Why Is My Hamster Lying Flat? All Reasons

Last updated on January 22nd, 2023 at 07:31 pm

Hamsters play and constantly run, moving non-stop, but sometimes we can see them lying flat. In such moments we wonder why our furry pet lay flat. Is everything okay with my hamster?

Why do hamsters lie flat? Hamsters lie flat when their temperature is high, i.e., when they are hot. When they lie flat, they cool their body, especially if the temperature is high.

In today’s article, we will find out why hamsters lie flat, all the reasons, and what to do in such situations to help them.

Why is my hamster lying flat?

The hamster lies flat because it is very hot and tries to cool down; that is the main reason, although there are other reasons for this phenomenon, such as fear, dehydration, and more.

Hamsters run and play daily, so they warm up and need cooling.

Even in nature, they run a few miles, and in the cage, they run on the wheel as if they were out in nature.

After all, we warm up when we exercise in the gym or run outside, so the same happens with our furry pet.

Hamsters lie flat if you hug them too much

Apart from running, there are other reasons they overheat and lie flat.

If you play too much and hug your pet, it will heat up more than usual and have to lie flat again, so do not overdo the hug.

Hug them for a few minutes and then leave them in the cage, so their body does not overheat.

why is my hamster lying flat

Hamster fur causes them to heat up

When hamsters play and run, their fur helps keep them warm. The fur protects them when the temperature is colder, so they can keep warm, but they can be hot in the summer.

So do not be surprised when you see your pet lying flat on the floor to cool down.

The best solution in such moments is to allow the room temperature to be cooler, for example, with an air conditioner or open a window to let in the fresh air.

Be careful not to expose the cage to the sun because it will heat your pet even more in summer, despite the high temperatures.

Hamsters lie flat when scared

If your hamster is in danger of predators or is scared of something else, it is lying flat.

When lying flat, hamsters have a good chance of escaping predators, so they know how to do it expertly.

Once the danger is over, you will see your hamster get up and keep moving as if nothing had happened.

Hamsters lie flat when dehydrated

Dehydration can cause your pet to lie flat. When hamsters do not get enough water, although this is usually rare, dehydration can still occur.

When dehydrated, the hamster has dry skin and is very tired, and then you will see him lying flat again.

Dehydration can be very dangerous for their health, even for their life.

When the hamster is dehydrated, it is best to give him water in a bowl, as they may not be able to get up and go for a drink from their bottle.

Foods high in water can also help hamsters stay hydrated, such as cucumbers and watermelons, so give them a piece of this vegetable or fruit for better hydration.

If he can not eat, drip cucumber juice into his mouth to get the necessary fluid.

why is my hamster lying flat

Hamsters lie flat if under stress

Hamsters are very sensitive pets that can easily get stressed, lying flat. Stress can have many causes, but it is very important what you do in such moments.

Allow the hamster to always have good living conditions, to eat and the environment to be pleasant and quiet, which will reduce the chances of stress.

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Pain and injury cause hamsters to lie flat

Hamsters have been taught that when they are injured or have a disease that makes it difficult for them to move, they can be targeted by predators.

Predators can take advantage of their current weakness and attack them.

That is why hamsters lie flat so as not to let others know that they actually have health problems.

If you notice that your furry pets lie flat and then have difficulty moving, do not want to eat, then you should take them to a veterinarian to check if they have an injury or illness.

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What does it mean when hamsters lie flat on a wheel in a cage?

Sometimes hamsters know how to lie flat and on their wheel in the cage, they do not always have to lie on the floor.

The most common reasons for this can be various, as a comfortable place to rest or just love the wheel as their favorite place.

So if you see a hamster lying in its wheel, it does not necessarily mean that there is a problem.

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Hamsters often lie flat, the reasons can be various, from fatigue, high temperatures, from fear, dehydration, stress, diseases, as well as from too much hugging.

We must watch our furry friends whenever they are lying flat, to recognize the cause of such a reaction, so that we know exactly what to do to help him.

If the hamster is lying flat from fatigue, then nothing terrible, but if this happens due to illness, stress, injury and similar problems, then we should help him, or take him to the vet.

In any case, when the hamster is lying flat, we should pay attention to him and his behavior.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the signs of a dying hamster?
Unfortunately, when hamsters die, there are some signs that indicate this. These signs are shortness of breath and uneven breathing and a gradual decrease in their pulse. When the hamster is dead it no longer breathes and does not move.
Why is my hamster lying on his stomach?
When hamsters lie on their stomachs, this is not a good sign at all. This position means that the hamster has an illness, or injury may be hot or may be malnourished. So pay attention to all these things, provide him with healthy food, a cooler room, and the like.
Why is my hamster lying in the corner?
The most common reason your hamster lies in the corner is the need to create its own place. Hamsters like to have a favorite place to relax where they will feel comfortable and beautiful. It is quite natural for hamsters to have a favorite place, whether in the corner or somewhere in the cage.