Why Is the Hamster Wobbling and Falling Over? Let’s Discover

Last updated on October 11th, 2023 at 05:43 pm

Hamsters sometimes know how to surprise us with their actions, such as when they sometimes wobble. They wobble and also fall.

So I researched the question of why hamsters wobble and fall, and here’s what I discovered.

Why is the hamster wobbling and falling over?

Hamsters wobble and fall due to lack of sufficient energy, due to ear infections, problems with their nervous system, head injuries and trauma, vestibular disease, and other problems.

Hamster wobbling is the same as Parkinson’s disease in humans, only in hamsters, it is wobbling.

When your hamster starts to wobble and fall it should not be ignored at all, it should be taken seriously and your pet should be helped.

What causes hamsters to wobble?

As we said at the beginning, the reasons for the wobbling of hamsters can be head injuries, ear infections, less energy, vestibular disease, and others.

So let’s take a closer look at them and find out how they affect hamsters and cause wobbling.

Lack of sufficient energy

When hamsters do not have enough energy it is a big problem and can cause them to wobble.

Lack of sufficient energy usually occurs if the hamster does not have a healthy diet, does not have enough food, and does not have fresh water to drink.

When the hamster does not have enough energy, it starts to wobble.

Hamsters should have a varied diet with pellets, vegetables, and fruits so that they can have a proper intake of nutrients and enough energy.

Ear infections

Hamsters often get ear infections that cause health problems.

When there are tiny parasites in the ears of the hamsters, they create discomfort in the hamsters.

At such moments, the hamster does not feel well and begins to wobble while walking.

Vestibular disease or balance problems

The vestibular system in hamsters is responsible for allowing your pet to have proper balance.

If the hamster’s vestibular system is not functioning properly, then the hamster will start to lose balance control and wobble.

When hamsters have a problem with the vestibular system, they should be taken to a veterinarian.


When hamsters experience an accident or injury they may begin to wobble.

Hamsters are very active pets who enjoy running on the wheel and around the cage and sometimes they can injure their body or muscles.

Until the injury or trauma heals, the hamster will have problems with its balance and will wobble.why is hamster wobbling and falling over

Problems with the nervous system

When hamsters have problems with their nervous system they start to wobble.

This can happen as a result of stress in the hamster, which, in addition to starting to wobble, can also get a wet tail.

There are several reasons for stress in hamsters:

  • loud noise
  • other pets near them
  • too much light
  • changes in temperature in their environment
  • unknown people

Hamsters are very sensitive and gentle, and they need a calm and comfortable environment in and around their cage.

How will you spot wobbling in your hamster?

When hamsters wobble, it’s immediately noticeable, you can’t help but notice it, just watch his walk and you’ll notice the wobble.

The wobbling can also be followed by the appearance of a wet tail, which is dangerous for the hamster’s life, and then you must react immediately.

The hamster should be taken to the vet because a wet tail can kill the hamster in 3-4 days if treatment is not started immediately.

What types of wobbling are there in hamsters?

There are 3 types of hamster wobbling that is most often the cause of this phenomenon.

The wobbling may be due to a genetic factor, a neurological disorder, or the consequences of their head injuries.

So let’s look at all 3 types of wobbling.

Wobbling due to a neurological disorder

When hamsters have neurological damage, it happens because of damage to your pet’s nerves.

When the hamster’s nerves are damaged, blocked, or not functioning properly, the hamster starts to wobble.

In such situations, the hamster should be taken to the vet immediately to perform an examination and see how the hamster can be helped.

Wobbling due to head injuries

Hamsters are constantly moving and constantly running around in or out of the cage. That is why it often happens that they get certain head injuries, which cause trauma.

A consequence of head injuries can be wobbling of the body until the injury passes.

In situations like this, when they have a head injury and are wobbling, you should pay more attention to them, and provide them with a calm environment to recover faster.

