomenon is not because hamsters really have red eyes, the reason is the reflection that comes from inside their eyes. This appearance of albinism or red eyes does not pose any danger to your hamster, so there is no need to worry.

In today’s article, we will find out why some hamsters are albinism, whether we should worry about this phenomenon, and other important things related to the red eyes of our pets.

What are albino hamsters?

Albino hamsters or red-eyed hamsters are those that do not have melanin particles for reflection. This means that the iris only reflects the light from their blood vessels, which is why their eyes are red in color.

In addition to colored eyes, albino hamsters also have white fur, again due to a lack of melanin. Otherwise, if the hamsters have enough melanin particles, they hamsters will have blue eyes.

If hamsters have larger melanin particles then their eyes will have brown eyes. The amount of pigment or melanin is mostly genetic, and that’s why some hamsters have red, others blue or brown eyes.

In any case, the color of the eyes does not indicate any differences in their behavior, regardless of the color of their eyes they will be sociable and sweet.

There is no need to be afraid at all if your hamster has red eyes.

Albino hamsters have poor eyesight

It is true that albino hamsters have poorer eyesight than other hamsters.

However, this does not mean that they have such poor vision, but it is a little weaker than the vision of other hamsters.

After all, this is normal in albino hamsters, and therefore we should get used to this fact.why hamsters have red eyes

Which hamsters are most likely to have albinism?

In terms of which hamsters are most likely to have albinism, winter white dwarf hamsters come first.

Although this may not always be true, sometimes any hamster of any breed can have albino genes and red eyes.

Are albino hamsters blind?

No, albino hamsters are not blind, although they have red eyes, and they see but weaker than other hamsters.

Albino hamsters are not blind, but due to poor eyesight, they may have certain problems at different times of their lives.

For example, when they need to eat or play with an object, they may need more time to reach the food or the toy.

Do albino hamsters have a shorter lifespan?

No, albino hamsters in terms of lifespan are completely equal to all other breeds of hamsters.

Albino hamsters live 2-3 years, or simply put, the same as all other breeds of hamsters.

The only difference between albino hamsters and other hamsters is only the weaker sight, nothing else.

Albino hamsters are sensitive to direct sunlight

Albino hamsters are much more sensitive to light with their distinctive red eyes.

Therefore, you should be careful to avoid exposing albino hamsters to direct sunlight or make them an adequate shelter so that they can take shelter from direct light.

Is albinism dangerous for hamsters?

Albinism does not pose any particular danger to the health of hamsters.

The only problem for albino hamsters can be exposed to bright light.

However, on the other hand, hamsters don’t like a lot of light anyway, they like when there is little light, that is, they enjoy the most at dawn or dusk when they are most active.

In any case, our recommendation is not to expose the albino hamsters to too much light and be careful when taking them outside, it is best to do so when there is little light.

Shades that you have in your yard are great for hamsters, in fact, they will seek shade themselves, and will run away from direct bright light.

Do red-eyed hamsters need proper care and attention?

Albino hamsters do not differ from other hamsters, eating habits, the diet itself, and all other things that other hamsters do, albino hamsters do.

A difference can be noticed in their fur, that is, it will be a little more dirty, due to the fact that it has a white color due to the lack of melanin.

In albino hamsters, you can see that the lower part of the feet has a yellow color, due to their sitting in the waste area.

Are red eyes in hamsters a sign of aggression?

No, red eyes in hamsters are not a sign of aggression at all, those hamsters that have red eyes are the same in terms of calmness and behavior as other hamsters.

Red eyes in hamsters just lack pigment and nothing else, everything else is just a myth.

Your hamster’s eye color has nothing to do with their personality and behavior.why hamsters have red eyes

What other eye colors do hamsters have?

Hamsters can have several colors of their eyes, although most often the color of their eyes is dark brown.

Here are the eye colors of your furry friends:

  • dark brown – this color is one of the most common hamster eye colors.
  • black – just like brown is a very common eye color in your pets.
  • pink – is a very rare color of their eyes that occurs when brown-eyed hamsters have a certain set of genes that cause pink eyes.
  • blue – this color is very interesting but very rare in hamsters.
  • red – as we said it is a sign of albinism or the lack of melanin pigment that causes this color in their eyes.

Can hamsters have heterochromia?

Yes, sometimes hamsters can have heterochromia or a condition where hamsters have two different colors of their eyes, and this usually occurs in dwarf and Syrian hamsters.

At the same time, it can happen that one eye is black and the other eye is ruby-colored.

This is a genetic mutation that happens very rarely, but it can still occur sometimes.


Hamsters that have red eyes are albinism, or albinism is a lack of melanin pigment, and apart from their eyes, they also have white fur.

Hamsters that have red eyes are more sensitive to light and avoid being in direct light.

It is not true that hamsters with red eyes are bad or aggressive, they are the same as all other hamsters, that is just a myth.

Albino hamsters have the same eating habits and behavior as other hamsters.

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