Why is My Hamsters Nose Red? Let’s Discover

Sometimes the hamster’s nose is red, and many hamster owners wonder why this happens to their pets.

Why is My Hamsters Nose Red?

When hamsters have a red nose, it can be due to an infection, injury, or simply genetically their nose is red. Sometimes hamsters can have a red nose due to too much exposure to sunlight, or if they have problems with their teeth and are forced to wear them down by biting the cage and toys, thereby irritating the nose which turns red.

In today’s article, you will find out why the nose of hamsters is red and the reasons why this unwanted phenomenon occurs.

Why is My Hamsters Nose Red?

Hamsters’ noses can be red for a variety of reasons, such as injury, infection, or a genetically inherited condition. When hamsters rub their noses too much, redness can occur.

Hamsters’ noses do not have fur and this means that the skin on their noses is more exposed to irritation than other parts of their body.

The blood vessels of the nose in hamsters are very close to the surface of the skin, which is why you can see more redness on their nose.

Another possible reason for the red nose of hamsters is the humidity of the air in your home.

If the humidity is drier, then the hamster can get irritation and red color of nose. So let’s read in detail about all the possible reasons why their nose is red.

Hamsters may have a red nose if they are injured

If your hamster has a red nose it can also mean an injury. This can happen when your pet is scratched or maybe bitten by another hamster or another pet in a fight between them.

Apart from an injury, the hamster can also get a red nose when rubbing with a rough piece of an object or something similar.

When their nose is red due to injuries or wounds, then it is best to clean the wound on the nose and keep an eye on it if and how it heals.

If the wound does not heal, then you will have to take it to the vet, because the hamster, in addition to having a wound, is probably also accompanied by pain.

Hamsters may have a red nose due to an allergy

Allergies can be a possible cause of a red nose in hamsters. A hamster can develop an allergy to something in its environment, such as bedding.

Then the hamster may start to sneeze and scratch more and get a red nose.

Therefore, if you notice that when you change the bedding he gets an allergy, then change the brand and buy another bedding.

If even then the allergic reaction does not go away and he continues to have a red nose accompanied by sneezing and itching, then take him to the vet to prescribe certain medications.

Due to too wet nose

Sometimes hamsters can have a red nose if it is too wet.

This happens as a result of drinking water or licking the face.

But this phenomenon is short-lived and should pass, so it should not be a cause for concern.

A hamster may have a red nose due to a genetic factor

Sometimes when hamsters have a red nose it is simply due to their genetic nature inherited from their parents.

If the hamster always has a red nose from the time you take it to keep it, there is no need to worry, obviously, its nose will always be red and there is no reason to worry.

Especially hamsters with a lighter color of fur have a naturally red nose.why is my hamsters nose red


Hamsters can have a red noses if they are exposed to too much sunlight.

That is why it is very important that you never place the cage in direct sunlight.

Too much sunlight will cause a red nose due to sunburn and inflammation, so be careful where you place the cage in your room.

Hamsters may have a red nose from red discharge disease

Red discharge disease occurs in hamsters and is caused by a bacterium called Bordetella bronchiseptica.

When hamsters have this disease with red discharge it can cause their nose to be red and they can also get respiratory problems.

If you notice that your hamster has a red nose, you need to take it to the vet to examine it and prescribe medication to help it get better.

To prevent the occurrence of this unpleasant disease, good cage hygiene is necessary and hamsters always have access to fresh food and water.

When a hamster has a disease with red discharge you need to isolate it from other hamsters or animals because this disease is contagious and can infect them.

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Air humidity

The humidity of the air in the room where you keep the hamster can affect the color of its nose and make it red.

If the humidity of the air in your room is reduced and it is drier then it will affect the hamster and he will get a red nose, and he will start to get more irritation and itching.

Therefore, make sure that the humidity is always at the required level, if necessary, put an air humidifier or put water in a pot on the stove so that it can boil and increase the humidity.

When the hamster has irritation from dry air and redness of the nose, you can apply a little Vaseline to its nose to protect its skin from further irritation.

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Because of dental problems

If hamsters have problems with their teeth, a red nose may appear.

This happens when they have too big and overgrown teeth, then the hamsters are forced to rub their noses on the cage and toys to reduce the teeth.

All that rubbing will cause irritation and redness on their nose.

That is why it is very important to take care of their teeth and provide them with enough objects to chew and reduce their ever-growing teeth.

Frequently asked questions

Why is my hamster’s face red?

Sometimes hamsters, in addition to having a red nose, may also have red skin on their body. When hamsters have red skin then it may be due to a rash, and it is a little harder to detect. When hamsters have a rash and red skin it can be a sign that they have a parasite or skin allergy. In such situations, it is best to take the hamster to a veterinarian to see what is causing its skin to turn red and to prescribe appropriate therapy.

How to get rid of red mites in hamsters?

If your hamster has red mites then it needs to be treated with appropriate therapy. The best way to treat it is to give a medicine called ivermectin, which is given orally by mouth for a period of 1-2 weeks. When hamsters have ear mites, they should first be cleaned in the place where they appeared and ivermectin should be applied directly to the affected area, then it should not be used orally by mouth.


When hamsters have a red nose, it can be for various reasons such as injury, wound, allergy, the reduced air humidity in the room where their cage is, and it can also be from red discharge disease.

Hamsters can also have a naturally inherited genetic red nose from their parents and then you should not worry.

When hamsters have a red nose, you should pay attention to the humidity of the air, better hygiene, not the cage, clean food, and water and bedding that will not cause allergies and irritations.

If the hamster has had a red nose for a long time, it is necessary to take it to a veterinarian to examine it and see what is the cause of this phenomenon and he can prescribe medicine to make it go away.

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