Genetic factor

Sometimes hamsters are born with genetic problems such as a wobbly body.

This may be the result of poor breeding of the hamsters, or it may be due to another problem such as vitamin E deficiency.

If you notice that your hamster has had this problem since the very beginning when you bought it and is constantly wobbling, you should take it to the vet to see if it can be helped.

Although most of the time if it is a genetic factor the chances of helping your pet are very small.

What should I do if my hamster wobbles?

Obviously, when hamsters wobble, it’s a consequence of something that happened to them.

Then it is best to take the hamster to the vet immediately to see why the hamster is wobbling and how to help it.

Since the causes can be different, from ear infections, trauma or head injury, stroke, and similar problems, an examination by a veterinarian is inevitable.

The reasons why hamsters wobble are serious and can cause additional problems with their health, so the hamster must not be left without proper treatment at the vet.

How to help a hamster if it is wobbling due to senile tumors?

When hamsters are young, you may not notice when they wobble, or if they do it less often.

But as hamsters age, their wobbling can become even more pronounced and this can be the appearance of senile tumors.

If unfortunately, your hamster has senile tumors, we must emphasize that there is no cure for this type of tumor, but the disease can be alleviated.

Here’s how you can help a hamster if it has a senile tumor.why is the hamster wobbling and falling over

More Activity

Hamsters with senile tumors need to have enough activity.

That’s why the cage should be big enough to have enough room to move.

In the cage, there should be enough toys and an exercise wheel so that the hamster can always be sufficiently active.

Healthy diet

Provide the hamster with a proper and healthy diet.

Give him more pellets, vegetables, and fruits that will allow him to take in enough nutrients that he needs.

In the diet, there should also be a sufficient amount of fiber, which is very important for his health and the proper functioning of the digestive system.

Reduce stress

When hamsters are wobbling due to a senile tumor, they must not be exposed to stress.

Provide them with a calmer environment, and less light, and speak softly and softly to your pet.

Stress in hamsters is very dangerous and can worsen their health condition.

Does every time hamsters wobble mean they have a problem?

Most of the time, yes, but sometimes the hamsters’ wobbling may not be a health problem. Sometimes hamsters can wobble when they are very tired from daily activities and running.

But you can easily find out, when your pet wobbles and then rests, waiting to see if it starts wobbling again.

If the hamster does not wobble when it is resting, then it means that the wobble was only due to fatigue.

Related questions

Why is my hamster shaking and having trouble walking?

If your hamster starts limping or has some problems when walking, then you should take him to the vet immediately.

Maybe the hamster fell from a height or an object and was injured, and therefore has problems with walking.

He may have broken his leg or got paralysis of his legs and that’s why he can’t walk and is constantly limping, so he should be taken to the vet immediately.

Why is my hamster weak and falling over?

When hamsters have problems with their balance all the time and keep falling, it means that they probably have a problem with the vestibular system.

The vestibular system allows hamsters to maintain proper balance.

If you notice this phenomenon, you should take the hamster to a veterinarian to examine it.

Is my hamster OK after falling?

If the hamster falls it can cause serious injury and shock.

It all depends on how the hamster fell and from what height, since any height higher than 25 cm can cause injury to the hamster.

Why is my hamster unsteady on his back legs?

When hamsters are unsteady on their hind legs it usually means they may have:

  • pneumonia
  • heart diseases
  • kidney diseases

Sometimes certain types of problems can cause instability in their hind legs and the whole body.

These possible diseases are very dangerous for hamsters and their lives, so if you notice such problems with their legs, you should immediately take the hamster to a veterinarian.

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Hamsters wobble and fall when they have health problems. Hamsters wobble if they have head trauma, nervous system problems, stress, ear infections, and other reasons.

If your pet is wobbling you should take it to the vet to see why this wobbling is happening and how they can help your pet.

Maybe certain changes in the diet need to be made or the hamster needs to rest due to trauma, so a vet check is the best option.

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