Why Is My Hamster Shaking? Read All 11 Reasons

Last updated on January 22nd, 2023 at 07:36 pm

Why is my hamster shaking? What are the reasons for this phenomenon? Let’s find out together.

Hamsters are very gentle pets that can easily find themselves under stress, fear, and similar situations, so it is very important to find out the reasons in time, to help them so that they don’t shake and are happy and cheerful.

Why is my hamster shaking?

Hamsters shake mostly due to stress, fear, lack of food, diseases, and environmental changes. To help the hamster not to shake, we need to pay attention to the signs it shows us when it is shaking, so we will help it to stop shaking more easily.

Shaking in hamsters means that something is wrong and we need to help them, see the exact reason, and find a solution.

Why do hamsters shake?

Shaking in hamsters can be normal but also caused by some reasons we should know and help our pets.

We often notice that our hamster is shaking, and of course we worry about why this is so; we don’t want to see our pet shaking.

There is always a reason why hamsters shake. Hamsters have built-in fear mechanisms and are attentive to other smells, animals and new environments.

When you first bring a hamster and put it in a cage, it will shake for a few days until it gets used to the new situation.

When the hamsters are sick, they can shake again, which is a sign that we need to help them.

What are the causes of shaking in hamsters?

There are several reasons why hamsters shake; some are normal and others are not. Hamsters give signs of danger or cold by shaking, so there are many reasons for our furry friends to shake.

Therefore, let’s see what the possible causes of shaking are, but also how to help them to stop shaking.

A change of the environment

Since hamsters are very sensitive, they need time to get used to a new environment, and the consequence will be shaking.

Sometimes hamsters can take up to a month to get used to their new home and surroundings.

Of course, in such a case, we cannot help much, time alone will make the hamster stop shaking and feel comfortable and calm.

Dominance over other hamsters

Dominance over other hamsters can cause them to shake.

When hamsters are of the same gender, they fight with each other and start stressing as a sign of superiority and dominance.

This situation is common and nothing can be done, especially if you keep two hamsters together in one cage.

The best solution is to separate them into different cages or keep only one furry pet.

Exposure to water

When we bathe our hamsters they shake, this is a normal phenomenon and you should not worry.

After all, humans also shaking for a certain time when we bathe until we warm up.

To stop your hamster from shaking, immediately cover it with a towel after bathing so that it can dry and warm up faster; then it will stop shaking.

why is my hamster shaking

Cage size

Although the size of the cage seems to be an unnecessary reason for the shaking of the hamsters, it is also a possible reason.

When the cage of the hamster is very small, it will be difficult for him, he will not be able to have enough space to play, or to make shelters in the bedding and he will not have his private shelter.

After all, we humans also want a bigger space because then we feel much more relaxed and comfortable.

If you notice that the hamster is constantly nervous and shaking in the cage, then maybe you should consider buying a bigger cage and allow it to be happy and, of course, not shaking anymore.

Bedding problems are the cause of shaking in hamsters

Hamsters like to dive into the bedding and dig occasionally, and it’s interesting for them; they make a shelter for themselves and keep warm in the winter.

If the bedding is too shallow and lacks depth, the hamster will get nervous and start shaking.

Therefore, the solution to this cause of shaking is to add a larger layer of bedding, so that the hamster can enjoy it, dig and be happy, and stop shaking.

Psychological problems or stress

Stress is a possible psychological problem contributing to shaking in hamsters.

At the same time, when the hamster gets stressed from a situation, the same thing happens again and our pet has a problem.

When hamsters are stressed, they don’t sleep, and their heart beats fast. They stop eating or eat very little and become depressed.

The main causes of stress-induced reasons are:

  • lack of food
  • solitude
  • light at night
  • having no place to hide or shelter
  • loud noises
  • danger from other predators


When hamsters are cold, they start to shiver.

The ideal temperature for hamsters is between 70-75 F; anything below this temperature can make them feel cold and start shivering.

That’s why we should always maintain a temperature that suits them, and which will prevent them from shaking, of course we should be careful not to make them too hot, because that can cause problems with their health.

Noise in his environment

When the hamster’s cage is noisy or other people are talking loudly in their area, it causes stress and shaking in our pets.

Hamsters have much better hearing and they hear much louder than us humans, what for us is normal for hamsters is very loud.

That’s why we should always speak softly, and not play loud music or TV, all this will help the hamsters not to shake.

Predators cause hamsters to shake

Hamsters in nature are usually prey, and therefore they have an instinct to run away and save their lives.

Any other pet in our home, such as a cat or a dog, represents a danger in the hamster’s mind, and they immediately get stressed, afraid and start shaking.

If you notice that the hamster is shaking due to the danger of predators and other pets, you should remove them from the room where it is.

Illness and pain

Psychological problems are not always the cause of shaking in hamsters; physiological problems with our furry friends can also cause it.

Illnesses and pain can be reasons for shaking in hamsters, they are very sensitive to even the smallest colds and start shaking.

Infections and old age of hamsters can also cause them to shake.

To help the hamsters when they are sick, we need to take them to a veterinarian, who will examine them and give them appropriate therapy.

When the hamsters get well, they will stop shaking.

why is my hamster shaking

Hamsters may shake due to nervous system problems

Sometimes hamsters can also shake due to problems with their nervous system.

For example, hamsters shake when we hold them in our hands for a long time, even though we want to express love and attention to them.

We recommend avoiding such moments if we notice that our petting the hamster creates stress and shaking.

How to calm the hamster from shaking?

The most important thing is to know exactly the reason for his shaking, so we will know much more easily what the real problem is so that we can help him.

If he is cold, we should warm the room, if he is afraid of other pets, we should take them away.

We need to speak more quietly so as not to scare the hamster, when he is not scared then, he will not even shake. If the hamster is sick, we should take it to the vet.

The shaking of the hamster can easily stop if we know the reason, it will be much easier to help him.

Why do hamsters shake and lose weight?

When hamsters shake and lose weight, it is a sign that they are sick or don’t want to eat.

When sick, they don’t eat and lose weight, which could be the reason for this phenomenon.

In the worst case, when hamsters become weak and shake, it can be a sign that our pet is dying.

Why do hamsters sit still and shake?

The most common reason why hamsters sit still and shake at the same time is dangerous.

They sit still when they judge that they are in danger, such as from another animal or hear a sound that scares them.

Freezing or sitting still is their way of defense against potential dangers, because in nature, sitting without any moving often saves their lives from predators.

Why do hamsters shake when they sleep?

Do hamsters dream something bad when they sleep, maybe that’s why they shake!

No, the main reason hamsters shake when they sleep is when they are cold.

If the hamster’s room temperature is lower than expected, they will shake even when they sleep.

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Do all breeds of hamsters shake?

Regardless of the breed, whether they are Syrian or dwarf hamsters, they all react equally to stress, fear and danger.

All hamsters think similarly and their shaking is always for the same reasons.

All hamsters shake; there are no exceptions, you can be sure of that.

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Hamsters shake for various reasons such as fear, stress, danger from other animals, noise, low temperatures and similar situations.

Hamsters are very timid and sensitive pets that can easily change their mood, from happy to sad, nervous and stressed.

The most important thing is to know the real reason for shaking in your pet, so that you can help him and stop shaking.

The more you get to know your pet, the easier it will be for you to know the causes of shaking, making it easier to help him.

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