Why Is My Hamster Screaming? Let’s Find Out

Last updated on August 9th, 2023 at 06:12 am

Hamsters are small and fun pets that are always active and moving in and out of the cage. Hamsters sometimes make sounds that we humans cannot understand.

So I did my own research on why hamsters scream, and I found some interesting answers that I want to share with you.

Why do hamsters scream?

Most often, hamsters scream when they are scared, when they are sick, or when they are hungry. Sometimes hamsters make noises for other things, and that is when they want to communicate with other hamsters or when they want to give a warning about the danger of predators in their environment.

in today’s article,, you will find out why hamsters scream, and other questions related to this topic.

Why does my hamster scream in its sleep?

Hamsters scream in their sleep due to illness or stress. Sometimes they know how to scream in their sleep if you consider them and make noise and loud noises while your pet sleeps.

If hamsters dream of something bad then that can also be a reason for them to scream in their sleep.

If there is noise outside or any sounds that are very loud, this can be the reason for the hamster to scream while he is asleep.

If the hamster screams and when around it is quiet, then your pet is probably sick or scared then you should take it to the vet to check its health and help your little pet.

Why do hamsters scream at night?

When hamsters scream at night there can be many reasons, such as problems in the cage or danger from predators.

Problems in the cage – it can be the tail getting stuck somewhere in the cage if the legs are also stuck somewhere in the bars of the cage. It can also happen that the hamster gets stuck in one of the tunnels, although this happens less often, it can only happen to young hamsters that are still growing and because of their size, they can get stuck.

Danger from predators – who may have approached their cage at night or somewhere close to the room where the hamster is, and therefore the hamster may start screaming. Pets such as cats or dogs, although they most likely will not attack the hamster, still he feels them as a threat from predators and therefore screams.

If the hamster screams even when there is no threat in its vicinity, then it is probably a disease, because of which it screams at night.

When the hamster is screaming because of illness you must take it to the vet to examine it and help it.

How to help your hamster if it is screaming?

If the hamster screams, then there is obviously a problem, it is afraid, and therefore you should approach it calmly and talk to it gently to calm it down.

If you start to get nervous and panic, the hamster will notice it and scream even more, so always be calm.

Another thing you can do if the hamster is screaming is to take it in your arms with a blanket, wrap it and hold it like that until it calms down and stops screaming.

This way the hamster will feel more secure and may stop screaming. If it continues to scream again, then it is obviously an illness or injury that is causing the hamster to scream and you must take it to the vet to examine it and help them.

What does my hamster sound like when it screams?

When hamsters scream, their sound can vary depending on the situation. Hamsters do not scream with the same sounds when they feel attacked by predators and when they are sick.

For example, when a hamster is under stress, its scream resembles a squeak. If the hamster is scared then it emits a longer sound.

Hamsters scream with different sounds and for example, the sound that mother hamsters make when they have babies is completely different, so it takes time to learn about each sound and its meaning.why is my hamster screaming

Why is my hamster screaming at me?

When your hamster screams at you then it is probably frightened by your presence. The hamster can scream near you even if it does not yet know your smell well enough.

To make it easier for the hamster to get used to your smell and stop screaming, you can take a blanket and cover yourself with it, and then wrap the hamster with the same blanket.

Then your pet will smell your scent and stop screaming and being afraid of you.

Why does the baby hamster squeak?

When you have a baby hamster that squeaks, it could be for a number of reasons.

If the baby hamster is afraid of its environment, then it will start squeaking as a sign of revolt and displeasure, which means that you will have to change its location in the cage.

The baby hamster can also squeak when it is hungry or if it has an illness that is bothering it and requires help.

If the baby hamster constantly squeaks, even when it has enough food and a new environment, then you should take it to the vet for an examination.

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Why is my dwarf hamster screaming?

When dwarf hamsters scream, it can be due to several reasons, such as illness, stress or fear, pain, or it can even scream when it is bored.

Sometimes dwarf hamsters can also have a genetic problem, i.e. screaming if they were under stress when living with larger hamsters.

In any case, if the dwarf hamster’s squealing does not stop, then it must be taken to a vet to be examined.

Related questions

Are hamsters happy when they squeak?

When hamsters make a squeaking sound it usually means that they are feeling very anxious or stressed.

When you buy a hamster and bring it into your home, they usually make this sound as a sign that they are afraid of the new environment.

Why are my hamsters squeaking but not fighting?

When hamsters are squeaking but not fighting among themselves then they are deciding who is dominant in their environment.

Squeaking in hamsters is a natural instinct and it is completely normal when dividing the territory between them.

How do you calm down a stressed hamster?

To help the hamster overcome the current stress, you need to provide it with a quiet environment, a large cage, and a sufficient number of toys and objects inside the cage.

In order for the hamster to calm down, you need to speak quietly to him, so that he can understand that no one wants to harm him and know that you love your pet.

Hamsters are very sensitive animals, and therefore you should pay attention to your relationship and the environment that surrounds it so that they do not have stress and fear.

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When hamsters scream, it can be for various reasons, such as pain or illness. Hamsters may scream if there are predators near them, or if there is a loud noise that bothers them.

When hamsters do not eat enough or are not sleepy and rested, they may scream as a sign of displeasure.

In any case, the screaming of hamsters should be taken seriously and they should be helped as much as possible.

Hamsters need comfort, a peaceful environment, a pleasant atmosphere, food, toys, and other things that will make them happy.

The happier and safer the hamster is, the less it will scream.

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